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Swirled G

Glass dildo by WHK GmbH

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This is a wonderful toy for those who would like to try glass, but don't want to spend a lot of money, or are unsure of whether or not they will enjoy it. It has a unique curved shape and raised spiral which travels up and down the shaft of the dildo and provides additional stimulation. It can be used for temperature play, and for anal and vaginal penetration. It requires minimal lube, and can easily be cleaned.
Affordable price, stimulating shape, easily cleaned and sterilized.
Didn't come with a storage bag, the bulbous head may be too much for some.
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When I first began lurking around Edenfantasys I saw it mentioned multiple places that glass dildos were wonderful for penetration. Although they seemed to be designed for this purpose, I couldn't get over the fear of putting something as breakable as glass inside of me. As I read more reviews about glass dildos, I began to become more comfortable with the idea and I was curious to try glass myself and see what all the fuss was about. I saw the "Swirled G" and I was drawn to it, because of it's price, curves and ridges. I wanted to experience the temperature play associated with glass. What I didn't expect though was that my boyfriend would get more use out of it than I did.

The "Swirled G" can be used for vaginal and anal penetration, with a partner or by yourself. Its base gives you something to hold onto so that you can grasp this toy without loosing your grip. Run it under hot water to experience warm sensations, or soak it in cold water to experience a pleasant chill. The base also allows this dildo to be used anally without having to worry about it being sucked into your rectum. Whether you are using the "Swirled G" anally or vaginally I would suggest using extreme caution, as the dildo is made out glass and therefore has no give. If you are not careful with this toy, or you thrust too hard it is quite possible that you could injure yourself or your partner. Take it slow with the "Swirled G" until you know what feels good and what you can handle, because bumps and bruises can really put a damper on a sexual encounter.

Material / Texture

The "Swirled G" is made out of smooth tempered glass. It has no visible flaws or bubbles in its crystal clear surface. The smooth texture is not only appealing to the touch, but also requires very little if any lube to make insertion comfortable and easy. Since this dildo is made out of glass it has no give what so ever. This is a very hard toy, and if you tend to lean towards plush or soft toys than the "Swirled G" may not be for you. It does not have any noticeable taste or smell.

One plus of glass is that it retains temperature very well. Pop this dildo in the fridge, or in cold water and it's sure to send pleasant shivers up your spine. If your in the mood for something warm, run it under warm water before use. Just make sure that the dildo isn't too hot or cold before use, because burning or freezing your sensitive areas is never an appealing situation. The "Swirled G" also adjusts to body temperature very well. Several times after using it I've been surprised by how hot it was after being exposed to nothing but body heat.

Pyrex withstands the stress put onto it by temperature change. It is less dense than ordinary glass, and therefore it is more resistant to shattering and breaking. If it does end up breaking it is supposed to break into large pieces instead of shattering into tiny pieces. This characteristic makes it safer for insertion purposes.

Design / Shape / Size

The "Swirled G" is 7 inches long with an insertable length of 6 1/2 inches, and a diameter of 1 3/8 inches. The body of the "Swirled G" sits at one end of the flared base and curves in the opposite direction about halfway up the length of the shaft. At the top of the dildo is a large bulb, and a raised spiral curves along the length of the dildo.

The shape and texture of this toy are suited more for experienced users than for beginners, but if you take it slow and listen to your body this could also be an excellent toy for new users to glass. Anally I would say that this toy is suited for a more experienced audience, because of the bulbous head and ridges. Whether you are using this dildo vaginally or anally, on yourself or on a partner, use caution, because it is made of glass and could potentially cause injury.

The "Swirled G" looks more like a work of art than a sex toy, because of this I would consider this toy to be very discreet. You could probably even place it on a table and use it as a decoration, without anyone being any wiser about it's intended use. The only reason I wouldn't suggest this toy for travel is because it is made of glass and I would be afraid of dropping the bag that contains it and possibly breaking it.


The "Swirled G" has a stimulating figure when it comes to thrusting. The raised spirals rub against the skin, while the hardness of the glass, and temperature play add to this toy's appeal. The curved body of this toy provides different sensations depending upon the way that it is inserted. The shape of the "Swirled G" also allows the user to easily achieve G spot and P spot stimulation.

This dildo has a flared base and therefore can be used for anal penetration. The base doesn't go all around the shaft of the dildo, but instead lies mostly to one side of it. This dildo can be used with a harness, but only certain types of harnesses such as the "Uninhibited 2 Ring Harness" by Cal Exotics, or a similar harness that will keep the dildo secure. I would only suggest using a harness with this toy for more experienced users, because of it's hardness and shape. If you are using this dildo with a partner, with or without a harness make sure you listen to what your partner has to say about how it feels, because if used too aggressively the "Swirled G" could definitely cause injury.

The only drawback of this dildo is the bulbous head at the top which may be a little too much for some people to handle. It is because of this and the unique shape of the "Swirled G" that some people may have to warm up to this toy or avoid it altogether.

Care and Maintenance

The "Swirled G" is made out of tempered glass and therefore can easily be cleaned and sterilized. It is non-porous, phthalates-free, hypo-allergenic, and latex-free. It's microwave safe, dishwasher safe, boilable and bleachable. It can also be easily cleaned with soap and water or sex toy cleaner. With a material safety of 10 it is one of the safest materials available in a sex toy. Just make sure you clean well next to the spirals, as lube and other things can lurk in the cracks. I make sure to have a strong grip on this dildo when cleaning it, because it gets quite slippery and could easily be dropped. It can be used with silicone, water, or oil-based lubes.

If any cracks or crevices appear in this toy I would suggest discontinuing its use, because of the increased chances of it breaking.

I store this dildo in the Styrofoam insert which came in the toys package. This provides extra padding to the "Swirled G" so I can place it in a drawer and not worry too much about it banging up against other toys and breaking.


The "Swirled G" came in a black cardboard box with a clear plastic window in front. The package had a Styrofoam insert with a cutout the shape of the toy in it. The toy sits securely in the cutout, and it is because of this that the Styrofoam can be used to store the toy in. The only drawback about using the Styrofoam for storage is that it adds a lot of bulk to the size of the toy. So, if you are limited where storage is concerned you might want to find an alternative way to store this dildo. The cardboard box isn't really worth holding onto.

The only thing that would have improved this dildo is if it came with some kind of bag for storing it in.


This dildo gets the most use anally, because it has become my boyfriends favorite toy for anal penetration. It took us a lot of practice and lube, before we got the hand of using this toy anally. Now that we know how to wield this toy anally though, he seldom ever reaches for or requests another toy when it comes to anal penetration. In fact I was able to help my boyfriend achieve an anal orgasm for the first time with the use of this toy.

When we use this toy anally we use it with the "Uninhibited 2 Ring Harness," which allows me to tighten it enough to ensure that this toy isn't clanking around or moving.

When this comes back in stock my boyfriend wants to purchase another one just in case ours ever breaks!
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