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La noche

Dildo by Diamond Lovetoys

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The Queen of My Night

This toy performs incredibly well, it's sized so that most users will be able to use it easily, and is easy to use because it requires so little lubrication. Although the odor can be troublesome, it can be overlooked and ignored in favor of its more intriguing attributes.
Slick texture, requires little lubricant
Girthy, the odor is unsavory
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La Noche is a stone dildo meant for vaginal penetration. Perfect for beginners and experienced toy aficionados, the uniqueness of a stone dildo will provide a new experience for everyone who tries La Noche. Featuring a series of bumps which provide great sensation during use, this toy is safe for water or land use, making it portable and perfect for nearly all situations.

Although this toy is not anally safe (there's no flare which would prevent loss internally) nor strap-on advised (the lack of flare means that this toy would be extremely difficult to keep this secure in a harness) it is very beginner-friendly as there is no real learning curve. Although there is a bit of patience required with this toy (you must be gentle whenever using this toy, as stone is completely unyielding and can bruise the cervix if are thrusting too hard) it can be used solo or partnered as long as you're careful.

Material / Texture

This material is made of stone, though I've been unable to determine for certain what type of stone this toy is actually made from. I found that immediately after opening the box in which this toy came I was assaulted olfactorily. There is a strong odor, though not entirely unpleasant, and after a few days of airing out, the odor was much less intense; the odors are related to (of course) the stone the toy is made of and the coating and are not noticeable during use. If your face is near the toy, though, you can definitely tell there is an odor.

The shape is not overtly sexual, it's not shaped like a phallus, but most familiar with sex toys will see it and assume it is a dildo. It is firm and unyielding, and the coating on the toy makes it slick and allows lubrication to last a fairly long time on it; it's much more long lasting on stone than on silicone but with less longevity than glass.

Design / Shape / Size

The shape of La Noche lends itself well to its use as a dildo; it has three ridges that can be felt during use. This toy is fairly girthy with a circumference of 4 3/4", and the solidity of the toy means that it feels much larger during penetration. The ribs provide great stimulation during use when the toy is lubricated adequately.

This toy would travel well; with no moving parts and the solidness of stone there is no likelihood of damage coming to the toy (though whatever's in the bag with it might get a bit banged around, so be sure to protect it well for travel!) It will fit most users without a problem, being in the mid-range of girth and length (6.5" of insertable Noche).


This toy was a great match for me; the firmness of the toy allowed me to get in some seriously deep thrusting, while the ridges kept me tingling--without being too much stimulation for full penetration. The stone makes vibrations transmit decently through the toy well, so when it's paired with a clitoral vibrator the vibrations can be felt throughout the toy--though a lot of vibration got lost in the shaft of the toy and very little actually got through to the tip unless I used a hitachi-strength vibrator.

Care and Maintenance

Because stone is semi-porous I cannot in good faith recommend sharing a stone toy with another partner unless you are fluid bonded or use the toy with a condom. The toy can, however, be sterilized with a 10% bleach solution, and daily maintenance can be done with antibacterial soap and water. This toy can be used with water-based and silicone lubricants.

It's easily stored, as it does not collect dust or dirt, and it can be kept in the original box or in any storage case you have accessible.


La Noche comes in what appears to be a very thin aluminum tin with a Diamonds Lovetoys sticker atop. When mine was delivered, the box had a few small dents on the sides, presumably from where the toy had shifted around during transit. Inside the box is a piece of foam protecting the top, and the toy, which is nestled on a styrofoam ball beanbag protecting the bottom. The box is fine for gifting or storage, but I'd invest in something a bit more protective for traveling (I travel with mine in a padded pouch meant for glass toys).

Personal comments

It is TOTALLY possible that I'm just really sensitive to stone scents. During my review, I googled stone/marble odors and found that most websites say that it's impossible to smell stone, but I often can. The average user may full well not be able to smell anything about this toy; if you have no idea what I mean when I say that the toy smells like marble, you're probably not going to detect anything with this one and it probably won't bother you in the least.
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  • DeliciousSurprise
    Hey Aprika!

    Yeah, Eden had a whole line of stone at one point. I'm really bummed they're gone, now. I guess they weren't really big sellers.

    It was totally worth it, even though there was an odor.
  • damnbul12
    Thanks for the review.
  • BrittaniMaree
    Great review thank you for sharing your experience with us
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