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The Topsy Turvy may not turn your world upside down, but it will provide a fun few minutes/hours/days of pleasure. The glass's firmness and weight works with the toy's angles to stimulate the g-spot. The bulb at the end of the dildo combined with the flared base allow for some variety in how the toy is held.
sized for little hands and little bodies; good for gentle pressure and stimulation.
a challenge to ensure correct angle after insertion.
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Fans of glass dildos will welcome this newest addition to the sex toy pantheon, but they may not find much about the Topsy Turvy that makes it unique. The design isn't revolutionary, but the Topsy Turvy is a functional, pretty piece of glass dildo goodness and, as such, a great addition to any toy chest. If you prefer your toys on the smaller end of the size spectrum and like gentle stimulation, the Topsy Turvy may very well be ideal.

Body type and sexual preferences play a huge role in how much you may enjoy this toy. If you like long, hard thrusts with something that can’t miss your g-spot, there are other toys that are much better suited for your needs. Size queens and sensation whores look elsewhere. If, on the other hand, you like your dildos to rest up against your g-spot with gentle, constant pressure, the Topsy Turvy is awesome. If you have little hands and prefer thinner dildos, this is the toy for you.

The Topsy Turvy is a long glass shaft with two bulbs at each end and a flared base and stem at the very bottom. The top head is slightly pointed and is great for applying specific pressure on the g-spot. The tip doesn’t hurt in the slightest when up against the g-spot and enhances the sensations. The bottom bulb functions as an handle alongside the flared base and stem.

As those who are familiar with glass toys are well aware, the material is a dream to play with. Every lubricant glides on and adheres well. A little goes a very long way and some may surprisingly find that lubrication is completely unnecessary. The weight and firmness of glass lends a heft to the dildo that only adds to the toy’s stimulation.

The dildo’s curve is not dramatic, but it is sufficient to make reaching the g-spot a piece of cake. After inserting the dildo, give it a slight press up and you’re there against the g-spot.

The Topsy Turvy’s length is functional. It’s not particularly generous, but nor are you going to be left without something to hold on to.

The double helix-esque design in the glass center is attractive and the raised glass design on the dildo’s base serves a dual purpose. It’s a nice aesthetic addition, but it also acts as a guide. Think of it as porn braille. The little bumps and grooves allow your fingers to keep their place and remember where that golden g-spot angle is.

Speaking of remembering that g-spot angle, it’s hard if you’re thrusting. The Topsy Turvy’s curve does rest nicely against the g-spot and the toy’s weight and design applies a good amount of pressure.

What’s more of a challenge is keeping the toy at the correct angle while moving it in and out. Because the bend in the shaft isn’t that dramatic, the shaft shifts very easily. You may very well insert the toy with the tip pointing up, but, after a few minutes of thrusting, that tip may be pointing towards your left kidney. Your left kidney isn’t an erogenous zone.

When inserted correctly, the dildo’s head goes immediately to the g-spot. It stays there easily with the slightest bit of constant pressure. When inserted incorrectly, the dildo’s best feature is wasted.

For that reason the Topsy Turvy may be a good dildo for use with a partner. The flat base allows an for an excellent grip when you’re thrusting into someone other than yourself. Alone, the g-spot is hit and miss. With a partner, it’s foolproof.

Like all glass toys, the Topsy Turvy is compatible with all lubricants. Because glass is non-porous, it can be shared between partners without a risk of sharing cooties that you really don’t want to pass along. Just remember to wash it first!

The non-porous glass material also makes cleaning a breeze. Use your favorite method of cleaning, whether that be using soap and warm water, toy cleaner, or tossing it into your dishwasher.
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