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Afternoon Delight

Fleur De Lis Silicone Delight is a nice midsize traditional vibrator from Evolved. It offers quiet deep vibrations that are sure to please. She has subtle texture and is completely waterproof. She may be a basic vibrator, but she is effective. I am glad to own her.
Strong Steady Vibrations
Subtle Texture
Storage case
No pulsating Settings
Battery operated
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Fleur De Lis Silicone Delight is a midsize vibrator with decent power from Evolved. It is shaped like a traditional vibrator with some interesting texture.

It can be used for solo play. It can be used with a partner. It was designed for internal vaginal play, but could also be used externally. It doesn't have a curve so may not be great for G-spot stimulation, but it is nice for thrusting. If desired it can be used on any erogenous zone. Men may also like the vibrations. It does not have a flared base so should definitely not be used anally. The risk to lose the toy inside is too high. It is waterproof so can add some fun to bath or shower time.

It is suitable for beginners and experienced toy users alike. Beginners may like it because it is very easy to use and made very well. It's nonthreatening and offers strong vibrations. Now, it may be too thick for penetration beginners. It does have some girth to it. Beginners to toys but not penetration may enjoy the size. Experienced toy users who are looking for this size, shape, and strength wouldn't be disappointed. It's very well made and would be a nice addition to their toy box.

Material / Texture

Like the name implies, this toy is made from Silicone. Silicone is a fabulous material for sex toys because it is non porous, hypoallergenic, and free of phthalates. Silicone can be cleaned easily and is considered to be very safe for the body. Eden rates it as a 10/10 on their safety scale. I always trust silicone toys.

While the part of the toy that comes into contact with the body is silicone, the dome cap at the bottom is plastic. Plastic rates an 8/10 on the Safety scale. It is also non porous, hypoallergenic and free of phthalates. It is easy to clean. I don't worry about plastic toys either.

The silicone is flexible and squishy. The tip can be flexed back and forth. It feels very soft and pliable in my hands. I have the Silky G from the Fleur De Lis Line. The tip of that is a hook that is thinner. I found the hook was too flexible to be very effective. However this toy is different. The tip is thicker and more solid and doesn't have as much give as Silky G. It is much better at stimulating the inner vaginal walls than the Silky G. Here's a comparison pic of the two.

Evolved also sells the exact same design but in rigid plastic. It is simply called Delight instead of Fleur De Lis Silicone Delight. If you like the design, but prefer a harder material check that one out.

Delight has some wonderful mild texture in the form of eight vertical raised lines running down the shaft. The lines start out thin and widen in the middle before returning to their original size. The texture is minimal. I feel it most when thrusting in and out. When the vibe is entirely inside, I can't feel any of the texture.

Design / Shape / Size

FDL Delight is similar to a traditional vibrator. It is 7.5 inches long with 6 inches of that insertable. The widest portion of the shaft is about 5 inches in diameter. I would classify that as a midsize vibrator.

The head is tapered nicely making insertion fairly easy. I usually do not need lube. If lube is desired be sure to use water based lube. Silicone lubes can react with the silicone on the toy damaging it. From the tip, the toy flares out to its widest point and then once again decreases. The texture adds a nice visual. I think its an attractive toy.

My toy is a medium shade of purple, but it is also available in pink. It's not a discreet toy. It's not phallic shaped, but it is a traditional shaped vibrator. It would be difficult to pass it off as something else.

Functions / Performance / Controls

FDL Delight offers deep and rumbly vibrations. There isn't any buzz with this toy, just nice rumbles. She has 3 different intensities- low, medium, and high steady vibrations. She does not offer any pulsating settings. I would rate the highest intensity at just barely a 4/5. I have stronger toys I consider to be a 4, but she stronger than all my toys at 3/5. The vibrations are nice and quiet. They hum along audibly in the room, but can't be heard behind closed doors.

A single control button on the end of the cap controls the functions. Press it to turn it on. Continue to press it to reach your desired setting. After reaching the highest intensity, the next push will turn it off. To return from the highest level to the lowest level requires you to turn it off first. I'm not crazy about that feature, nevertheless it is easy to use.

She runs on 2AAA batteries. The battery compartment is accessed through the plastic dome cap. Paper instructions were included demonstrating proper battery placement, but there are no markings on the vibe itself. The batteries seem to last a long time. She's not a battery glutton. She has an O ring protecting the batteries and motor from water.

Care and Maintenance

She is easy to care for since she is silicone & plastic and waterproof. Use antibacterial soap and water or toy cleaner or a 10% bleach solution. Take care to clean all the grooves that the texture creates. It's not too difficult since the lines aren't too terribly close together, but you will want to make sure to clean each groove. Do not boil or place the toy in the dishwasher as that could destroy the motor.

Again, if lube is desired be sure to use only water based lube. Additionally do not store her directly touching another silicone toy. Silicone doesn't play well with others. It can react with other silicone and damage the toys.


This line of toys is packaged in a wonderful display case suitable for long term storage. The toy sits in a purple base, and a cylindrical transparent dome sits on toy. The dome has pretty designs etched in it. In the middle is a pink band with the Evolved name. The top of the dome has a purple and pink ribbon with a charm hanging off it. I suspect this is so it can be hung on hooks in stores. It is a strong durable plastic that should last a long time. Of course the plastic covering takes up more space than the toy alone. However, it is a nice protective covering. If you decide not to store it in its case, remember to keep it separate from other silicone toys.


I have a collection of Evolved toys and overall have been very pleased with them. They are all quality toys that should last a long time.

This particular toy is a nice addition to my toybox. I often used vibes in my Liberator toy mounts. I like to put them on a low setting just to keep my body humming while I pleasure my husband. This works will with my pulse and wing. I also like it in combination with oral sex for me.

It's nice for a quick solo session when I add a bullet. The strong internal rumbles keep my insides happy while a bullet works its magic. Overall it's a nice toy.
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