Fleur De Lis silicone delight - traditional vibrator by Evolved Novelties - review by DeliciousSurprise

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It's Delightful, It's Delicious, It's De-Lovely

This is a great penetrative vibrator. It's ridged for fun during thrusting, it's got a flare, which makes it feel larger and makes you feel more full, and it's sterilizable. Even though the vibrations weren't enough to blow up my skirt, they'll be adequate for lots of users--and you can always use a second vibrator.
Bendy/flexible, soft silicone, medium size
Vibrations aren't fabulous
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So, what is it? And what do I do with it?
The Fleur De Lis Silicone Delight is a traditional vibrator, with a few cool flairs added. You can use Fleur as a clitoral stimulator, or as a penetrative vibrator. The soft silicone means that it's gentle enough to use externally, but firm enough to pack a punch internally.

Wait, it's silicone? Why does that mean it's awesome?
Well, silicone is a body-safe material; it's nonporous and sanitizable. That means that you get the benefits of knowing for sure that there is nothing growing, breeding, or hanging out on your vibrator. I mean, who wants uninvited guests? However, the base of the toy is made of plastic, which is also nonporous, but not 100% sanitizible, so do bear that in mind. If you want to sterilize your Fleur, you can use a 10% bleach solution, but that will only guarantee the silicone portion is sterilized. You can't throw this one in the dishwasher or boil it because it's got mechanical parts that'll be wrecked through those two methods. Stick to bleach. For daily cleaning, you can use antibacterial soap and water, or a toy cleaner.

This particular silicone is very soft, with a velvety coating on it that gives it some drag when you run it over skin. It's also flexible, you can bend it a bit, which makes it shape to your body better and makes penetration more pleasurable.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, clean it regularly, don't dish-wash it, I got it. So what are the flairs you talked about?
The Fleur is a vibrator, with the vibrations focused in the tip of the toy. If you want to use it externally (on your clit, or your perineum) you're going to get some nice vibrations. If you do decide to use this in the anal region, though, make sure you do NOT use it for penetration. This one isn't anal safe, because it's got no flare to keep it from being lost internally. Outside only, or keep it vaginal. There are also three vibration speeds, ranging from gentle vibrations to medium intensity vibrations. They may be enough for some people to climax from, without external toys, but I've got a clitoris of steel, so I found this toy's vibrations most useful during penetration, even though they weren't very intense. The vibrations are on the more deep/rumbly side, rather than the high/buzzy side. Closer to a Hitachi than a Fairy Wand, for comparison. Although they're focused in the tip, you can feel vibrations throughout the shaft.

Speaking of the shaft, it's got ribs every few millimeters that are raised up for sensation during penetration. I found them very noticeable during use, but didn't find them overwhelming at all, and enjoyed that I was getting more stimulation than with a straight, untextured toy. If texture is definitely not your thing, you might not enjoy it, but it shouldn't deter most users.

How big is it? Is that bad? Is it going to be too small?
This toy measures in at 7.5" long (insertable length of 6") with a circumference of 4.75". The largest point is just below the head, where it flares out before a gentle taper back in. It is an average size for a penetrative toy, and most users will be able to comfortably take it. Novices to penetration might not be ready for it yet, but everyone else should find this a perfect size for their body. I found that it felt larger than it is, possibly because of the ribs, which made for a pleasantly full feeling during use.
Am I stuck corded to a wall?
Definitely not, this baby is battery operated. Taking two AAA batteries, inserted at the bottom of the toy, the Fleur is controlled by a button on the base. One push for gentle vibrations, two for medium, three for strong, and four to turn it all off. With no cords or chargers to worry about, you have less to store. This toy can be stored in a toy bag, or in a drawer--but it's not discreet. It looks like a vibrator, and you won't fool most people that pick it up.

Plus, not only are you not corded to a wall, you're not corded to your bed! This toy is waterproof, so you can take it with you into the bathtub, jacuzzi or aggressive rainstorm. That's right: it's vacation friendly. And one facet of being vacation friendly is discretion, this toy is fairly quiet even on the highest settings, and when it's used internally it's almost impossible to hear the buzzing.

Would it look cool as a gift? Do I need to buy a giftbox?
It actually comes in a cool-looking hard plastic case. It took me a few minutes to figure out how to open it, though, so here's the trick: unscrew it from the bottom/base, and slide it out. THEN unscrew the toy from the base. Tricksy. It is very impressive, nice packaging that would gift well.

Should I use water-based lubes with it or what?
Fleur is compatible with water-based lubes, yes, but if you can't help yourself from using your favorite silicone or oil-based lubricant, make sure to do a spot test first. Even so, the only lubricant I would recommend wholeheartedly is a good water-based lube.

The handle can be a little slippery when lubricated, because of the untextured plastic, but I found that I was holding it with my fingers just where the silicone met the base, so I had a good grip on it. Also, almost any standard condom will fit on it well, so that's one way to clean up quickly.
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