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Doing The Bunny Hop

Vr3 has replaced my previous luxury rabbit style vibrator to become my new favorite. It works perfectly for my anatomy. As with all rabbit styles, it may not work for all people. Make sure you think this will fit you before spending the money. If you think this will be a good fit it is well worth the money for the strong vibrations. The silicone is on the draggy side but it's nothing a good lube won't fix.
Strong vibrations
Perfect fit to anatomy
No patterns
Easy to use controls
Subpar packaging
Draggy silicone
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Vr3 is Jopen's luxury rabbit style vibrator. It can be used much in the same way as other rabbit style vibrators. While it can be thrusted, I found the best way to use this was to rotate it around or flick it while held inside of me. It provides internal and clitoral dual stimulation simultaneously so those that find themselves reaching for two vibrators at the same time can go down to one by simplifying to a rabbit style vibrator. Like other things that vibrate, it can be used in other areas that you enjoy vibrations such as nipple, etc. though this is not its primary purpose. It's not flared at the base and I would not recommend using it anally.

I found this was enjoyable both for solo and partner play. While it won't work in a harness your partner can use it on you before sex and thus is great for foreplay. For solo sessions, it more than gets the job done.

Material / Texture

The Vr3 is 100% silicone bringing it in a 10 on the saftey scale. Silicone is one of my all time favorite materials because of how soft and supple it is but I gotta say, this silicone has quite a bit of drag to it. My finger wasn't jumping all over the place when I ran my finger over it but it certainly was hopping a good bit. I needed to use a lot of lube with this vibrator because I could feel the drag internally as well. This silicone is also the biggest lint magnet I have ever encountered. I know some people mention this in almost every silicone toy but I've never really had an issue with silicone toys collecting lint until this one. By the time I was done taking pictures there was lint all over my Vr3. I would recommend washing this off before use. Once I applied a ton of lube to my Vr3, I no longer noticed the draggy quality to it and it felt great internally so I'm willing to forgive it. Those used to velvety, supple silicone might be a little thrown off when they rub their hands on this for the first time or if they insert it will a very small amount of lube. Just remember, in this case more is more.

The silicone of the Vr3 has no smell or taste to it coming out of the box. There is no added texture (unless you count the drag). Anyone looking for added ridges or bumps won't find them here, but if you're looking for a rabbit on the smoother side, this one might be for you.

Beginners and advanced users should find something to like here. Advanced luxury toy users might find the drag of the silicone a bit off-putting at first, but I believe the performance of the toy as a whole outweighs this small flaw.

Design / Shape / Size

Vr3 is designed in traditional rabbit style but without traditional rabbit rotations. I tried to get as many possible measurements as possible here since rabbits are hit or miss with each person's anatomy and it would be a shame to spend a lot of money on something that didn't fit your body. The full length is 6.5 inches of which 3 inches (up to the clitoral attachment) is insertable. The clitoral attachment measures 1.75 inches. The smaller tip measures 1 inch wide while the wider bulb goes to 1.5 inches wide. From the tip of the vibrator to the tip of the clitoral attachment there is 3.5 inches in length.

It fit just about perfectly in my hand, extending out just a small amount. Usually this is a good gauge for me on if something will be too big for me. I'm a mid to small range girl and anything that looks more like the size of my arm than my hand starts to scare me. I was happily surprised at the size of this.

The way a rabbit is supposed to work is that the internal portion goes inside while the clitoral attachment stimulates externally. The issues lies in the fact that it has to be just the right amount of distance between the tip and the clitoral attachment to fit your anatomy. If it's too long or too short or any other weird combination of things the vibrator won't work as intended. A good rabbit can be hard to find. I don't buy a lot of them because of this. I just couldn't resist this one and took a gamble. It happened to fit my anatomy perfectly, but it is worth noting that this might not be the case for everyone. I have a shallow to shorter vaginal canal and can't deal with a longer rabbit and need a clitoral attachment that isn't too long. I also need one that will push up under my hood as it is more prominent and I need direct stimulation to my clit. This worked on all aspects. I also like a less flexible clitoral attachment so it's not wiggling all over the place and doing whatever it wants in use. While there is some flexibility of movement on the attachment, it isn't a 180 degree movement that you'll find on some rabbits. It will, for the most part, stay where you put it. If this sounds like you, then this rabbit is a definite recommend. If you're shaking your head reading this there are some other rabbits in the Jopen line that fit different anatomy types.

This rabbit would be great for a beginner or advanced user but an advanced user may have a better idea of what would fit their body and thus might be more comfortable dropping the money on something like this than someone just starting out. I might recommend trying a few cheap rabbits to start and figuring out what suits your body first before taking the plunge on this higher priced rabbit. Once you decide that this will fit you, it's a great buy.

In traditional rabbit shape, it is of course not discreet. Anyone with any idea of sex toys will know what this is. Luckily, Jopen was nice enough to include a lovely pouch for hiding so no worries about prying eyes figuring out your sex life. It does have a locking feature so you could travel with this.

Functions / Performance / Controls

There are only two buttons on the Vr3. There are dual motors and one controls each motor. One motor is located in the internal shaft and one is located in the clitoral attachment. The top button controls the internal motor. Simply press it once to turn on and hold it to turn it up. It's hard to say how many levels of vibration there are since it's press and hold and not press once and press again. It's a constant hold. The bottom button controls the clitoral attachment and works the same way - press and hold. To turn either one off you press the button once. The only bad thing about the control is that there is no way to turn it down. It's up or off and that's it. It doesn't really bother me so much because I usually work my way up to the highest settings and leave them there but if you like to vary between the two it might be an issue. The great thing is that it turns off in less than a second. If you need to turn this off in a pinch, you're in luck. The buttons are easy to press during use where I (for once) didn't have to take the vibrator away from my body to change the vibrations. They are located where I hold the vibrator but I didn't accidentally press them when I used it. Some people have reported differently. I did accidentally press them during cleaning. It does have a lock feature, as mentioned. Simply press and hold both buttons for four seconds to lock.

The vibrations are located exactly where they should be for each motor. The vibrations for the shaft start in the middle of the shaft and work their way to the tip. They are pretty constant through this area. The clitoral attachment are focused at the tip with some of the vibrations radiating downward. Neither of the vibrations reach the base so you're hand will not go numb during use.

The vibrations on the shaft start at a very high level two and work up to a very serious level five. They're so powerful that I found the width of this vibrator ended up feeling twice the size of what it actually was because it was vibrating so much inside of me. The shaft has deep, rumbly vibrations. Not the deepest pitch ever, but pretty close. They feel absolutely wonderful internally. The clitoral attachment is not as strong as the shaft. It starts at a high level one vibration and works its way up to a high level three. The clitoral attachment is buzzier than the shaft but not as buzzy as a bullet. I'm not able to orgasm from the clitoral attachment alone as the vibrations are not strong enough, but the combination works well. I wish the clitoral attachment has vibrations that matched the shaft vibrations. Two level fives would have been a great added bonus to this vibrator.

There are no patterns to the Vr3. This could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your preference. Considering my hatred of all things pattern, I'm over the moon that they weren't included on this vibrator. No worries about pressing too far and ending up with a pattern and having to go backwards or cycling all the way back through. Steady vibrations all the way. This could possibly be one of my favorite things about this vibrator.

Vr3 is virtually silent even on its highest setting, a big deal especially considering how strong it is. I can barely hear it when it's sitting next to me with no covers and the sound can be almost completely dissipated with covers or a closed door.

While the port does not close up, the Vr3 is waterproof. I didn't trust this at first but a submersion test confirmed that it is, indeed, a waterproof toy. I still probably wouldn't take it in a tub because I'm a super paranoid person but I think you would be safe if you did.

As a rechargeable toy, the Vr3 will require three hours of initial charge before it's ready to play. It hooks up from a port located at the bottom of the toy. It glows red while charging and white when fully charged. I have yet to lose my charge on this after initial charge and I've been using the heck out of my Vr3. I've gotten hours of use out of it and I'm still waiting for it to die on me.

Care and Maintenance

Since the Vr3 is waterproof it is easy to care for. Wash it down with soap and water or your favorite toy cleaner. The only problem I had was sometimes accidentally pressing the buttons and that getting in the groove between the attachments was a little difficult. Other than that, cleanup was very simple.

I store mine in the pouch provided by Jopen, but you could store this in any pouch or packaging you have. Be sure not to store it next to other silicone toys as it's possible that this could cause them to break down over time.

Please use only water based lubes with your Vr3. Silicone and silicone do not get along and again there is a possibility of a break down of the toy.


Jopen packages their toys in a white cardboard box. The front says "Vanity by Jopen Vr3" with a big "V" in scripting. The back displays a picture of the toy with descriptive information on how it works and some of the main features. The inside has the toy on display in a cut out. The cardboard is sturdy. I must say, while the packaging is a step above what you would find on most toys, it's not up to par with what you would find on other luxury lines like a Lelo or Je Joue. I'm big on packaging and I was a little disappointed on this end. I know it's a silly thing to care about but I do like fancy packaging when I've spent a lot of money on something.

Inside the package there is a see through insert that also includes some information on the Vr3 and its functions. There is an instruction manual that is actually an instruction manual for all Vanity toys. I'm trying to decide if this is a manual or a sales tool because now I've decided I need to collect everything in the Jopen line. It's nice if you have a lot of Jopen toys because you only need to keep one manual around. It also have a nice little picture of where the motors are located.

It includes a lovely pouch that is double the size of the vibrator. While I was not impressed with the packaging, I love the pouch. It's more than enough in size to hold the vibrator and is high quality. I don't always use the included pouches, but do use this one.

Personal comments

While the silicone is not as supple as I normally like, the powerful vibrations more than make up for it. Lube fixes the drag easily where you can't fix a low vibration issue. I do wish the clitoral attachment had a bit more oomph but with just the right movement I made this work with outstanding results. This has become my new favorite luxury rabbit. The size is just right and the design fits me perfect. I'm a little disappointed in the packaging, but it's nothing I'll take points off for. I'm looking forward to trying more from the Jopen line. If the Vr3 is anything to go off of, I think this will be my new go to luxury line.


I like to try lots of different things with rabbit style vibrators. The first thing I tried with this one was a thrusting motion. I found the bulb of the head to be painful going in and out especially with the higher level vibrations that made it feel even thicker than what it was. I decided that this wasn't the best way for me to use this particular toy.

What I found worked best for me was to do a twisting motion with it, almost like a windshield wiper. I also found quick flicks of my wrist worked well. Doing either of these motions produced incredibly intense orgasms despite the fact that the clitoral attachment was not as strong as I had hoped for. The strong internal vibrations along with the back and forth motions on my clit were more than enough to get me to a very high peak. I think it would have been even better with a stronger motor on the clitoral attachment, but I'm still very happy with the way this worked out for me.

I did find that after orgasm it was a little painful to remove this because I was so tight that the bulb was too big to come out. I'm a smaller girl internally and it popped out in a pretty uncomfortable way. This is also why the thrusting didn't work out for me.

I didn't get any type of G spot orgasm from this. However, my G spot is almost always impossible to hit with toys and the only way I can have a G spot orgasm is through sex. Others may have better luck than me in this aspect.
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