Vanity Vr3 - dual motor rabbit vibrator by Jopen - review by PropertyOfPotter

Vr3 Is Sadly Not For Me.

Overall the Vr3 is a great choice if you're looking for a dual stimulating toy that's high quality and rechargeable. With two separate motors, varying intensity, and a whole lot of power, it's hard to go wrong! As long as your anatomy works well with the design of this toy, it's a great product that I would highly recommend!
- High Quality
- Easy To Use
- Separate Motors
- Rechargeable
- Powerful
- Won't Fit Everyone's Anatomy
- Buzzy Clitoral Arm
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


Vr3 from the Vanity line by Jopen is a dual stimulating vibrator that's designed with the female anatomy in mind. The larger insertable area has a great shape to help hug against your G-spot, while the external arm is made to rest against your clitoris. Whether or not this toy reaches all the right places will depend on your anatomy, so keep that in mind when purchasing.

This luxury toy is great for solo masturbation, but can easily be used during mutual masturbation, or by having your partner use it on you. There's little need to worry about the vibrator causing discomfort from thrusting since the design of this toy prevents it from going too far in and bumping the cervix. It also can easily be used hands-free thanks to the great design, making it a smart choice to use during times where you need your hands elsewhere!

Due to the design of this toy, its uses are pretty limited. You could use it to tease nipples, the neck, and other erogenous areas of the body, but it's not the greatest choice for that. It would be considered anal safe since there's no way for the toy to fully slip inside of you, but it might also be an awkward shape for that type of play. Vaginal use is really the best use for this toy.

Your play time can easily be taken out of the bedroom and brought into the tub or shower to help things get even more steamy thanks to this toy also being totally waterproof. The fact that it's waterproof also helps when it comes to cleaning the toy and is always an appreciated feature.

This isn't a huge toy, so other than the expense, beginners to more advanced users could find this to be a suitable choice. It might slightly disappoint size queens, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in power.
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    Who might this product be best for? How is it best used? What are the best circumstances or situations for using this product?
    • Couples
    • Solo
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    • Anywhere
    • Campus/roommate living
    • Tub/shower/pool
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    • Travel friendly
  • Body / part areas
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    • Clitoris
    • G-spot

Material / Texture

Vr3 is made from 100% silicone which boasts an Eden Material Safety rating of 10/10 from being made from food-grade material, being hypo-allergenic, latex free, non-porous, and phthalates free.

The texture is velvety, but not buttery smooth and has quite a bit of drag to it. This is very common in a silicone toy and can be eliminated by using a small amount of water-based lubricant. Because of the drag, this toy picks up a lot of lint and hair, so washing before each use is also important.

Other than being velvety, there's no additional texture on this toy. There is an obvious seam that runs down the center of it (on both front and back) and can be felt with your hands. That being said, I didn't feel the seam while in use, but someone who's very sensitive to textures might be able to pick up on it. The texture (or rather, lack of) of the toy makes it a great choice for someone who prefers smooth toys, or for beginners that aren't sure if they care for texture or not. If you need texture, this will probably disappoint you because of the simplicity.

For being made from silicone, there isn't a lot of squish to this toy, it's quite firm, but does have a good amount of bend to it. The clitoral arm and insertable 'shaft' both bend toward and away from each other with ease.

Upon opening the box, I did notice a very faint odor, but it was neither strong or offensive and after washing was completely eliminated.
    • Flexible
    • Not porous at all

Design / Shape / Size

While some might consider this toy to be a rabbit style vibrator, this dual-stimulating toy has no animal features on it. The curvy shape gives it a feminine feel while providing great stimulation to the areas that appreciate it the most.

The base of the toy is fairly wide and provides a very comfortable handle while in use. The buttons that power the toy are also very conveniently located in an area easy to reach, even when you're in the middle of play. The bottom of the base is also where the power cord is inserted when it's time to recharge your toy.

The clitoral arm curves upward, but bulges in the area that's meant to rest against your clitoris. With the shape and design of this feature, it's best to know your anatomy since there's no way to adjust where the arm rests against your body. This particular toy will work best for someone who has a clitoris closer to their vaginal opening than not since the shorter arm might not properly reach one that is further away.

The insertable area of the toy is a larger at the tip, bulges, and gets slimmer as it gets closer to the clitoral arm. It fits very comfortably while still providing a great pressure against your G-spot (if it works right with your anatomy).

The design isn't very discreet, but it is tasteful. Someone would instantly know that it was a sex toy unless they've been living under a rock for the last 30 years, and it would be difficult to make someone believe that this was simply a toy to help relieve your back pain, but it's not phallic shaped which does help some. Keeping this out of sight would be best if you appreciate your privacy. It fits easily in a night stand, dresser drawer, toy box, etc. And comes with a pouch to keep your toy clean and prevent it from getting damaged.

The total size of the toy is fairly small and shouldn't be intimidating to most users. This also makes it a great travel option. While not as travel friendly as a simple clitoral vibrator, it would fit in most purses, backpacks, briefcases, etc. without worry. It also has a great locking feature that helps to ensure you won't buzz your way into embarrassment!

Full: 6 3/4"
Insertable: 3 3/4"
Clitoral Arm: 1 7/8"

Base: 4 3/4"
Clitoral Arm: 3"
Smallest Insertable Area: 2 3/4"
Largest Insertable Area: 4 1/2"
    • Beginner
    • Ergonomic
    • Whimsical / artistic

Functions / Performance / Controls

Vr3 is fully rechargeable and comes with 110/240 volt power adapter that's easily plugged into the base of the toy to charge. It's easy to tell that the toy is being charged because there's a light indicator right underneath the charging port when it's plugged in. The initial charge takes about 4-5 hours and after that, how long it takes to charge will depend on how drained your battery is. No matter what, it shouldn't take any longer than 4-5 hours to charge.

There are two buttons on the toy, one that controls the motor inside of the shaft, and the other that controls the motor inside of the clitoral arm. They are easy to use, in a convenient location, and make a slight clicking sound when pressed down. Because the motors are totally independent, you can choose to turn on only the shaft, only the clitoral arm, or both.

There's no variety in pattern, only a change in intensity. To amp up the power, you simply hold down the button you're pressing. There's no way to lower the power if you feel it's too high; you have to press the button to turn it off, and press down the button again to increase power to a more desired setting. This goes for both buttons since they control two different things.

Just like with charging, there are light indicators to show you which motor is going. When you're holding down the button to increase the power, they start blinking slowly but increase in speed as the power increases. The light will turn solid once you've reached the most powerful setting.

At any point the toy can simply be turned off with a simple press of the buttons. The buttons on this toy have a really interesting locking feature that makes it great for traveling, or for making sure the toy doesn't accidentally turn one while not in use. To activate the locking feature, you press and hold down both buttons at the same time. The lights will be solid and will turn off once the buttons are locked. No amount of mindlessly pressing the buttons will unlock the toy. You have to repeat the same action in order to unlock it, but only the clitoral light will show up at first. Both lights will be showing once the toy is unlocked, and you're ready for play!

The vibrations of the shaft are mainly located in the largest area of the toy. You can feel it a little bit in the more narrow area between the shaft and clitoral arm, but it's not nearly as strong. Similarly, the clitoral arm is more powerful at the widest point. The shaft gives off deep, rumbly vibrations, while the clitoral arm gives off more of a buzzy vibration. This was disappointing to me since I need more powerful, rumbly external stimulation than this toy provided. The lowest setting (and many in between) are great for users who are more sensitive to vibrations, at the highest, it should please a power queen. The vrooms go up to a 5 for the shaft, but only to a 4 in the clitoral arm.

The battery lasts a surprisingly long time, even when used on the highest setting. My husband and I played with this toy for nearly an hour and it didn't give up on me. I used it twice after that, for about 15 minutes each time and it still didn't die! I didn't wait for it to totally die to recharge it, but it's obvious that it will last a long time for those who enjoy marathon sessions!

Thanks to the way the charging port is designed, this toy is waterproof. There was a small paper that was resting on top of the toy when it arrived that stated that the toy is waterproof, but inside the informational booklet it mentioned that it's 100% waterproof/water resistant. This is a little bit concerning since it's either waterproof or it isn't. I haven't fully submerged it, but using it in the shower and running it under water showed no signs of water leaking into the toy.

Vr3 is very quiet! Even on the highest setting it would be tough for someone outside of your room to know what you were doing. Without any other noise in the room, it's obvious from under the covers, but even just a little white noise (like a fan or TV) eliminates the sound. This makes it great for those that need something sound discreet thanks to roommates or for college living.
    • Easy to use
    • Powerful
    • Rechargeable

Care and Maintenance

Caring for your Vr3 is very easy! After use, you can use your favorite sex toy cleaner, antibacterial soap and warm water, or you can fully sterilize by using a 10% bleach solution. Always make sure to sterilize if switching orifices or sharing with another person. Because it's a lint magnet, it's also important to make sure you wipe or since clean before use as well. After washing, you can wipe down with a cloth or let it air dry. Always make sure that your toy is fully dried before storing.

This, and all silicone toys, are compatible only with water-based lubricants. Other types could cause damage to the surface of the toy.

Thanks to the included storage pouch, finding a place to store your toy is simple! The pouch isn't entirely discreet since it boldly shows JOPEN on the front of the bag, but unless you know that that means, it's perfectly fine. The pouch is all black other than the white lettering on the front and has kind of a smooth feel to the fabric. It's sewn well and closes with nylon drawstrings. The bag provides more than enough room for the toy and charger, which makes it the perfect option. Since the toy is on the smaller side, the bag can easily be tucked away in a drawer or other place and to keep away from curious eyes.

If you choose to not store your Vr3 in the included pouch, the packaging is suitable enough as an alternative. No matter where you decide to store it, just make sure that it's not touching a toy of similar material. It could cause the surface to degrade in a similar way a silicone lubricant could harm your toy.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


For being a 'premium' toy, Jopen didn't put a lot of effort into their packaging. The thin cardboard box does have a lot of information on it, but isn't nearly as upscale as you would assume for a toy of this price. The box is tasteful, but not all all discreet. The back of the box shows an image of the toy and give a lot of information about the features and qualities of the product it contains. It would make a decent gift for someone you're close to, but not the best choice to have someone open in front of a lot of people if they're easily embarrassed.

The toy first arrives with plastic around the entire box, once you tear that off and open the cardboard, you'll find a small, rectangular paper that gives all the same information that the packaging does. The toy itself is also wrapped in plastic a nestled inside part of the cardboard that's been cut into the shape of the toy. Before you panic thinking that you didn't receive the charger and storage pouch, the internal cardboard piece lifts up to reveal all the other items included.

The packaging would be okay if you were to decide to store your toy inside of it, but it's not the greatest quality box for storage. It should last a fairly long time if you take care of it, but the pouch is included so that you don't have to worry about that. The packaging can easily be broken down and recycled.
    • Recyclable
    • Very informative


I've been using sex toys for a few years now, drooling over the beautiful Jopen pieces. I was so unsure of which one to get, but after reading dozens of reviews, I decided to try out the Vr3. This was not only my first Jopen piece, but my first dual stimulating toy as well.

I chose the Vr3 because so many people had given it 5 vrooms in their reviews. I'm a total power queen, if it's not powerful, it's not good enough for me. I was hoping that this would be just what I needed to really get me going, and while it is powerful, it wasn't right for me in a few different ways.

Being that this was my first "rabbit" I had no idea how important it is to know how far you need a clitoral arm to reach. Apparently, my clitoris is a little high for this one to reach me. I was so disappointed since that's been the true reason why I had hesitated in buying a dual stimulating toy. I did noticed that when my husband was using it on me, he pulled the base of the toy closer to my body, making the arm touch my clitoris. It was much more enjoyable once we had found a way to make it reach, but I still was a little bit disappointed that it took extra effort.

On top of it not quite reaching all the right places on my body, the clitoral arm and I weren't on the same wave length when it came to power and type. The buzzy sensation was a disappointment and the weaker sensation than the internal motor made me less than impressed as well.

Overall, the quality of the toy is there, the ease of function, the power, etc; it just wasn't a match for me. If you know that you're clitoris is on the higher side, I would pass on this one since the arm simply isn't long enough.
Follow-up commentary
I really wanted to love this toy, but given the fact that it's so anatomy specific, I just can't get it to work for me. It's very high quality, is easy to use, easy to care for, and the fact that it's rechargeable makes it that much better. If you have the right anatomy, this is a great investment, but it just didn't work out for me.
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  • Trysexual
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