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Touche Brigit

Traditional vibrator by Shots media

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Finally, a toy I can’t complain about!

Brigit is a fabulously soft traditional vibrator with a flexible shaft and quiet but generously strong vibrations. The construction is high quality, and the package includes a detailed owner’s manual set of AA batteries. According to the manufacturer, Brigit is not suitable for use by menstruating or pregnant women, and due the ultrasonic motor, this warning should be heeded by pregnant women.
Fabulous feeling “skin”, delicious vibrations, high quality.
Not fully water-proof, not for use during pregnancy.
Rating by reviewer:
useful review
The Brigit is a vibrator which I have completely fallen in love with. It lives up to all of its claims, and I can only find nitpicky things I would change about it.

This bright pink traditionally shaped vibrator shows its quality straight out of the box, as it comes with both detailed instructions and a set of batteries.

I’ve found in my tenure with silicone sex toys, that while they tend to be my favorite material I’m often frustrated by the fact that they simply can’t be used with silicone lubricants at the risk of destroying their finish. Brigit’s instruction manual makes mention of the fact that this toy should only be used with water-based lubes but that the texture of the toy’s coating would make lubricant unnecessary for most vaginal use. I was somewhat floored by that claim and decided to put it to the test. Lo and behold, I did truly find use of Brigit without any lube to be completely comfortable. The silkiness of high quality silicone coating surpasses that of any silicone toy I’ve used to date.

What Brigit has on the outside is surely pleasing, but as in so many other aspects of life, it’s what’s inside your vibrator that truly counts. Brigit did not disappoint me in this respect and in fact, far surpassed my expectations. The included instruction book claims that Brigit’s pleasure center is an “ultrasonic” motor. I was skeptical that this meant anything special or that it was even true, but whether it’s true or not, I became a believer with just one use that the motor in Brigit is indeed special. The motor delivers a range of gentle and yet potentially intense vibrations from throughout the shaft. I know what you’re thinking, gentle and intense in the same sentence? The difference between Brigit and my Magic Wand is that the Magic Wand feels like it may fly out of my hand and vibrate a hole in the wall while Brigit unassumingly delivers strong vibrations that aren’t jerky or violent and don’t cause my hand to go numb. All this, and I found Brigit to be quiet enough to use in a thin walled house with two roommates walking around. The vibrations are certainly not the strongest or indeed the quietest out there, but the ratio of the two is sure impressive.

The 10 functions of Brigit are pretty standard in the way of multifunction vibes: 3 standard vibration settings which vary by speed, followed by 7 other varying patterns of speed and pulsation. I am not usually one for letting my vibe do the controlling, but in this case I made an exception and liked it: the pulsation patterns were enough to bring me to the edge of orgasm and back off for just long enough until I finally couldn’t take it anymore. All functions are controlled by a single button at the base of the vibe’s battery cap. My single criticism might be that to turn the vibe off, the power button must be pressed and held down since “off” is not in the rotation cycle. However, this is not entirely a bad thing as it means that you can cycle through the functions all you want without ever turning the vibe off.

Unlike many silicone toys, this one does come with a very, very slight manufacturing odor. It went away within the third washing. Also, while I do love the outer material, it has a tendency to attract lint, which is not the best if your sex toys enjoy their time off in your sock drawer. My last nitpick is that my Brigit came with a seam down the middle of the silicone which I can clearly see and feel with my hands, although I didn’t feel it at all when used on my girly pieces.

The splash-proof feature means that cleanup with soap and water is a breeze. Don’t plan to toss this baby in the tub with you, but I would have no worries about sudsing it up briefly.

On the topic of babies, I do have one safety note. The book that comes with Brigit notes that it should not be used by pregnant or menstruating women, but gives no rationale as to why. I haven’t figured out the menstruation aspect, but as a women’s health advocate I feel obligated to make note that unnecessary fetal exposure to ultrasound is recognized as potentially dangerous and should be avoided. I do not know exactly how to interpret the claim that Brigit runs on an “ultrasonic” motor, but I would certainly caution pregnant users against extended or frequent use of this toy for that reason.
Follow-up commentary
I'm disappointed to report that although Brigit is held out to be "splash-proof", she didn't survive the moisture of under-the-faucet cleaning, even when I avoided getting moisture on or near the battery case. I suspect that a drop made its way under the power button and that's what did her in.

It's sad really, because Brigit had become my favorite toy due to her luxurious texture and material. She's still good for completely manual operation, but was a definitely better toy when she vibrated.
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    No use of lube! Whoa, lube companies are going to lose cash if all vibes come in the same material.
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    I'm sorry to hear that she can't withstand a good cleaning!
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    "Not for use during pregnancy" thankfully I don't have to worry about that
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