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Touche Brigit

Traditional vibrator by Shots media

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Brigit, the Love Mermaid

Brigit is a beautiful, high quality vibrator that offers quiet power and lots of options. I would recommend it to almost anyone interested in a traditional vibrator, especially those who enjoy light texture. Brigit is worth the original price and the current 40% off sale makes it an excellent buy.
Strong yet quiet, silky silicone, pretty design, lots of patterns, nice packaging, warranty.
Not waterproof, texture irritates me if I fully insert the toy, becomes slightly louder at times.
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Brigit is a traditional vibrator from the Touche division of the Dutch company Shots Media. The design is ideal for vaginal use, but also works for stimulation of the clitoris or any other external areas. It isn't the best choice for anal play due to the lack of a flared base.

Despite her fish-like appearance, Brigit is only splashproof and not completely waterproof. You can't take her for a dip in the bathtub, but she'll stand up to being used in the shower or washed under running water. Brigit is pretty quiet, which makes her a good choice for someone in need of discretion.

Material / Texture

Brigit is made from medical grade silicone which is non-porous,and has no smell or taste. It is hypo-allergenic and phthlate free. Touche actually provides lab results on their website proving that their toys don't contain pthalates. Brigit's silicone is very smooth and silky. It feels very similar to the silicone used for Lelo toys. The manual says that Touche silicone is so smooth that lubricant usually isn't required for vaginal use. I didn't find that to be completely true, although Brigit was easier to insert than most other silicone toys of a similar size. I'm someone who doesn't usually use lube for PIV sex, and although I was able to insert Brigit without any additional lube, I still found thrusting to be easier and more comfortable after adding a little dab.

The head is very firm since the motor is located beneath a thin layer of silicone. The only flexible part of the toy is the smooth area below the head. The textured portion cannot be bent, but is more squishy than the head.

Design / Shape / Size

According to my measurements, Brigit is just shy of 8 inches long, with about 6 3/4 inches being insertable. The head is 1 1/2 inches wide, and the base is 1 3/4 inches. It's small enough that I can easily insert it, but large enough to feel satisfying.

Brigit features a pretty scale pattern, reminiscent of a fish or a mermaid. It's only slightly raised, which should be suitable for most users but won't be enough for those who love intense textures. I'm very sensitive to textures at my vaginal opening. When I inserted it fully, Brigit's scaly texture irritated me as I expected. I found it much more enjoyable to only insert about the first 4 inches of smooth silicone while using the textured area as a grip. I have a shallow g-spot and a fairly short vagina (I can only take about 6 inches maximum), so only inserting 4 inches of the toy worked fine for me.

Brigit has a tapered tip followed by a bulbous head with a ridge beneath it. The ridge didn't irritate me because it stayed inside of my vagina during thrusting. It wasn't very noticeable, but added slightly to the stimulation provided by the head. I was able to get some g-spot stimulation with this toy. It wasn't intense, but it was about the same amount I get during intercourse. Although the design isn't realistic, Brigit's shape, girth and material felt pretty similar to a penis when I didn't insert the scales.

The bottom of the battery cap is flat, which I like because I can set the toy on it's end until I get a chance to clean it. There are no symbols on the toy indicating which direction the batteries should be inserted. The battery cap screws on and off. It's not complicated, but sometimes I have trouble getting the threads lined up so that the cap screws on straight. It can end up slightly crooked and leave a small open gap, so I have to take it off and try again. Make sure that the cap is properly aligned before you take the toy near any water. I haven't had any problems with the toy leaking when I placed it under running water.

Functions / Performance / Controls

This toy features an ultrasonic motor. The manual says that the ultrasonic design causes the vibrations to carry throughout the toy better. I can't say that I noticed any difference between the ultrasonic motor and the motors in my other vibrators. The vibrations can be felt at the base of the toy, but are much stronger at the tip where the motor is located.

Brigit has strong vibrations that are pretty quiet in relation to their power level. The vibrations do tend to become a little louder when the toy is held on certain angles. With other vibrators I've owned, I've solved this problem by putting a small piece of paper inside the battery compartment to stop the batteries from rattling. However, I was hesitant to try this with Brigit since the batteries already seem to fit in pretty tightly, and I have to shake the toy to remove them.

The vibrations are similar in strength but slightly louder than Gigi's. They're deeper in pitch but about the same strength and volume as my other Touche toy, Epona. I found that a bit surprising since Brigit takes 2 AA's and Epona takes 2 AAA's. Speaking of batteries, Brigit came with a set included, but I found that she had a little more kick when I used my own Duracells.

Brigit is controlled by a single button located on the base. Pressing it will turn the toy onto it's lowest setting, then cycle through the rest of the 10 settings. There are 3 speeds of steady vibrations. The first 2 are pretty low, and there is a large jump in power between the second and third settings. After that come the 7 vibration patterns. Here is a picture from the manual illustrating the settings:

Anyone who's a fan of vibration patterns should be able to find one they enjoy. I don't like patterns, so I stick with the high constant setting. If you do like to switch between settings during use, you might get annoyed by the fact that there's only one button and you have to cycle through all the settings to get back to a previous function. You can turn the toy off by holding the button down for 2 seconds.

Care and Maintenance

The instructions warn that STD's can be transmitted by toys, and that if you share your toy with a partner or use it both vaginally and anally you need to make sure that the vibrator is properly cleaned. It is designed to be easily washed with warm water and soap. Toy cleaner isn't necessary, but can be used if desired as long as it has a non-alcoholic base. Although it isn't mentioned in the instructions, you can sterilize silicone toys by wiping them down with a 10% bleach solution. Brigit is compatible with water based lubes.


Touche toys come in very nice packaging, that is able to compete with some of the more well-known European companies. Brigit arrived in a matte, black box with a shiny diamond pattern and silver writing. Brigit is visible through a cutout on the front. The back also has a magnetic flap (similar to Fun Factory's packaging) that can be opened to view the toy from both sides. The features of the product are listed in several languages.

Brigit is described as a "mermaid skin vibrator with 10 different functions" and the back of the box includes this romantic sounding blurb: "This love mermaid tells you the fairy tale story of all your erotic fantasies. It's already legendary for it's real feel. So relax and surrender yourself to the ten sensual secrets of Brigit."

Brigit comes with an informative manual in 8 languages. The same manual is included with all Touche toys, so it shows how to insert batteries into several styles of battery compartments. It includes a 1 year warranty.

Personal comments

The manual warns that the product shouldn't be used by pregnant or menstruating women or anyone with a medical condition without consulting a doctor. Lots of toys come with disclaimers, but I've never seen a warning against using a vibrator during menstruation before. There was no explanation provided as to how this could cause harm.
Follow-up commentary
I haven't really used Brigit since reviewing it. I still think it's a good toy, and if I only had a handful of vibrators I'm sure it would get some use, but it just isn't one of my favourites. I'm not a huge fan of traditional vibrators and I prefer insertable toys with a curve or a more unique shape. If you are interested in a traditional vibrator and think you would enjoy the scale texture I would still recommend it.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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