Rechargeable oral clit stimulator
by Satisfyer

Goofy name, but this toy isn't playing.

This thing is great. I've recommended it to several friends and each of them has understood my ardor. It doesn't seem to be tied to a specific body-type, given that each of us has different bodies and needs, and it worked well for each of us. I tend to need significant vibrations in order to find satisfaction and I'm usually able to keep this to a medium intensity with grade A orgasms.
Extremely strong, even on my made-of-metal clit; charges easily via USB; cleans fairly easily
No battery indicator; no travel lock; didn't come with a power brick.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review

First impression

The Satisfyer came to me extremely highly reviewed - a friend told me she'd have bought it for me but was afraid I'd find it tacky to get a vibrator as a birthday gift, so I bought it for myself. First impressions weren't that impressive - it was nicely packaged, but seemed a little small. I was a little disappointed that it didn't come with a wall adapter, only a USB cord. I'm thrilled I was wrong. This thing is a BEAST.

First Use

I gave it a good wash and charged it before settling into bed. I wish I'd realized before my first use that the silicone head pops off, because it makes cleaning so much easier! Even so, when I first turned it on, I wasn't impressed at all. This was it? My friend clearly had no taste. You can barely feel the vibrations outside of the head, even when pressing it against your fingers. I sighed at my wasted money but pressed the vibrator up to its highest setting and pressed on.

Y'all, as soon as this thing touched my clit, I realized I was sooo wrong. The vibrations that seemed barely tangible against my hand were far more intense when they were nestled against my clit. I had to turn it down. I had to turn it all the way down! It was great.

Further Experience

After my first use, I treated the Satisfyer with far more respect; it's now more of a once-in-a-while toy, because the vibrations are so intense and tend to leave me feeling raw and abused if I've been playing too aggressively before using the toy. It's still what I reach for if I know, I need something strong, that I'm willing to work for. It's never a fast orgasm, but it's always intense.

It's generally quiet, though every so often the vibrator will be positioned in an odd way, and you'll get a bit of noisy, almost suction-like sounds, but it's easy to reposition it.

It has a pretty decent battery life - I charge it pretty religiously after 3-4 uses of about 30m each, and I've never had it die mid-use. I do wish that there was a battery indicator to show how low it gets.

Vibration Map

The vibrations are exclusively localized to the head, and can only barely be felt when it's not directly pressed against your skin. The only way I've been able to even feel the intensity is with a fingertip pressed against the silicone head.
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

I'm pretty sure I prayed to Jesus during my first use. I now call it the toy that helped me find religion. It's extremely, extremely intense, and it's the only toy that's made me squirt.
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  • Contributor: iovys
    Man, these pressure wave toys are such a godsend lol. I'm glad that yours is treating you well enough to get some respect for itself

    Have you considered other toys of this type ever since?
  • Contributor: DeliciousSurprise
    I have! I'm very intrigued what other toys might have a similar (perhaps less intense!) sensation.
  • Contributor: iovys
    Something less intense? Mmmm..
    All the other kinds I was going to throw at you were actually more intense than this Satisfyer model lol. However, the Womanizer Premium is a bit more on the gentle (and expensive) side. It's got smart silence, which makes sure it only turns on when it's in contact with your skin, and it also has this cool autopilot mode, which pseudo-randomly varies the intensity for you (as if someone were controlling it for you).
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