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Too much hype, not enough action

This toy is amazing. It's well worth the purchase and can provide wonderful orgasms in and out of water. It's compact enough to travel with and large enough not to slip out of your hand or require a lot of pressure. It does have a few areas that could be improved, such as the silicone head being too stiff. However, it can be easily removed for cleaning and opens itself to the possibility of being swapped for a new head, if the manufacture creates them!
waterproof, easy to clean, powerful
bulky, stiff silicone
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First impression

I had been thinking of the Satisfyer Pro2 for a while. I had already purchased similar toys for less, and I thought for a few bucks more I could really get a superior toy. In my mind, this was THE toy that would give big, big O's.

When the package arrived, the box was a bit lackluster. It was a standard think cardboard box with the image on the outside. The plastic formed sleeve is flimsy yet functional, behind it was a small plastic bag that contains the charging cable and an instructional packet.

One major dislike for this toy is the color. This golden flesh color does not get me excited or make me think, "Sexy". I would love to have options from black, silver, pink, or even navy!

Touching the toy for the first time I noted it was heavier than I expected, it's nicely weighted, and its contours fit my hand perfectly.

The body is hard plastic, not quite a lux feeling, and I wish it had a silicone coating. The head of the toy opens into a silicone mouth, where the internal suction device sits. The silicone mouth is removable, making it easy to clean!

First Use

First use was interesting. The buttons are awkwardly placed, facing away from you. When you have the head of the toy against your clit, the buttons face your feet, instead of you. I wished it mirrored my other similar toys where the buttons were also located facing me, so I could easily use my thumb to cycle through the settings.

After a few miss-clicks, the buttons became easier to navigate. The top single button powers the toy on and off.

The oval below the power button is a combo button set up. The top of the oval cycles through the settings starting at the lowest and ending at the highest. Bottom of the oval cycles down through the options with each click.

I found that the silicone opening was a bit too stiff for my liking. I am used to a softer, more flexible silicone. This stiffer opening made it difficult for me to find my perfect spot for play, as it wanted only to focus on a small area and create a slight pressure around it.

It took a few tries to really enjoy myself and stop thinking about how difficult this toy is making my fun time.

After a few days, I figured out how to rock and gently roll into the perfect spot and achieve the orgasm I knew I could have.

Now let's talk about the VROOMS. The vibration sucking patterns are amazing. They go from gently to toe-curling deep, which make this toy an awesome bedside companion.

Further Experience

After a few days of trial and error, I found myself getting better at managing the buttons facing away from me. I wish the body wasn't hard cold plastic. I would much prefer a silicone coating or at least a coated grip. The 11 functions were great, but a few were very similar. One setting that runs both short and long pulses matches a similar function with just slightly longer pulses.

One of the biggest wishes is that there were different heads to swap out. This silicone head is very stiff, and I would love to have a wider opening. I own the Satisfyer Pro Travel, and its opening is perfect. It's very soft, pliable and is slightly larger.

The best part of the Satisfyer Pro 2 is that it is waterproof! I put this to the test with both shower and full tub fun, and I enjoyed both more than in bed alone! If you really want to enjoy that soak in the tub, take this with you!

Vibration Map

The vibrations from the suction are strong at the opening, right where they should be!

There were very moderate to minable vibrations behind the opening, near the head. This was great, as it didn't tickle my thighs or create a distraction!

The handle is basically immobile, and I felt no vibrations there. This is one of my favorite features, as I have had strong toys that carried vibrations throughout the toy, causing my hand to go numb or distract me from what I wanted to accomplish!

Even at the highest setting, the vibrations are quiet. Under a blanket and in a quiet, they are almost undetectable. So if you live with roommates, this is a great toy to have!
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

After a few days of use, I was able to achieve an amazing, toe-curling, body-shaking orgasm.
If you find yourself struggling with the first time use, keep going! You will get there.
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