Lia G bliss vibe - discreet massager by Cal Exotics - review by K101

Lia G is a mind-blower!

I would consider Lia G Bliss to actually be one of the luxurious vibrators available in its price range. It's a pretty unforgettable, quality toy. The vibrations are so powerful and the g-spot tip allows me to effectively stimulate my g-spot on my own. It's fantastic for foreplay and solo use and the variety of functions make a girl want to spend time down there!
Stimulates G-spot, cervix and clitoris effectively.
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Lia G Bliss is an excellent vibrator designed to stimulate the g-spot as well as external areas. The powerful vibrations combined with firm, squishy silicone make it perfect for grinders like myself. By “grinders” I mean people who need to apply pressure on the clitoris with a vibrator for maximum results. Lia G Bliss will no doubt be a “go-to” vibrator for a lot of people. Coming from someone who owns and adores Vitality – a high quality, very powerful vibrator – even I find this to be one of the most pleasing vibrators both for clitoral stimulation and g-spot.

As far as using this anywhere besides your sexual organs, it's not that pleasing elsewhere such as using it for a neck, back or nipple massage. Strangely enough, this didn't stimulate my nipples in a totally arousing way. It probably will for most people, and I'm not quite sure why it didn't for me since mine are usually sensitive. When checking it out for a neck buzz, it made my head swim! It's too powerful to use on the neck area and really isn't intended as a muscle massager, though, so there you go.

The rounded tip is nice for pin-point stimulation delivered to your entire clitoris.

A lot of people would write Lia G Bliss off as a beginner-only vibrator at first glance, but this isn’t nearly the case as Lia has fabulous features that’d make it hard for even the girl with a house full of toys not to be impressed. Coming from someone who does have a large collection of vibrators ranging from high end to the cheaper ones available, Lia is far from your typical cheap priced vibrator. There’s nothing lacking in Lia to make this a toy an “advanced” user wouldn’t love.

Lia Bliss is waterproof – it has a small, clear O-ring between the battery cap and the vibrator – and can be used in the shower or hot tub, submerged. There’s no water leakage when placed under water.

Unless you’re a “size queen” or someone who needs only the most penetrating vibrations to get off, I would so far as to say that you’d probably enjoy Lia. It’s one of those vibrators that seems it’d have something for every person, including 10 different vibration patterns and settings to choose from.

Lia G Bliss is an excellent vibrator for solo play since the vibrations are so powerful they'll likely please most & the g-spot feature and subtle ribbed/wavy texture make it incredible for hitting your own g-spot, or letting your partner help you out. Either way, I'm impressed that this is one vibrator I can use to stimulate my own g-spot because it's not often that I can do it without his helping hand.

Made in China.

Material / Texture

California Exotic boasts the "pure silicone" logo on Lia Bliss' packaging. Not only that though, it's also food grade, hypo-allergenic , latex and phthalates free, non-porous silicone. You may know that this material rates a 10/10 on Eden's safety scale.

The battery cap is made of ABS plastic with a PU coat, which just means it's more matte and easier to grip than your shiny smooth plastic. The silver bands around the control buttons and the base of the toy are just decoration and are also ABS plastic with silver plating. If it's real important to you, this has shown no signs of flaking off at all -- I checked by scratching with a finger nail. But since these silver portions don't enter you, there's really no worry and they're safe ABS plastic anyway!

Now, all those details aside, I'm about to get to more interesting parts of my review.

One of my favorite things about Lia G Bliss is the material. As I said, a grinder (person who applies pressure for clitoral stimulation) I kind of require a soft, material. Plastic is too hard, even if it has a thin coating of jelly or silicone over it. The silicone on Lia Bliss is firm enough that the tip isn't extremely flexible -- I can only barely bend it using my hands, as I show in photos -- but it has some give to it.

Lia Bliss has less drag to it than other silicone such as Matryoshka, and it collects less dirt, hair and lint due to its almost rubbery, but smooth-feeling surface.

This one did have an odor to it straight out of the package and even after the first wash. It was very plastic-y and carried a scent that made me think of an old basement. Very musky. I'm not quite sure I've ever smelled this odor on a toy before, but eventually, it goes away.


It's tough to describe the texture, so lucky for you, I took a lot of photos. I wouldn't really call the texture ribbed since ribbing makes me think of something like the Rhiannon vibrator. This has what I call wavy texture, I guess. It's just subtle protruding, but rounded mounds that wrap around the shaft a little.
This swirling wave starts about an inch and a half from the base and stop at where the g-spot curve begins. On the underbelly, directly below the g-spot tip, there is a more pronounced swirly wave that's still subtle, but is what provides the stimulation of texture that I do feel.

These are noticeable to me during use, but not a whole lot. The g-spot tip is so stimulating that I forget about this texture.

The texture, being subtle but there would be a good start for someone who's ready to move up from a completely smooth vibrator, but doesn't want intense nubs and swirls. The sensations caused from this texture will vary from person to person. When I first inserted Lia G Bliss without a whole lot of foreplay first, they were more noticeable to my outer vagina than after an hour of foreplay and a tremendous amount of, ahem, natural lubrication. This meant Lia slipped much easier and quicker and I didn't feel the texture as much. It's still stimulating in a pleasing way, though.
    • Smooth
    • Strong odor

Design / Shape / Size

Lia G Bliss is a beautiful, hot pink shade all over. The only portion that isn't this awesome color is the silver plastic ring between the base and battery cap, and the silver detail around the buttons, which did add to the appearance of the vibrator.

Besides the texture that's already been described previously, the design is simple. It's a smaller vibrator with a curved, rounded tip for g-spotting.

Length: 6"
Insertable length: 4"
Circumference: 4"
Diameter: 1"
The widest part of Lia G Bliss is the g-spot bulb, which measures about 3 1/2" wide on my measuring tape. The very tip isn't this wide, but less than an inch down is where it sort of bulbs out into the 3 1/2" width. The tip being ever so pointy makes insertion comfortable as a pig in a blanket.

As I said, Lia G Bliss is not a lengthy or thick toy. Any thicker and I don't know that it would've been such a comfortable toy for me to use. For those who like average or slender vibrators, I think this will be a very wonderful choice. The only person who may find it lacking would be someone who really needs a lot of girth.

Despite it being labeled as have 4" of insert-ability, I find that I can insert it a bit more than that; possibly even 5."

Travel & Discretion

This is not discreet. It's not realistically shaped, but anyone's eye will be drawn to the bright magenta color and once their eye is caught, it's clearly a vibrator.

At only 2 oz though, it's pretty light and being a total of 6" means it will fit into a medium sized bag or purse and could easily be tossed into your luggage or purse for a fun adventure. I'm a sucker for playing with my toys in the passengar seat while going on one of our mini road trips, and Lia is one of my favorites for that since it's so simple and easy to bring along. In fact, the very first time I used it, I knew it'd become my travel companion. Some people may prefer something far more discreet like a bullet, and if that's you, then this wouldn't suit your travelling needs.


As for hide-ability, it fits in my small purse even, but not a clutch. I just leave it in my purse for when the mood strikes. If you didn't want your BFF in your purse though, it fits just fine in a drawer or tucked away in a closet. You could even keep it in the box it comes in if you really wanted to, but eventually the box will bend and ruin. It does add more bulk to your space, so I prefer tossing it.

Don't store it in direct contact with other silicone toys as it is possible for them to cause a reaction and degrade their materials. It's better safe! I'd slide a zip-loc bag over Lia G Bliss if I were to toss it into my toy box. It'll also fit in one of the velvet drawstring bags that glass toys come in & that's what I keep mine protected by when it's in my purse.

The noise varies on different speeds, and the highest setting is the loudest. If you're behind a closed door and have some kind of soft background noise such as music or TV, it won't be heard outside the door. It's not the best for a roommate situation though because even the first setting can be heard throughout a small room. It's certainly not the loudest, but I would say on the highest setting, it's a bit louder than your average cell phone vibrating.
    • Partner play

Functions / Performance / Controls

Yet another thing I love about Lia G is the simplicity of the controls. I like simple, quick and to the point when it comes to the controls of a toy. I don't like a lot of buttons. Buttons equal a frustrated Kendra!

Lia G has a "built-in control pad." Two buttons -- on/off and a button to control the speeds and functions. This means it's great for those of you like me and those who are new to toys with functions because it's frustrating to have to learn a bunch of different buttons with your first toy, so this is another feature that says beginner-friendly.

The buttons are located on the front, at the base of Lia. The on/off button is at the bottom and the speeds/settings button right above it. I usually don't get fascinated so easily, but the feel of the buttons and the light-up really excited me this time. The buttons require a push to activate; they aren't sensitive or easily bumped by accident, and when you press them, you'll hear a click as well as see a beautiful ray of pink LED light.

Both buttons light up pink when it's turned on or the setting changed, and they stay lit. The only change is when you turn it off (the light turns off) or when you get to the pulsing settings and the light is sort of flashy.

The power button is that circle with a line through it like you see on almost every electronic, so you'll recognize it. The functions/speeds button is a wavy line.

These buttons are pink and squishy to the touch -- which I was fond of -- the power symbol and wavy line are printed on them in white, if you care.

Once you've hit the power button, you'll then use the button above it to cycle through the functions and settings. Guess what this means? That during any time, you can click the power button to instantly render your BFF vibrator and soundless! This is really a feature I appreciate in all toys as once again, having to press multiple buttons or cycle through several patterns just to turn a toy off frustrates me. In my life, there's always people in and out who could easily walk in on me, so having a quick button to keep my privacy is essential.

Battery is not included with the toy. On the inner battery compartment, it shows you that the minus side goes up, which is helpful for those of us who can't ever remember. Also remember to screw the cap on tightly or it doesn't turn all the way on. At first, I didn't have it screwed all the way on, so it would only say "bz" and go off when I pressed the on button. I'd press again and it'd do the same. The cap has to be tightened all the way for it to work.


*Note: This is waterproof. There's a small O-ring where the cap screws on that effectively keeps water from entering the battery compartment.

Lia G Bliss has an impressive 10 different functions, and even more impressive is that I can get off just from the very first setting. Seriously, this baby bought knocks my pants off!

1. Is a steady, powerful vibration. This one alone is so powerful that my crotch is easily stimulated when using the vibrator on top of my jeans! A bit penetrating too. The sound is like a low hum.

2. A steady, more powerful vibration. A tad buzzier and more numbing than the first. Also louder. It's powerful enough that most people will easily feel it. When in direct contact with my clitoris, this setting begins to be too intense.

3. A steady, even more powerful vibration. A bit more powerful, but not a huge difference. It's louder than the last, buzzier and numbs my skin in seconds. I cannot use this setting directly on my clitoris without squirming and getting all twitchy-legged.

4. Pulse. It's about as powerful and the same type of sensation as number 3.

5. Faster pulse. Even more powerful than the last. If I have it on this setting and hold it in my hand, I feel the vibrations all up my arm.

6. Erratic pulse. It's about the same strength and feel as number 5.

7. Super quick pulse. Stronger than the last. If I have it inserted, I feel the vibrations all throughout my crotch and back side!

8. Strange pulse. Quicker than the last, but doesn't feel as strong. It takes on a lower sound thud and is pleasing to use directly on the clitoris since it doesn't give me twitchy legs.

9. A more drawn out pulse. Sounds like this: Bzz Bzz Bzz Bzz Bzz. Strength differs slightly. This one makes my skin itchy.

10. A much lower & shorter pulse Bz Bz Bz Bz.

The vibrations are powerful enough that they carrry well throughout the toy from tip to base. On some of the pulsating settings, such as the 5th setting, I can feel the vibrations a bit stronger in the middle, where the ridges are than the tip, but every setting still carries well to the tip.

On another note though, if I squeeze hard or apply a lot of pressure, I can feel the pulsating functions muffle and mute just a little, but the power of this baby makes it hardly noticeable.

The vibrations, in general, are slightly penetrative instead of being strictly buzzy, surface-only vibrations. I feel that the majority of people will find them pleasing.


Well, sweet dangit! I haven't been this satisfied with a vibrator since Vitality -- which I have to say is uncomparable, but Lia G Bliss is still an incredible vibrator and I can't say that enough.

Lia G run off of only 1 AA battery. When I seen that, I told my partner that the vibrations were not going to please me. Well, talk about eating your words. I've never even been this pleased with a vibrator that runs on two batteries, so just one was impressive.

The vibration functions and settings are so unique. You have an awesome variety that differs a good deal from first to last. Even the pulsating vibrations are pleasing to me, and that's rare.

Lia G is an amazing vibrator for thrusting. I was able to reach and comfortably stimulate my own g-spot without any help and with one hand! I was able to acheive this by standing up and just thrusting it from the front.

Having my partner use Lia G to thrust on me from behind, while standing meant X-orgasms, the front meant G-spot orgasms and externally means clitoral orgasms! It's rare to have one toy that actually does all of those things. I really recommend this for someone who doesn't need an intense curve for g-spot stimulation and for those who'd like to be able to get there on their own.
    • Easy to use
    • Lots of variety in function
    • Powerful

Care and Maintenance

Caring For Your G-spot Buddy

Wash Lia G Bliss before and after using (cannot stress the importance of that) using mild soap and hot water. I used hot water and Dawn dish detergent to clean it well and get some of the odor off before I used it. Dry it off with a towel.

Another method is a toy spray (I use a natural one, which is plenty effective) or wipes, and since there's little texture, it wipes clean easily.

Since this is waterproof, you can easily get it clean and I recommend cleaning it soon after using so fluids don't dry in the ridges, although they're spaced apart and not deeply enough that fluids will easily trap.

Do remember to remove battery when not in use! It can easily ruin Lia G Bliss if it's left inside.

Since it's silicone, you know you should stay away from silicone lubricants and use water-based, but this is your friendly reminder. However, once we spent a lovely hour on foreplay, there wasn't a need in the world for lubricant in order to comfortably insert Lia G Bliss.

When using Lia G Bliss for external stimulation, especially on the clitoris, you will find that a dab of lubricant makes things more slippery and easier to feel the sensations.
    • Easy to clean


Even the package of Lia Bliss made me happy! It’s a clear, plastic box with plenty of information, and even better: no tacky images or nudity! There a pretty pink and purple swirl and bubble design on the box. You can see the toy through the box & all sorts of information about it is found on the box. Inside the box, Lia is held in place in another clear tray.

You’ll find a paper with instructions on it inside the box.

The box and paper insert inform you of everything possible about Lia G Bliss. In my opinion, it would make an excellent gift as long as discretion isn't a problem and as long as the receiver is okay being given a sex toy. The package isn't threatening, but wouldn't be considered discreet since it's clear.

In fact, this was a gift to me and I will say, my beautiful friend could not have chosen a better, more pleasing gift! A gift that gave me an entire evening of relaxing and sexy fun with my partner.

What The Box Says

You have the front, which says the name of the toy, ten functions, pure silicone, waterproof, the Safe & Pure logo and the Cal Exotic Novelties logo, which is located on every side of the box including the bottom and lid!

One side has the same text as the front (listed above). The other side shows a photo of the bottom portion of Lia G, showing you the buttons and saying "easy on/off button." Besides the Cal Exotic Novelty logo and the name of the toy, there's nothing else on this side.

The back is where it's at! It has the below information in English, French, Russian, Dutch and Spanish.

" - 10 functions of vibration, pulsation and escalation.
- Luxurious body-safe silicone
- Easy push-button controls
- Auto off button
- Satin finish controller
- Perfectly sized
- Waterproof"

The bottom of the back has, yet again, the California Exotic Novelty logo, waterproof, 1AA battery (not included), the Pure Silicone logo again and the "i10 functions." Then there's the website listed where you can register your Cal Ex toy.

The bottom lid tells you to avoid silicone lubricants, wash before and after and twist cap tightly before use. It also has the "novelty-only" disclaimer, which goes like this: "This product is intended for use as a novelty product only. For external use only. Any product use for medical purpose or for a use that has an adverse effect on any function of the body is prohibited."

The instructions paper located inside gives you information on the functions, how to power it on/off and information on batteries. It says to be sure to insert them correctly to avoid damage, not to mix alkaline and rechargeable batteries, to always remove dead or weak ones, not to short circuit terminals and to remove them after each use.
    • Very informative
    • Would make a nice gift

Personal comments

I want to note that the odor of this toy is not something I personally considered a flaw, so I did not include that in my cons section. The odor dissipates, so it doesn't at all take away from the love I have for Lia G. I am rating Lia G Bliss a 5 because it not only stimulates my g-spot, but I'm actually able to orgasm using it by myself, because it's very powerful, the material is awesome, it stimulates my cervix, is simple to use, the controls aren't finicky and it's a high quality vibrator that is likely to please most people. And if you happen to be like me, it'll do more than just please you. Lia G is great for foreplay, for actually getting off during solo play and the battery lasts for a good while. There's no heating up after a long session of use, it's waterproof and has a unique variety of functions. For the price of Lia G, I was surprised it was such a quality vibrator.


I've already told you about how I used this toy thrusting and was able to achieve my lovely g-spot O's, and about my partner using it behind with me standing for cervical stimulation. I also wanted to include that during the 2 hour period that I used Lia G yesterday evening, we were able to find a lot of fun ways to stimulate my crotch with this. He turned it up to the strongest steady vibration, and since that was too intense for direct clitoral stimulation, he used index and pointer finger on either side of my clitoris and with his other hand, held the vibrator in place on his two fingers. This made the vibrations travel (surprisingly well) all the way to my clitoris. This isn't necessary and was extra work for him, but he also used the two fingers to make gentle up and down motions on either side of my clitoris, which felt amazing! Then he made circular motions to change it up. Another way I thoroughly enjoyed was when he used the tip to make downward strokes over my clitoris again and again. All this stimulation was really enjoyable for me and later, he added more hand movements to other parts of my crotch while holding Lia's tip over my clitoris.

I love this one so much that I've already gotten excited about the other toys in the Lia line. I imagine they'll all have the same or similar vibrations, and this one's shape and all is by far going to be my top favorite from the Lia line, but my interest has spiked now in the others like the Lia Encaser.
These are all really stimulating motions and movements that make for fantastic foreplay with a toy so powerful. Since it's so powerful that I didn't have to focus all in one place to enjoy the vibrations, I was able to enjoy the added benefits of his finger rubbin'.
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