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Move over Beethoven

I am so happy I overlooked her price and bought her. I'd do it again in a heartbeat now that I know better. How many people are lucky enough to find their 'perfect vibrator'?
EXTREMELY quiet, versatile, intelligently and beautifully shaped, rechargeable
For me? None. She's perfect.
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extremely useful review
Lelo is, of course, famous for quality at this point. However, I purchased the Elise|LELO Elise vibrator before I had known this. So the toy, in my case, had preceded the manufacturer’s reputation. Since I had no idea it had any rep to live up to, it had to forge its bedroom identity all on its lonesome.

Because it’s a vibrator, and our orifices and stimulus needs are not one size fits all, let me say a few words about the basics of Elise and myself, before I start to sing praises – and oh, there shall be praises.


It’s considered ‘medium’ to ‘small’ in girth by many, but it’s about max girth for me. The shape of the dildo is curved, smooth, and faintly oval in profile. Elise isn’t round shaped, but rather, the 4.5” circumference is actually squat, making Elise ‘taller’ than it is ‘wide’. Think… capital ‘o’, as in, “Oh! Hell Yeah!”. This shape means that it FEELS like more than 4.5” to me, as the vibrator’s girth throws all its potential towards the roof, your G-spot area.


The vibe is made of firm silicone, which has some minor give but zero flex. I love firmness in dildos and vibes, especially when coupled with a good curve and some sensible texture or delicious smoothness. The silicone which coats this vibe IS smooth, but it’s the sort of inviting velvety smoothness that I’ve learned to deeply appreciate.

As it is made of silicone, it’s very easy to care for. Toy cleaner and soap, and you’re set. Silicone lubes are a nono, and hygiene is superior as it is nonporous.


The vibes the Elise sports are plentiful and varied, her many patterns can be applied directly with many pleasing levels of power. While the box talks about “twin engine pleasure points” and “five programmed stimulation modes” and fails to speak of the cascade of power that starts at ‘barely noticeable thump’ and ends at ‘barely audible and remarkably enthusiastic vroom’, the multitude of combinations actually makes it feel a little endless, like a sweet buffet of vibratory sensation. I suspect it’d take math to figure out the many combinations, and frankly I’m not up to the task.

One IS pressed to ask, “What is a ‘pleasure point’ on a vibrator?” It’s pretty much as it sounds, a ‘pleasure point’ is where the vibrations originate and are strongest. Since the Elise has a point at the tip, and one farther down on the shaft, you may elect to have either point vibrate singularly or both at the same time. It’s a good thing.

And now, a word or two about my pussy (never thought I’d write that at any point my life):

I almost never know what it wants. Seriously! 30 years together, and I haven’t actually figured out the magic O-combination… but that’s in part due to the fact that it changes so often. I don’t consider myself highly sexed, but I enjoy at least an orgasm a day. I am often cursed with an indefinable ache, as my body asks for ‘something’ but doesn’t tell me what it is. I simply feed it whatever toy I think it wants, and sometimes I’m right and sometimes I’m wrong, and sometimes I’m right AND wrong.

And here is where my Elise fits in my bedroom life – between decisive need and aroused indecision. Elise has that pleasant girth, with the height that presses all up inside me and I can actually feel against my pubic bone when I clench. The inflexible nature of the Elise means that I may use it to caress the upper vault of my vagina, where my G-spot presumably lives, with my choice of soft or hard thrusts. The multitude of intensities, patterns, “pleasure points” can cater to whatever need my body has invented that day.

Folks, I think I love her. Before this vibe, when I heard ‘Elise’, I thought of Beethoven’s famous piano solo, with all it’s dramatics in tact. Now, I think of delicious purple entwined with variable orgasms and sleek ergonomics… I also think if the piano solo, but my favorite composer is now a close second to Lelo with this single word. I can’t think of a greater compliment than that… for Lelo.

Sorry, Beethoven... at least we still have “Ode to Joy”.
Elise is easy to use, however you MUST read the directions. If you’re highly motivated to learn (I was), it probably won’t take you much more than a few minutes and one good screw to master.

I find the Elise versatile and comfortable to hold during solo play. I use the Elise for the whole shebang when I use her. I start out nudging at my opening with the vibrating head, stroking my venus mons and general area. After a while, I’m wet and wanting, and depending on what my body wants, I change the pattern, intensity, and thrust her into place. From here, I either give myself a round fucking, or I just let her rest in place, her curve pressed against my insides while I touch myself.

The orgasm is almost always completely satisfying, as it involves all those hungry little nerve endings in my vagina, that so often get ignored when I’m just messing with my clit.

The Power Hungry may be disappointed by her, but it really depends on what you want. I want a deep vibration that I can feel, not high vibrations that get lost. Elise delivers and delivers and delivers… and delivers.
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