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Royal balls sex toy review

As solo sex toy, I liked them because I felt full when I used these with my clit vibrator without the distraction of managing a dildo. When I wore them at work, they definitely added a little spring in my step.
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 These are fairly big (one and a half inches in diameter and almost four and a half inches long) and firm. I found them a little painful to insert and remove because of that. They are steel balls with rattles inside of them coated by only about an eighth of an inch of silicone coating – not as comfortable as solid silicone of the same diameter. For women that can take more, this might be fine, especially those who have had children delivered naturally.

As solo sex toy, I liked them because I felt full when I used these with my clit vibrator without the distraction of managing a dildo. When I wore them at work, they definitely added a little spring in my step – not because of any orgasmic feelings, but it was fun to see how I could make them move and the resulting sensations. They are good for mild stimulation that results in a low level of arousal. If I hadn’t left them in too long and gotten rather sore, I would have been in the mood for more rousing play with my husband afterward.

I suggested using them with my husband, but that idea didn’t appeal to him.

 As an exerciser, I noticed some strengthening of the PC muscles, and I suspect with regular and frequent use, these would really help. Because they are connected, they can’t rotate around each other or bang into each other like with more traditional, loose Ben Wa balls.

 These are best used for exercise or mild stimulation while walking; sitting doesn’t do much. Be careful when first using these; I couldn’t take more than about four hours at first. I found trying to use the restroom while these were in uncomfortable, so I definitely wouldn’t leave them in all day.

 The string makes for handy removal. I couldn’t have gotten them out without it. The silicone connection between the balls might not be up to a lot of wear and tear. I haven’t used mine much in three weeks, and there are some marks on the connection where it might be coming apart; so be gentle with them. I also found that after I left them in for long periods of time, they developed a mild bend that makes them a little difficult to get situated comfortably now. Leaving it in warm water might straighten it out.

 I’m not just jumping for joy over these Royal Balls, but they are a good beginners’ Ben Wa ball type exerciser.


 -Big: 1 1/2” by 4 1/2”

 -They rattle smoothly, nice mild stimulation.

 -The balls are connected for easy removal.


 -The balls are not loose like more traditional Ben Wa balls, less manipulation options.

 -Size: for me, they hurt a little on insertion and removal, but for women with large vaginal openings might like this more than smaller models.

 -These take some getting used to, not for all day use at the start.

Rating: 3; bees: not applicable; vrooms: not applicable
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  • I guess you changed you're name because your review is identical to CatsmeOW and vise versa. What's up with that? trying to get double toy's?
  • Bulma
    R U CHEATING- what in the world? I checked both profiles, and they not only don't even contain the same toys, but the writing style is completely different! Anyway, how rude!

    I've been waiting for my smart balls to come back into stock. I think they would be more fun than anything. Vaginal balls always looked like fun to me.  I have a barbell style toy for actual strength training.
  • I talked with one of the review administrators - turns it out it was a human error on their end that my review was accidentally posted on CatsmeOW's profile. Thanks to the new review system that can't happen
  • Dame Demi
    These sound like not a bad product, but I'd still hold out for Smart Balls.
  • Essin' Em
    Smart balls for the win!  Fun Factory has been having some stocking issues...sorry about that :( But I do love me some smart balls!
  • Nashville
    I'm with Essin Em, smart balls are so much better.
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