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Touche The dukes

Vaginal balls by Shots media

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The New Way to Exercise!

The Dukes have a lot going for them. There are four interchangeable balls that work very well for kegel exercises. They can be housed in a soft, squishy sleeve for easy control and retrieval. I enjoyed having the option of using two balls or one at a time. The Dukes are definitely the new way to exercise!
Options, color, can use one or two balls at once, retrieval strap.
Questionable materials, lacks weight information.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


Joyballs has come out with a very innovative product for use during kegel exercises. The Dukes comes decoratively packaged with four unique balls that can be interchanged between loveskin sleeves for ultimate pleasure. Use one ball at a time or enjoy twice the pleasure... the choice is yours.

Material / Texture

All parts of this toy are proven non-toxic and have been tested in laboratories. A very unique aspect about this manufacturer is that they offer full reports of all material testing on their website, so you are always positive of the material you are using. One thing, however, that I did find confusing is that the package states that they are made of 100% Silicone but it also states "loveskin." I am unsure if that is another material or a new formula of silicone. I am still out on that. On to the texture, the four purple balls are made of a very firm, solid texture. I hate to say it, but they almost feel plastic. Indeed I believe they most likely are. No problem though, because the balls are then inserted into a Silicone sleeve before they are actually used internally. The sleeve is soft and squishy, but with the encased firm balls... it all pulls together perfectly allowing for easy inserting, moving, and handling. The sleeve for the balls is decorated with raised texture, which does not really add any extra stimulation. The sleeve ends with a swirly, thin grip for moving them in and out.

Design / Shape / Size

I was really hoping that there would have been a little more information on the weight of the balls via the packaging, but there was not. I took all the balls and held them in my hands and I really cannot tell the difference. They package does state that there are two heavy and two light balls, however I cannot for the life of me figure out which is which. I suppose if I had a gram scale, maybe I would know? This wasn't that big of an issue to me though. I liked that I had an extra ball and then a holder for either two or one. I can use two at a time or one. I think that is unique in itself. I like the size of the balls as well. Other than maybe being a little different in weight, the size is the same. They are easy to place in the sleeve and remove. They are standard kegel size and work just as well as any other exerciser, but you have the bonus of the extra sleeves, balls, and options. You got options babe!


The Dukes performed very well. I prefer to use two at a time. They can be moved in and out via the retrieval cord. I also like them because the cord is very flexible and can be worn for extended time and just rolled up in your panties. They are very comfortable to wear. Also, the weight is noticeable. I can really feel my kegels working against them. They are really good for 5-20 minutes stints too. I like to use them for a fast workout. It's a bit funny, but I like wearing them when I do my regular workout. I can work out my body and flex my kegels at the same time. I suppose they can also be used for pleasure. I, personally, do not use them this way. Who's to say you cannot though? They give off vibrations while walking, so they would also be fun for a night out on the town with a lover.

Care and Maintenance

The outer sleeve is made of Silicone and probably could be boiled. I was a little unsure of what material was plastic and what was loveskin, etc. So, I just take the balls out of the sleeve and wash everything with warm soapy water and then let them air dry. I have not had a problem with lint collection. They stay fairly clean. I do store them in their original plastic container and this helps keep them dust/lint/hair free. I still recommend giving them a quick rinse before each use. The Dukes are also compatible with water based lubricants.
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  • Waterfall
    I like the idea of changeable balls for kegel exercisers, maybe I will give these a try. Thanks for the nice review
  • Linga
    Awesome review! I really liked mine too!
  • Kayla
    I couldn't tell the difference in weights with my hands either. I went to the Touche website to look up the weights though, and I found them:
    "Possible combinations: Single ball: 30g, 40g, Duo balls: 60g (30+30), 70g (30+40), 80g (40+40)"

    So basically, two 30 gram balls and two 40 gram balls.
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    Great review! I'm a little worried about the material of the balls, as you mentioned but I loved the design.
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