Velvet touch vibrator - sex toy by Doc Johnson - review by ride of a lifetime

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The noisy one

This item is definitely worth the $10.99. Overall great toy besides the noise factor of it. I highly recommend this for a beginner, or a couple just looking to have some more fun!
-Dial base
Rating by reviewer:
somewhat useful review
This vibe is definitely a good vibe for someone looking at getting their first vibe, or someone that doesn’t really know what they want and just trying toys out for the first time. Some of the great advantages of it are the amazing price, the length, and being waterproof. As with most things marketed today the vibe does have its fair amount of disadvantages. Things such as the noise (we’ll definitely be touching on that one), too small, and the speed control.


I believe that the Velvet Touch|Velvet touch vibrator would have to go on my top 10 list of best priced. I’m unaware of many other vibes that cost $10.99 and aren’t a pile of crap or just don’t work. Even though the vibe does have some disadvantages for $10.99 you can’t go wrong!

Also the length of it is perfect. It’s not massively long, but yet it is long enough that you’re not stuck in bed wishing you had an extra inch to play with. It makes for perfect use with penetration, or just simple clit motions (because it’s not awkward to hold). The length is also a plus for beginners that don’t know what length might be best for them, or if they would just prefer a bullet vibe instead.

To go along with the price and the length of the product, a nice little option is that it is waterproof. Being waterproof it allows you to take it just about anywhere you like. This again is nice for a first timer not knowing where they will like to take it. My girlfriend has used hers in the bath tub with no issues at all.


Now that we have addressed all the really nice things about the vibe, let’s get into the nitty gritty disadvantages with it. First off its loud, you will realize it the first time that you turn it on that is definitely has some noise issues. I did find that if you put some tape around the batteries it makes it a little bit quieter. Just make sure if you do this that you don’t put too much tape because you will never get the batteries out then. As far as the noise level, you get what you pay for, don’t expect too much from it, after all it is a great deal.

Now for a beginner it might be a great size for just starting out and getting the feel for things. But after a while, or for a more experienced person, it’s just not big enough around. Again you get what you pay for, don’t complain.

This vibe also has a dial base for the ‘intensity’ of the vibe. You can turn that dial left to right all day long, and the sound changes but the feeling stays same. Although the dial base is nice and easy to turn it off, so I guess it’s not TOTALLY useless.
Me and my girlfriend used this vibe as a couple. We both enjoyed it.
Follow-up commentary
I have to apologize for one part of my review. This vibe is NOT waterproof but there is one for slightly more that is almost identical. Sorry for any confusion.

I would not change my rating on this vibe for that fact though, still a good vibe for the price.
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  • Cock Wrangler
    I wonder if that tape around the batteries interfered with the intensity changing in some way... So did her trip to the bathtub ruin the vibe?
    Also, it's hard plastic, which is easy to clean but not sterilizable- no sharing!
  • ride of a lifetime
    I don’t think that the batteries ruined the intensity at all. After you mentioned that I actually asked her just for reference, and she said she felt no difference. So I guess it’s a good “modification”. The vibration comes from the motor, not the batteries.

    Oddly enough the vibe was just fine after the bathtub; she has used it in the bath tub 3 or 4 times to. So I guess technically it’s not waterproof, but it doesn’t let water in, haha. So just be careful? After reading the product details more carefully, I would have to recommend not using it in water.

    Yes agreed no sharing. Being a male/female couple we don’t have the issue of sharing though (aka I don’t use her toys)
  • Nashville
    I've noticed a lot of plastic traditional vibes have a rattle or are extremely loud. If you want a quieter toy look for something with padding, that's going to deaden the sound of the motor rather than amplify it.
  • ride of a lifetime
    This is true. I haven't looked very closely but i don't know if there is a vibe with this price tag that offers that. Personally the price tag of $10.99 is the best feature of this vibe for a beginner.
  • I find it awsome how people have differnet perceptions of the same thing.
    On my part I dont find this vibe to be that loud (mostly compared to a rabbit vibe or the magic wand) and I wouldnt go as far as saying that it is so loud it could bother the neighbors.
    Its nice to get some one elses perspective.
    Nice review :)
  • Perish
    Hmm i like how you gave a great description on this item. Not a bad review at all.
  • thanks
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