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The toy that tries to be all things

Fiji, as a multi-function toy, is a nice idea, but perhaps would work better if it were designed for a single purpose. It's a bit too flexible for good G-spot stimulation. It might be helpful for vaginal stretching if it happens to be the right size. It does feel nice to have it inside for kegel exercises though. It's unfortunate that a toy that aims to solve multiple problems didn't come with instructions.
Silicone, pleasant to use for kegel exercises
horrible lint magnet, instructions are lacking
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Fiji advertises that it's for vaginal stimulation, vaginal stretching and for kegel exercises. This is one of a series of new silicone products from Dr. Berman's Intimate Basics line of toys.

I can't say how well it would work for vaginal stretching but I believe its best use is for kegel exercises. It is a bit more flexible than is ideal for G-spot stimulation.

Material / Texture

Fiji is made from silicone. It is smooth and without texture. It does have a seam running all along its length on both sides. The seam appears to be sanded down on one side but not the other. Those who are sensitive to seams on toys may be bothered by this.

The toy has a few minor undulations which are part of its design but does not have any textured areas.

The silicone it is made with is quite firm although does allow bending in the narrowest area.

Design / Shape / Size

Fiji is seven inches long with a modest circumference of four and a quarter inches. The larger half consists of a rounded, bulbous end that narrows slightly then expands out again. At the mid-point of the toy, Fiji's shape changes. It both narrows and develops a ridge along each side. The ridges continue to the end. At the smaller end the raised area along the centerline rises to a rounded point.

It almost looks like a sea creature.

I believe the more rounded end is what is intended to be used for vaginal stretching and for kegel exercises while both ends can be used for G-spot stimulation. But there are no instructions so what Dr Berman intended is anyone's guess.


This toy could work for vaginal stretching if you happen to need to be stretched by something that has this exact circumference. The toy doesn't offer any variety of size for stretching so its size needs to be the correct one for you for that purpose from the start.

For G-spot stimulation, I was troubled by the flexibility in the narrow part of the toy. If it were firm throughout or had a hard core so it didn't bend, it could have been terrific. But the fact that it bends in the middle made it much more difficult to apply firm pressure on the G-spot. I need firm pressure. I didn't find one end to be remarkably better than the other for G-spot use. I was eventually able to be successful with it in this capacity, but it's not ideal for that purpose.

I used the larger end for kegel exercises. For some reason it seems to desperately want to pop out even if you use it lying down. If you hold it in long enough and keep squeezing your muscles around it, it eventually stays in, but it was surprising to me that a product that only weighs a third of a pound would behave this way.

Maybe it could be useful as a test of your PC muscle strength. Time how long it takes before you can successfully keep it from popping out.

While it was inside and I did kegel exercises, it did feel nice, but not as nice as the Kegelcisor. Nothing feels as good while kegeling as the Kegelcisor.

Fiji has one characteristic that really pleased me. When you insert the larger end, then pull you underwear up as well as a pair of sweatpants over that, the other end creates a cute little bulge similar to what you would see on a man wearing a pair of thin sweatpants. This pleased me far more than I expected. I felt so powerful and proud of my little bulge. Finally I understand how men can tolerate having all that stuff swinging around down there.

Care and Maintenance

While Fiji is made of non-porous silicone and cleaning Fiji is straightforward - just wash with soap and water and towel dry - keeping it lint free is more of a problem than I've experienced with any other toy. I swear that if you clean it, then wave it around without actually putting it down, it will be covered with lint and cat hair. It's magnetic powers are remarkable.

I store it in the plastic box it comes in. Normally I dispose of boxes like this, but I needed something to help stem its lint-vacuuming properties. Even this was not enough. Unbelievably it still has lint on it each time I remove it from the box.

Use only water based lubes with this product to avoid damaging it.


Fiji comes in a clear plastic box with a colorless insert to hold it in place. Dr Berman's photo appears on three of the four long sides. On the front, it's labeled as a "smooth lighweight, silicone stimulator for vaginal exercise."

On one of the narrow sides is Dr Berman's bio.

On the back are as close to instructions as you're going to find:

Figi is an adult toy Silicone vaginal stimulator that an be used for Kegel exercises and vaginal stretching. Fiji also offers stimulation to both the G-spot and opening of the vagina. Fiji as an adult toy can help affect the vagina and make sex more comfortable.

"...help affect the vagina...?" I swear I think Dr Berman writes descriptions/instructions for her products on the back of her hand as she's running through the airport to catch a plane. They always sound awkwardly worded and incomplete. How do you best use it for kegel exercises? And how for vaginal stretching? The sex educator, researcher and therapist who designed it won't tell you.

Personal comments

Fiji feels nice when used for kegeling, but the fact that you have to fight it to keep it in during the first minute even when lying down and especially that it requires washing both before and after use make it more of a hassle than a pleasure to use.

I feel compelled to subtract points for its lint magneticism as well as for its flexibility, which detracts from its use as a G-spot toy.

Honestly, its best use for me will be to occasionally insert it as a test of whether I can keep it inside from the beginning, without having to hold it in for the first minute. It will serve as a test of vaginal strength progress.
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