Rabbit vibrator with licking stimulator

Tongue Me, Overwhelm Me!

The Lingua vibrator comes equipped with a thick, bulbous shaft to stimulate your G-spot and a wheel to create a tonguing sensation on your clit. With four wheel settings and seven shaft settings, this toy will surely deliver overwhelming pleasure. If you are someone who needs more clitoral stimulation to orgasm, this toy might just be a match made in heaven!
G-spot stimulation, Waterproof, Delicious girth
Too much sensation for a very sensitive clit
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First impression


I've never owned a toy before that simulates oral sex, so the minute I heard about this toy, I was fascinated! To be completely honest, I was a tad bit intimidated when I first saw a photo of this toy. Moving wheels near my clit? That didn't seem like the best idea. However, my curiosity got the best of me, and I agreed to review this toy! I'm so glad I did! My hesitation completely went away when Lingua arrived. The toy comes in a sleek, classy box, not intimidating at all!


The vibrator comes with a mesh toy bag and USB charging cable. Taking it out of the box, I admired the vibrant purple color. Picking up the toy, I noticed how velvety soft the silicone feels.


This toy is actually similar in many ways to other rabbit vibrators I own. However, instead of a shaft and a clitoral vibrator, there is a stimulating wheel instead! Unlike some of my other vibrators, the shaft has a second bulge to be positioned to hit your G-spot.

Eden Rechargeable Dual Vibrator (left), Splendor (right)

First Use

I dimmed the lights, I set the mood music, and I pulled out my Lingua vibrator. Knowing my clit is sensitive, I applied liberal amounts of lube to the spinning wheel. Laying back on my bed, I slowly inserted the shaft of the vibrator into my pussy. It felt large (maybe since I hadn't had sex in a long time) and it stretched me in the best possible way. I could feel the bulbous tip pushing against my G-spot, feeling amazing before I even touched the vibration settings. The wheel of tongues sat on my clit.


The wheel is made of supple silicone. While I can't say it feels like a tongue per se, the soft wheel provides a flicking, tapping, stroking sensation that is very pleasurable!

When I first turned on the wheel, I found the sensation too intense and abrasive (lots of friction), but due to the flexibility in the clitoral attachment, I was able to manually adjust the placement of the wheel to find the right location and pressure.


Further Experience

Cleaning the toy is very easy, especially since the toy is waterproof. I used simple soap and water.

The charging cable plugs into the handle of the toy with a pin connector and can be plugged into any USB port.


While I tend to find too much clitoral stimulation overwhelming, I do enjoy adding in other sensations to my play. I often tease my nipples while pumping a toy in and out of my pussy. With Lingua, I particularly enjoyed combining the sensations with a butt plug!

Vibration Map

One thing I appreciated about this toy was that there were so many available vibration and wheel options! The vibration and wheel rotation settings were controlled independently by buttons on the handle of the toy, allowing you to mix and match to find your favorite combination.


Pressing and holding the button turns on the corresponding function (vibrations or wheel rotation). An indicator light will appear showing you the toy is on. A short press will cycle through the vibration settings. Holding the button will turn the corresponding function off.


My favorite was the Wave High-Low (6) vibration pattern and the Steady Slow (1) wheel rotation setting. I found the other wheel rotation settings are a bit too intense for me. Though as a reference, I can barely take the lowest Rechargable Magic Wand setting!

This toy certainly is powerful!! Even on the lowest setting, I could feel the vibrations throughout the toy, and even through the wheel!

Vibration Settings
1. Steady Low
2. Steady Medium
3. Steady High
4. Short Pulses
5. Long Pulses
6. Wave High-Low
7. Pattern

Wheel Rotation Settings
1. Steady Slow
2. Steady Fast
3. Alternate High-Stop
4. Alternate High-Low
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

Wow, this vibrator is intense and the overwhelming stimulation felt amazing. While I mostly used this toy in the comfort of my bed, it is waterproof, so could bring it into the shower with me! While I certainly enjoyed my steamy shower session, I found the shower rinsed away my lubrication, making the tongue lashing a little too intense for my sensitive clit.

This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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