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A Basic Necessity

Slip into this and say hello to an old friend you may not have seen in exactly the same way since you were 18. Pleasure centers for both you and your partner will thank you over and over. And over and over...
Arguably the highest sexual pleasure to cost benefit of any toy out there...and no batteries!
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It's one of the simplest toys out there - low tech and barely more advanced than the wheel. And yet I have to recommend the Tantus Beginner Cock Ring as a Basic Required Toy. Think of it as the equivalent of the little black dress in a woman's wardrobe.

And, fittingly, black it is (though Tantus also casts it it a bright red), of 100% silicone. While it looks expensive for a simple ring, it is rather a steal. The Beginner C-Ring is an impressive piece of silicone, especially compared with the light stretchy sea anemone variety of rings, or the more common rubber O-rings.

The Tantus Beginner is 3/8's of an inch thick, and somewhat like an elongated football or a full beef salami in profile. This swelling on the inner and outer surfaces means the front-to-back thickness is 3/4" flat measurement, or nearly an inch if you follow the curve. The internal hole is just a millimetre or two over 2" across, and I wouldn't put much hope in stretching it much larger than that, unless your daily routine includes tearing large urban telephone books in half and bending a few dozen iron bars. However, this ring is not unduly constrictive, and there is some forgiveness in it, especially as it warms.

Instructions are basic, and so practice helps. Unlike head or shaft rings, and ticklers, vibrators etc., these cock-rings are meant to be seated at the base of the shaft and behind the balls. And that means there's a timing issue - actually, a pair of them. First, there are many recommendations that a ring be in place only 20 to 30 minutes at a time, with an equivalent recovery period before re-applying. Second, donning these means arming while physically unaroused, or during a lull or pleasant pause in the action. A relaxed, flaccid state is the only possible course; first one ball must be placed through the middle, followed by the second, and then the penis must be tucked in, and the ring finally adjusted by smaller tugs and shifts. Personally I've found that lube makes getting the balls threaded a slippery trial, though a bit of water-based lube (this is silicone, remember!) at the base of the shaft and under the ring where you plan to tuck the penis through is highly recommended. (Oh, and shaving around the base and the balls makes it much more successful and enjoyable and maneuverable too!)

For a few dollars less, and an 1/8" loss of center space, Eden stocks the Tantus Intermediate, though to be honest, using that or the 1 3/4" Advanced makes me both wince and admire the sexual fakir or family jewels contortionist that utilizes them. Not for me. At least not yet.

The Tantus fits very comfortably, and doesn't look frightening or cheap. It's there to do a job. And what a job!
The attraction of a cock ring was the simplicity and benefits cited for such a device. And I can fiercely confirm them!

The subtle restriction of blood leakage from the engorged package - more noticeable now as the body has aged - is impressive. My wife and I were, well, shocked, by the fullness and steady thickness that responded to her caresses and attention. My cock head reached a size not really seen since the throbbing days of teendom, and finally compelled my wife to have it all inside her, and so without further experimentation and observation she climbed atop. I would have to say her eyes lit up, and there were pleasant coos of surprise and great pleasure for some time following.

The sense of fullness and grip for both of us was breathtaking - due in part to a few weeks of diligent kegels on matured bodies. The Tantus, with its size and strength, cradled up my balls, which were then in fairly general and consistent contact with her, and enjoyable for both of us. She had a few gentle clitoral orgasms, but was more intently focussed on the internal sensations, and when I came I would attest that rings can certainly stretch out the feeling of orgasm and ejaculation for what seemed an eternity, but more likely was 15 to 20 seconds. Maybe more. I understandably lost the desire to count.

In most other positions and situations the ring works very well to, and the increase in head and girth in a few arrangements has my wife squirming and wordless due to g-spot and possibly a-spot stimulation. A pretty impressive success for a low-tech but well constructed device!

After 20 to 30 minutes, or orgasm, or stamina has given out (which ever arrives first), removal is easy. Usually I find pulling the ring forward and up, sliding out the balls, and the lifting over the cock is the best method. However it's done, it should be easy and painless. Wash up is with soapy water, or antibacterial soap, (or, as silicone can be boiled for 3 minutes or placed in a 10% bleech solution if necessary.)
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