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Can you do the Tenga?

The Tenga flip hole is a unique, effective masturbator. I honestly think this is one of the better masturbators made. It seemed somewhat bulky, but that really didn't affect me as it may some. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a decent masturbator. It's a little on the pricey side, but I've received a lot more pleasure from this one than I have from some of the more expensive alternatives!
Good suction, soft material, easily cleaned.
Expensive, porous, sticky material.
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Tenga Flip Hole is an odd name and I couldn't pass it up without giving it a try! Tenga of course is the Japanese brand name. There is a hole in it for your penis and it does flip open. I wonder why they didn't call it the flippin' Tenga hole? Anyway, after hearing so many great things about it, I had to get one! I originally had planned on purchasing a Fleshlight but, couldn't resist getting this one as a buyout assignment! You see, I haven't had much luck finding a great masturbator so I had high hopes for this one!

When it arrived, it was packaged discreetly by Eden so no one knew what the contents would be except for me! I carefully unpacked it to find the entire unit covered in a clear plastic container. I actually kept this container to store it in even though it's more of a disposable type. Inside the container I found the unit, three tubes of lubricant and an instruction booklet that was absolutely no use to me because I couldn't read it. It was almost entirely in Japanese. The words, "Tenga Flip Hole" were in it a few times though.

Now with the masturbator in my hands, I was a bit puzzled on what to do with it. That's when my lovely wife stepped in and began pulling on it and tossing it about. I assume she had no idea what magnificent technology she was mishandling but she did pull the end off to expose the hole. I originally thought she had broken it but thankfully she had not! She then began to take it and flip it open and closed while making weird chomping noises. She can be a strange cookie sometimes! After she exited the bedroom, I was again confused on how to keep this masturbator closed so that I could use it. That's when I had the genius to figure out that the cover actually slides back on the other end to hold it together! I re-opened the masturbator and examined all of the bumps and ridges and believe me there are a lot of them! I found the material to be kind of sticky though. Almost like jelly but, it's supposed to be TPR silicone so, only water based lubes with this one and no sharing unless you use a condom!

Using one of the included tubes of lube, I dripped some lube into the sleeve before closing it and lubed myself up! This is when I realized that you should be careful with how much lube you use with this one or you will not be able to feel much of those ridges and bumps because it's all just too slippery! Once I removed quite a bit of the excess lube, I was able to feel some wonderful sensations and textures! This is so far, the best masturbator I have tried! You're even able to squeeze it to add some suction or just to give it a tighter feel. The three buttons on the top and bottom had different feels to them. The first button, if using only that button gives you a feeling like a blow job. The second and third buttons feel more like the inside of a vagina, anal cavity or some deep throat action.

Cleaning is really easy too! You just take it apart to open it up and wash it off with antibacterial soap and water! You could use toy cleaner too but with all of the ridges and different textures it's just easier to wash it in the sink.

I didn't notice any nauseating smells when using this and I really had no urge to lick it so, I can't say what it might taste like but, it feels great! If you're looking for a great, multi-textured masturbator you should give this one a try.
The Tenga Flip Hole is actually a really decent masturbator. It is the best I have owned so far. I really do like this one. It will come in handy when my wife " just ain't in the mood". The ridges and textures are definitely unique and are really pleasurable. While stroking my cock with this I decided to twist and stroke at the same time while squeezing the second and third buttons and that felt amazing! I would suggest using a different lube than the ones that come with it though. They have a tendency to dry out quickly. I would recommend a little dab of Maximus or a lube of the same consistency for the best results. I highly recommend the Tenga Flip Hole to any male that wants a good masturbator!
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • Gary
    Thanks for the great review! I have been wanting to check this toy out for a while now and I think your review may have just put me over the edge. What other similar sleeves have you tried out that you where comparing this one too?
  • PurpleReign
    I think you're wife might have had the right idea (looking at photo #2); talk about your vagina denta.

    Thanks for taking the risk on our behalf!
  • MaxD
    Thanks Yeti! It definitely is worth a try! The most recent sleeves I've tried are the maximus power stroker and a sleeve called the grip and stroke. There's been several others but I've thrown the majority away because they didn't do anything for me. I really do think most men will enjoy this one. Of course it isn't going to be like a real mouth, vagina or anus but it's about the next best thing. Hopefully I'll be able to compare it to a fleshlight soon.
  • MaxD
    LOL@PurpleReign! It was no problem really and actually quite fun. All of the teeth looking textures you see there in photo #2 are actually soft. The only hard parts are on the outer casing. It is humorous looking though!
  • Victoria
    I love to just look at this toy. Thanks for the great review - I'm glad the dudes have a toy like this one!
  • Kmonkey
    I'm just new to masterbator sleeves and while lookin at this noticed it's kind of a love hate relationship with this toy. What would say to the people who hate this toy, or just feel indifferent?
  • B8trDude
    This is a great toy! How well has it held up for you?
  • The Awesome Penguin
    Thanks for this review!
  • MagicVibe
    Very good review!
  • mikebooks
  • ajwonder
  • Rod Ronald
    Thanks for the review
  • wes
    great review ty
  • xOhxSoxScandalousx
    Thanks for sharing!
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