Masturbator discontinued
by Toy's heart

Crave the DNA

This masturbator was fun to fuck and felt fucking amazing. The Japanese have really outdone themselves and they've shown that they too have a place in the world of sex toys.
Double helix interior design. Tight ribbing.
Heavy and Large.
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extremely useful review
I've been to Japan and I loved it. I loved the sights, the smells, and I loved the culture. I haven't been for about three years. So when Eden sent the Bimeiki Spiral to me, I decided maybe it's time I revisit the Far East.

What you can appreciate the most is that this sleeve is translucent, there's nothing like being able to see your cock while it's pumping away inside a piece of sexual TPR art. The outside is a perfect cylinder but the inside's spiraled ribbing is a double helix that looks like a strand of DNA, this spiral magnifies your cock so when you watch yourself masturbating you look about 2x larger than your actual size. The entrance and exit holes are rectangular in shape and add even more complexity to this masturbator's modern design. It's visually attractive and proof that the Japanese are one step up on us when it comes to ingenuity and sexual creativity.

This is a thick and heavy sleeve, however it's surprisingly easy to hold. When I first tried to get my cock inside of it, I struggled. A circle doesn't exactly fit inside a square, it took a few moments of fighting with the masturbator and there was even a little bit of pain involved, but the "pop" of finally entering into it was worth it all. It was very firm and very textured, I was able to feel every rib as I slowly stroked this up and down my shaft, it was full-on sensation; while the head of my cock popped out of the end every time I thrust too deeply, pulling it back inside of the sleeve made it become the ultimate teaser. It felt good, very good. I came quickly and I'm embarrassed to say just how quickly. I don't pride myself on my stamina, but I didn't have a prayer of lasting long when it came to the Bimeiki Spiral.

The box is attractive, there's a hot young Asian woman on the front with a demure smile and a tight tube dress. She's coyly playing with her hair and her eyes stare right at you with a look of "come and fuck me." Everything else is in Japanese. The box is littered with Japanese text, every and any free space they've managed to squeeze in more words and the only thing on the box that was in English was a very large pink and yellow "B". Inside the box was a bag containing lube and a cap to place over the end of the sleeve to make the lube application easier and less messy. The lube was thick and a little sticky but it was better than the water based lubricants I own. I wish they had written on the sample bottle what the name of it was because I think it's worth buying in itself.

Overall, it's a visually stimulating package. The box is cool and the masturbator is even cooler, this isn't something you'd be embarrassed to show off to a girlfriend. It's nonthreatening and the translucence is an additional aid to helping you cum faster if you're one of those guys that gets turned on watching himself go at it in a mirror. The short and sweet of it is that it felt amazing and looked fucking awesome.
Follow-up commentary
The Bimeiki has gone through a lot of beatings over the past few months... literally. It's a true testament to quality because the material has held up well and hasn't wore thin. This is a favorite masturbator for sure.
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  • Contributor: Jimbo Jones
    This sounds like an interesting masturbation sleeve. I got the Memorial (also from Toy's Heart) and this one sounds like the better bargain of the two. Does the double helix interior thin toward the middle (effectively creating two chambers) or does it just twist all the way through? Thanks for the great review.
  • Contributor: Average Joe
    After reading your review the Bikeiki definitely sounds and looks the better of the two. But whats up with their bulky nature? It's a spiral throughout the entirety of the toy, there's some sucking sensation but when you have the walls stretched out it's a straight shot from top to bottom.
  • Contributor: Nashville
    This is a really cool masturbator!
  • Contributor: Average Joe
    It is Sleeping.
  • Contributor: Mr Fantastic
    You stated that it took a while to get into the masturbator, does it get easier with each use?
  • Contributor: Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Nice review Big smile

    does the heaviness add to the durability?
  • Contributor: satinlady550
    NIce review
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