Fleshlight Girls Jenna Haze Mouth: Jenna never complains about swallowing...

Whether you're a guy looking for a great oral sex simulator or a lady looking for a new way to pleasure your man, the Jenna Haze mouth is ideal for both! With velvety-soft superskin and a tight, stimulating canal, this toy will become one of your favorites. Quality product!
Soft. Lifelike texture. Realistic mouth. Swallow texture. Easy to clean. High quality.
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Have you ever been lying in bed after some awesome sex, completely satisfied and getting ready to drift off to sleep when your lover prods you with God knows what and says something like, "Hey honey, want to go again?" This is the story of my life! I could have sex with my husband five times a day and it still wouldn't be enough. For this reason, I am completely, totally, in love with Jenna Haze's soft fleshlight mouth. In situations when I just don't feel like another romp, I just roll over and say to my husband, "No, but I'll go warm up Jenna."

Fleshlight has really outdone themselves with the creation of Jenna Haze's mouth. This product is great for men to use solo while masturbating. Jenna can also be used with a partner helping or watching. I love to use Jenna on my husband, I find it's easier than a hand-job and you can watch! My husband loves to put Jenna between my legs and I hold her while he pumps into her orifice. According to my husband, Jenna is much better than a hand-job, and is almost as good as real oral sex. This is his first masturbation sleeve so it is perfect for beginners and experienced men alike.

My husband also loves to submerge Jenna in a bucket of warm water and let the product warm up until he is ready to use it. He says that it feels more realistic when it's warmed up. He also really loves to use the product in the shower as it makes for easy clean-up.

Material / Texture

Jenna's soft, fleshy innards and mouth are made of Fleshlight's superskin which is unbelievably soft, squishy and almost velvety. At times, the superskin can feel tacky and sticky. Internally, the swallow texture consists of a tight orifice for about 1.5 inches that slightly widens to a tunnel with tight ribbing simulating the inside of a mouth and then a chamber in the back that my husband states feels sort of like my throat. At the end of the fleshlight sleeve there is an ultra tight passage.

The swallow texture is supposed to simulate deep-throating. In my husband's opinion it does. EF does not have a photo of the swallow texture, but the fleshlight website has a great description and photos: Swallow texture

Jenna's mouth is actually very realistic, it's shapely and pouty, but not creepy like some oral sex simulators. It does not have any coloring other than the flesh color. Jenna Haze's signature also decorates the front of the product.

The outer, flashlight-resembling shell is hard, and pearlescent white. It is very easy to remove the soft sleeve from the plastic container for cleaning, warming, and drying. The tube is about 9.5 inches long.

I noticed no smell when we opened the can except a slight plastic-y odor that quickly faded.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The size and design of this fleshlight is perfect. My husband says it's great for his length and girth. His penis is about 7.5 inches long and he is about 2 inches in diameter. He said he could feel the ribbing texture and really enjoyed it, he thought it felt lifelike and was surprised how good it felt. He thought her mouth was very tight and provided just the right amount of stimulation. It wasn't too tight and he found that he was easily able to orgasm using Jenna.

There is a hole at the bottom that you can plug for increased suction, but my husband prefers it to be unplugged. He said he couldn't really feel a difference.

This toy is not exactly discreet unless you have the top lid on, which then makes it look like the biggest flashlight ever. The tin this fleshlight comes in is not discreet as it has Jenna Haze in a seductive pose. It is best tucked away if there are prying eyes in your home.

Care and Maintenance

Fleshlight superskin products need to be cared for delicately. Never use soap to clean the sleeve, even though it is tempting, it will break down the product. We just run warm water through the canal and let it air dry for 8-12 hours to avoid bacteria and mold growth internally. We also dust with a light corn-starch coating to keep the superskin soft and supple. Since this product is impossible to sterilize, do not share unless you are fluid-bonded. The fleshlight website does say that you can use your fleshlight with a condom for easy clean-up as long as it doesn't have lubricant that could break down the superskin. Fleshlight does sell cleaning and powder products on their website.

According to fleshlight, you can also clean your superskin sleeve with rubbing alcohol when more thorough cleaning is required. I didn't believe it at first, but you can read more about it here: Fleshlight

Also, only use water-based lubricants as silicone based will also break down the superskin. We used Maximus with good results.


The fleshlight comes with a tin for storage, and an instruction pamphlet and advertising slip. Others said that theirs came with some lube, but I could not find any in our tin. The tin is nice when you have multiple fleshlight girls that all look the same as it displays each fleshlight girl. The fleshlight website also has a lot of great instruction on how to care for your product.

Fleshlight also warns that there may be a rod in the inside of the sleeve for packaging purposes. Ours didn't have one, but watch out!
Follow-up commentary
I love this toy; for both my husband and I it has provided many hours of shared couples play and even more solo play for my husband. He uses it in the shower at least 5 nights a week and raves about it. Jenna has held up well after many uses and continues to be soft, supple, tight, and pleasure packed!
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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