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The Jenna Haze "Swallow" texture is a pleasurable alternative to regular masturbation. It does take a bit longer to clean up, but it definitely feels better than a hand!
Soft material, pleasurable texture, high-quality, can adjust pressure, felt great
Slight pain to clean, not quite realistic but closest he's felt
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The Fleshlight Girls series is a male masturbator series based off of actual porn models who come into their factory to model molds for them. Each girl has a "signature" inner texture, and this Jenna Haze Mouth model happens to be her signature. This Fleshlight is the "Swallow" texture. Unlike the picture, the case of the Fleshlight is actually a pearl iridescent color - not white. The Fleshlight sleeve itself is made from Superskin while the outer casing is plastic. The Fleshlight casing is about a foot long, and the sleeve fits into the casing very easily.

The packaging for this resembles all other Fleshlight packaging. It's a large, metal tin in which the Fleshlight slides right into. However, since the Fleshlight comes in a plastic casing, the tin isn't really needed for storage unless you have multiple Fleshlights that you need to try and keep straight. (All Fleshlight Girls come in this Pearl-like casing, so if you had multiple ones, it'd be hard to tell them apart.) The Fleshlight also comes with care and use instructions, a small postcard showing a sexy picture of Jenna as well as her signature, and a small trial-size packet of FleshLube which is Fleshlight's lubricant.

Before I get into the review, I want to cover care since this is such an odd product for care. For one, Superskin is only compatible with water-based lubricants, not silicone-based. It will break down under Silicone. We prefer using Wet Original Lubricant with it since it seems to slicken the material while still retaining a bit of friction. Storage can just sit in the regular plastic casing or in the storage tin. For cleaning, do NOT use any soap on this. It will break down the Superskin. Fleshlight sells a specific spray-on cleaner that works, but honestly, all you need to do is wash it out thoroughly with warm water. Leave it out to dry (it normally takes 8-12 hours), then place it back in the casin to help it keep its form. Do NOT put it away wet - it has the possibility of molding.

So, now about the "Swallow" texture. The Swallow texture is a unique texture only sold with the Jenna Haze mouth Fleshlight. (I really don't care that this is her mouth. Like, at all. I just wanted the texture for my boyfriend. I will mention that the mouth looks really feminine and realistic - unlike the mouth I had on one of my Sex In A Can products. It's not frightening at all for us.) I will go ahead and print their description since it better describes it, and EF doesn't seem to print it. My commentary is in parenthesis:

"The Swallow is one of the most intensely satisfying textures ever produced. (I don't know about that, but it's definitely pleasurable.) It starts with a Super Tight opening lined with pleasure inducing knobs, drives you wild with the intense stimulation of our famous Super Ribbed texture, and finished with a variation on our STU texture leading to an Ultra Tight canal."

So basically, there's a small gate at the entrance, followed by a long trail of Super Ribbed texture, then about an inch of the STU texture then an untextured, really tight strip. It all provides a unique sensation. The untextured part of the Fleshlight is the last four inches of the sleeve, so most men won't end up using most of the those last four inches inside of the sleeve. The boyfriend's favorite is still the Wonder Wave texture, but he said he did enjoy this. He was able to orgasm in this texture without much problem at all. He says that it isn't his favorite texture, but he did enjoy it. It was tight without being too tight. Sometimes other Fleshlights, (like the Lotus texture) end up gripping his above-average girth too tightly, and it just ends up being painful. He enjoyed this one without any sort of problems during use.

While he says that the sensation doesn't quiet feel like deep-throating, it does feel great in its own way. It doesn't quite feel realistic, but if you want to add some realism into it, you can always warm up the sleeve in water before use or invest in the Top Dog toy here on EF that allows you to put the Fleshlight in Doggy Style position. Once you start to add more realism like we tried, it did end up feeling a lot more realistic (though not quite the real thing. But if it was the real thing, I wouldn't get to watch!)
There's only so much I can really say about a Fleshlight. It provided a good sensation for him, and the texture felt great compared to some other ones we've tried. With good care, this should last quite a long time (though not forever, I'd easily give this over 100 uses.) If it does crap out on you (which won't be for a very, very long time), you should be able to purchase a sleeve by itself for twenty dollars less than the full price. The case is high-quality, and while the firm plastic does keep you from being able to adjust the pressure, there is a cap at the end of the Fleshlight that can be tightened or loosened to give more or less pressure. It's easy to adjust the pressure as you're going which is nice. Cleaning up is simple, and really, if you are looking for a good male masturbator, I can't think of any reason not to pick this up.
Follow-up commentary
The Fleshlight Girls Jenna Haze Mouth is still one of the boyfriend's favorite Fleshlights. It's not downright amazing, but it is still one of Fleshlight's better textures. Even with multiple uses, the Fleshlight still holds up fine. I expect it to continue to hold up fine - I think I've heard that most people get at least four or five years out of Fleshlight, and that's with minimal care. If you take extra care, you should get a lot more time out of it. Ours still looks just fine although I do think we put it next to something blue while it was drying since the lips now have a blue tint to them. Oopsie.

Either way, the toy is holding up great. As with all Fleshlight products, I'm impressed.
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