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Tired of pumping a tube and want something even more realistic? Having Ashton's ass to grab can up the realism quite a bit. You have two holes to choose from and a vibration option. For the price, you really get a quality product here.
Vaginal is more open, Material is life like, Grab-able ass, Tighter anal opening, Looks good
Potent. too strong or loud, angles (can work with it though), short anal opening, openings merge
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Want a toy you can really grab onto?

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I feel like my bear paws dwarf the Ashton Moore ass and pussy, but I like that there is something to grab onto, that's if you can get her at the right angle. This hefty piece of ass has two openings. The vaginal one has a decent penetration length and both holes accommodate a good amount of girth. This life like vaginal mold can be used in a few different ways and also comes with a vibrating bullet, if that's your thing - not mine. The UR3 material is porous, but very lifelike. It literally sounds exactly like an ass being slapped if you slap Ashton's cheeks. I think my girlfriend had way too much fun doing that! Even though she has a few flaws, this is still a solid 4 out of 5 toy. It's also a good price when compared to other toys that are about this size.

Material / Texture

Like many of Doc Johnson girl molds Ashton is also made of UR3 (Ultra Realistic 3.0 "The Ultimate Skin"). The box also refers to the material as being phthalate free TPE. It is non-toxic, latex and cadmium free. UR3 is a very life like material. It has a soft surface, plush poke, and firm grip, just like real skin. The biggest difference is that there is a bit of drag to the material. However, if you properly powder her, it will reduce some of that.

UR3 is a good material for recreating the real body, but it's not the safest one. It is very porous and shouldn't be shared without a condom. I don't see why you'd want to share this with another guy (unless he is your partner), but that's up to you. It's also a good idea to clean Moore before and after using her fine ass.

Softness: The material is more plush and flexible in thin areas. For example, the cheeks of the ass are firmer and have a very life like resemblance when they are grabbed. The fingers however, are much too flimsy to be real like. I guess it doesn't matter though. You aren't fucking her fingers. The lips are very soft and life like too. If you have a soft touch and the material is powdered, there is very little drag. If you press in more, there is more drag. The material is not sticky if you keep it powdered and take good care of it using the right lubricants.

Flesh tone: The skin color is fairly realistic. It's a bit too fair, but it is a good tone. Typical of Doc Johnson masterbators, the lips are painted a very bright pink, which is not realistic at all. It fades with time and becomes less ridiculous looking.The first picture makes it look like there is shading for the anal opening, but there isn't. I really want to know why they don't take the time to color this area too...

Texture: The internal texture is a thick ribbing for the vaginal canal. The anal part is much shorter and runs into the vaginal part, but before it does that, it has a much smaller ribbing that is hard to feel on the penis.

Smell: There is a strong, sweet smell. It decreases with washing and time, but I kind of like it. I have a few toys with the same smell.
    • Flesh-like
    • Light odor
    • Textured interior

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The "Put it Here" Ashton Moore Ass & Pussy is categorized as a realistic vagina toy and is from the Club Jenna line of Doc Johnson. Holy shit. That's a mouth full! The toy is molded after Ashton the porn star, a Russian looking blonde I don't recognize or have ever heard of prior to getting this toy. It's pretty heavy (4-5 pounds), but most of the weight is because of the butt height. On a table, it takes up about 7" x 8" of space. The butt is almost 4" tall but is cropped on the sides. It would have been nice to have it come out more. Still, there is a nice amount to grab onto and for some guys, they might like the slightly more compact size. It's easier to hide in a drawer or under a bed. It's not easy to travel with though.

The mold has two openings, spread lips, and a good amount of ass to grab onto. It also has a few fingers "holding" the lips open. Since this mold is supposed to be from doggy style, the fingers are a nice touch and actually add depth to the vaginal penetration length. It's nice that the lips and hole are fairly open so you don't have to fight tooth and dick to get in this thing. It also will help prevent tearing. The product page doesn't give depth specs, so I made educated guesses. The vaginal depth is about 5 1/2" long, anal about 4". The anal opening angles in and then joins the vaginal one. They merge and have an open hole at the back. There is also a smaller hole next to that for the included bullet. Both of the openings stretch to accommodate over 2" in diameter. Most guys will be able to fit in this girth wise. Length wise, longer guys can come out the end if they go too far.
    • Realistic
    • Tight fitting
    • Will fit most people

Functions / Performance / Controls

I have to admit that the way these two holes are, it was hard to get a good position at first. Laying down on top of it (on a bed) doesn't work for the vaginal part and my girlfriend just laughed at me while I failed miserably. It works okay for the anal hole, but the bounce of the bed took away from the depth a bit. The best way for me to penetrate EITHER hole is to have it at cock level on a bathroom counter (kitchen was too high for the anal part). Here it was a lot of fun to lube up the whole thing and slide between the ass cheeks while pushing them together. I could then slide into the vaginal hole easily whenever I wanted. What's realistic about the vaginal part is that when I pull back, the UR3 material of the lips wraps around the head of my cock like a real woman's does. Anally, it takes a bit more manipulation and babying for me. Popping my head in and out feels great, but I am afraid I'll rip it if I go too much further because of the angle that the two holes connect at. I did eventually just go for it, but the ribbing isn't as noticeable and the tightness around the middle of my shaft isn't as stimulating as it is around the head. I've been able to finish with Ashton more than once, and enjoy this masterbator, but using a tubed one is easier and just as arousing. But, if you like a more all around realistic experience (an ass to grab etc.), this is a great choice.

To get the perfect vaginal angle: I grabbed one of those 1" three ringed binders. Laying it down so the thickest part (the binding) was facing me, this gave Moore enough lift so that I could enter her without a fear of ripping the toy.

This toy does make noise because it sort of creates a suction at times, but it is no where near the loudest toy I've owned. I'd say it's pretty average. If you use a good amount of lubricant and go the right speed, it shouldn't be too distracting.
    • Realistic
    • Stimulating

Care and Maintenance

If you are using this in a bathroom, like I suggest, you can place the end over the sink so when you finish anything that does come out will fall in the sink. If not, the hole is only about 1/2" across and won't cause a huge mess until you let gravity work its magic by tilting it the wrong way. The wider opening makes cleaning A LOT easier (it still is awkward because of bulk however). If your sink is deep enough, you can shoot water down the holes. Use warm water and a non abrasive soap. The material does keep smells so you might want to keep that in mind.

You do need to use lube with this. It'll help against rips, but only use water based ones. Other kinds can ruin the material. Store this in the box in a cool place and use non-talc powder to reduce stickiness.
    • High maintenance


Most of the Club Jenna masturbators come in similar packages (about twice as thick as a large cereal box and about as tall). The toy comes in a plastic box and it sits in a plastic tray along with the included bullet (that requires 2 AA batteries) and non-talc powder. The package is not discreet, but it's great for storage because it isn't a weird shape. It has pictures of Ashton on it, but they don't show anything like nipples or holes. Thankfully, there isn't too much stupid text on the box.
    • Good for storage
    • Large
    • Not discreet

Personal comments

This toy also comes with a simple bullet. It's barely worth mentioning because I found the moderate vibrations to be distracting and didn't add anything to the experience. It's also hard to get out of the hole in the back once you get it in deep enough. It's not worth the hassle.


It took about 3-4 hours for this to completely dry. If you need to hide this, under a sink might work. I did notice that the pink paint fades even after one use. This happened with my other toy from Club Jenna too. It will probably completely fade after a few washes.
Follow-up commentary
Ashton has been used only a few times, but has not ripped. The coloring is still fading with each wash. The smell is just as strong as it was when I first got this.
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