Ashton Moore ass and pussy - realistic vagina by Doc Johnson - review by Viktor Vysheslav Malkin

Powerfully Sweet!

This large and durable vibrating pussy and ass weighs in at close to five pounds, accompanied with a lifelike feel and wonderful ribbing on both the anal and vaginal passages. However does not have a long enough anal passage for it to be as pleasurable as some others.
Large and durable, life-like feel, open entry points.
Powerful perfume smell, even after rinsing. Short anal passage.
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The Product Ashton Moore ass & pussy is a very well crafted mold from famous porn star Ashton Moore. This hefty 4+ pound realistic vagina comes with a vibrating bullet for further stimulation (which requires two AA batteries). The vagina and anus are open holes, which makes it less of a hassle to penetrate. The design is nice, it is easy to penetrate yet not uncomfortable or loose. The anal passage does merge into the vaginal passage, thus making the anal passage a might bit short.

The ribbing inside the vaginal passage is nice, and the most realistic I have felt yet. The ribbing inside the anal passage is much different, much smaller "coils", there is not much ribbing to the anal passage because the anal passage is only about 3 and a half inches.

This product is made to be hands free, yet at first it is very awkward trying to find the proper angle to penetrate the openings. The openings are in the position of Doggystyle, however you may find other unique and interesting ways to use the product.

When I first opened the packaged I was surprised on how large this product really is! I noticed that none of the pictures of the product from Eden Fantasys and other stores really give an accurate idea that can help you estimate the actual size of this product.

For the average man, this is the closet you may get to the lovely Ashton Moore.
    • College students

Material / Texture

Ashton Moore ass & pussy is made from a mixture of soft Thermoplastic Elastomer (Also known as TPE), Polyvinyl chloride, and Silicone. Thermoplastic Elastomer (or TPE) can be manufactured into a wide range of textures.

Since this is made of such materials, make sure you only use water based lubricants. Lubricants with bases such as Silicone and Petroleum based oils will damage the material.

It is suggested that a condom be used with any Ultra Realistic (UR3), Cyberskin, and other similar products. This is that condoms absorb germs and bacteria that come from the high porosity of the material.

It is also to be noted that since this product is made from Ultra Realistic 3.0 (UR3) you should not share this product, unless you wear a condom (along with any other male using the product). This material cannot be sterilized.

Ultra Realistic 3.0 (UR3) is hypoallergenic and phthalates-free.

The product is how it is advertised, the material does give it a flesh like feel. Out of the box you may think this is a victim suffering from hypothermia. There are ways to heat up the product, such as leaving it out so that it gets to be room temperature. A water based heating lubricant could also help.

The material not only feels very flesh like, but the look is near perfect. If you were to taste this product (after cleaning it) you may get an unpleasant taste from the residual perfume (or even soap, if you didn't rinse it off well enough). However after a few weeks and washings the bad taste should go away.

The material is soft, yet firm enough to handle punishment.

One gripe is that the paint on the vagina did wash away upon washing (not much on the first wash, but the second wash it was only about 65% of the paint remaining). The paint did not chip, it mostly just faded into the wash water.

Further reading:
Ultra Realistic 3.0 information from

Ultra Realistic 3.0 information from Eden Fantasys

Here is an article that you may also find of interest, it is about Cyberskin, a similar material.
Cyberskin wikipidea

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The shape and size are wonderful, and very pretty. The product weight varies from site to site, however I thought the product weighed just over five pounds. The design is nice but has its share of downfalls. One such downfall is the awkward positioning. However nice you get the hang of it that becomes less of a problem.

I have to say that the bullet that came with it did not seem to be very powerful. It did not seem to give off much vibration. What little it did was nice, it however was not a knockout punch, or enough to put you over the limit alone.

The Design of the bullet was not bad, but the writing was not easy to see (On to Off). thus this may be a hassle for older users, or even users with poor eye sight. I have decent eye sight, average eyesight, and I was even having problems reading the dial. One good thing about the design of the bullet, it had a very long cord (connecting the body to the bullet) and thus opening the bullet up for other uses. You can also use the bulled for other masturbators (you would have to figure that out on your own though).

Functions / Performance / Controls

The best feature of this product was the internal ribbing on both the vaginal and anal passages. They were very lifelike and comparable to a real women (nothing is perfect and you should know that nothing will be perfectly like a real women). However I could see how the product might be a little loose for those not well endowed, I personally had no problem with it but I could see where others might.

The performance of the bullet when used with this product was not the best. It did add a little stimulation but those looking specifically for a powerful vibrating vagina and anus, you may want to look elsewhere.

Care and Maintenance

As with any Cyberskin, Ultra Realistic 3.0 (UR3), SoftTouch, and other like materials, you will need to clean the product before and after each and every use.

Follow these simple instructions on Cleaning and Maintaining your product.

1. Rinse the product thoroughly with warm water.
2. Apply Anti-bacterial soap and make sure you apply to every part as possible.
3. Rinse off the anti-bacterial soap.
4. Apply a small amount of cornstarch or renewing powder (not Talc or baby powder, as these have been linked to causes of some irritations.) to the product to keep the product from becoming sticky, and to preserve the flesh-like feel.

To store the product, you should place the product in a zipper lock bag and store in a cool and dark place, preferably a non damp area.

Due to the size of the product make sure you get a large zipper lock bag.

While the Talcum powder suggestion is mostly suggested to women and toys for women (may be a cause of cancer), I would be safe and use the same advice for Male toys.


Various pastel colors, accompanied with a very beautiful picture of Ashton Moore adorns the well done front of the package. Along with the beautiful picture and pretty pastel colors there is also a lovely picture of the product on the box.

The back of the box has another very sexy picture of Ashton Moore, along with very sexy description of Ashton Moore and the Product itself.

The box will seem huge if you only seen the box scans online. It is a shame that there is no high quality image of this, it is worth your time just to see the box.

The box you will notice is packaged well to help prevent shipping damages, and I have to say they did very well with this. The Packaging consists of nothing more than plastic, but the design works well and none of the product was damaged in a two thousand mile journey.

The attractive box will attract customers looking to by an item in a store, however (unfortunately) the cover is mostly unseen on most online stores.

One thing I did notice was the product was perfumed, a flowery scent was fairly strong once out of the box. I find these perfumes to be sort of a pain (not physically). The premise is nice, but in the end I do not want to smell like the flowery perfume. Its not an unpleasant scent, while it was as strong as the odor from Devons Private pleasures it wasn't nearly as unpleasant. You are supposed to wash the product before use anyway, so most of he perfume will be rinsed away. However there will still be a fairly strong residual smell. This will go away in time thankfully.

Personal comments

This product is nice, and relatively cheap. It is $58 here on Eden Fantasys. However you could find it elsewhere for $38. However, you will not be able to use a promotional code, or any of the other offers that Eden Fantasys have/has.

For further reading please check out:

This is an Article I suggest to everyone:
Safe Sex Wikipedia

Proper way to put on a condom:
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Youtube video of proper way to put on a condom:
Youtube video with on proper way to put on a Condom


All in all, this product is nice. Good fun with its good sides and its down sides. I would give this a 4 out of 5.

The design could use some tweaking, and the bullet did not add much to this product. For the price of this product it is worth it, you will not get another product this cheaply with this amount of quality.

I have a few grips about it which you can find throughout my review, but in the end I found this product to be pleasurable and rewarding. I enjoyed this product and give it a 4 stars out of 5 stars.
Follow-up commentary
After nine long months, the powerful smell is all but gone. This toy has gone through nine months of medium to hard work and she is still going strong. There are no tears to the exterior and only light abrasions to the interior love tunnels. The vibe that was included has died on me, however that could be a technical glitch.

After all this time, the toy still retains its softness and natural texture, however if it was not properly cared for it would not have.

There are no signs of this toy breaking down in the near future, it only has a few nics and scratches which is common for a toy that has been put to good use.

I still enjoy this toy, and would give it the same rating as I did 6 months ago.
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