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Really fake but I found a new use.

The big ass vibrating pussy is quite the male sex toy. It is basically a life size vulva and anus attachd to a chunk of realistic flesh abdomen, mins and inner thigh. Large enough to place on a table or bed, you can penetrate it for masturbation of a real penis, or use it with a strap on to get practice for the real thing. Made of TPR, any lubes ate compatible and it makes a great learning tool for sensual massage and/or cynnilingus.
Compatible with all lubes
Large samples of lube and toy cleaner
Big enough to hod with 2 hands
Unrealistic vulva
Short vaginal tract
Totally not discreet
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


So I suppose this "big ass vibrating pussy" is designed as a realistic life size version of a pocket pussy for those that would like a bit more than just a replica of the tunnel of love to get off with. If you have a phallus technically you could penetrate her ass or her vagina as she's basically a TPR woman who's had her torso, arms, legs, head, feet and ass cut off. What's left you ask? Well, a not very real looking (unless you've had labioplasty) labia with an anus a little too close to its vagina and a whole lot of inner thigh. She vibrates though! And you have something to grab on to when you plop her down on a counter, table or bed! I'm not sure how fun it would be because I myself own a vagina but my friend, who is a sexologist, and I found a better use ( we think) for her. Education! My friend C teaches Yoni and lingham massage and this pussy, though not as realistic as the other toy I bought her (Ayana angel), has an edge1- it's material.
So we boughut this toy to demonstrate vulva massage techniques to couples. It could also be used to teach cunniligus which I think is probably needed more as few people I have been with have a very good idea of just what to do!

Material / Texture

Made of what Pipedream calls Fanta Flesh, it's really TPR, a 7 on the Eden safety scale, the Big Ass Vibrating Pussy is quite life like- well if you are a cold yet somewhat fresh corpse, that is. But there are ways around the heat issue, like using the aid of a warming lube.
The material is squishy and soft and obviously belongs to a white, wanna be woman. The vulva itself is painted bubblegum pink, but I think the paint would come off fairly easily and quickly.
The outside is powdery, but the inside will cling to any appendage you insert in one of its two orifices. It's smooth inside and out with barely texture. The lips of the vulva are defined but not much else. There's a hole in the back to hold the vibrating bullet, but as long as you leave the bullet in place I think it will resist ripping.
TPR is rather porous, so if you intend on having more than one user, best use condoms. Unfortunately if you
want it to last you may have to wear gloves too, cause this material is going to pick up any dirt from your hands. This is an issue for us as C is using it for massage demonstration techniques.
TPR is a nice material to have for this type of toy, which actually isn't very common. Often pocket pussies and masturbators are made of a blend of TPR and silicone and then renamed any number of fancy brand names. Though it makes for a softer toy, you end up sacrificing strength and longevity.
What's great about it though is any lube is compatible.
These are the ingredients of the 1oz lube that comes with the BAVP:
Aloe vera, Nettle extract, rosemary extract, balm mint extract, ginseng extract, water, glycerin, hydroxyethyl, ethylcellulose, diazolidinyl urea, carbopol, sodium benzoate, methylparaben, PEG 6-32, triethanolamine, nonylphenol, citric acid
Too bad it contains glycerine and parabens but these are of much less concern to males anyway because there are no mucous membranes on a penis.
The 1oz toy cleaner contains:
Water, Ammonium, Lauryl Sulphate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Cocamide DEA, Sodium Carboxymethyl Lauryl GLucoside, Sodium PCA, Propyl-paraben, Methylparaben, Diazolidinyl Urea, Citric Acid
In other words a whole bunch of chemicals. Stick with anti bacterial soap and water.
The Fanta Flesh Revive powder is cornstarch based and is for keeping the material dry.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The big ass pussy is in the large category of men's masturbation toys. It lay's flat on any flat surface as if your girl was lying on her back with her legs spread wide open. The vulva and vagina face up while the anus is right below the vagina- not I much room for a perineum. It doesn't fit in your hand but is more something you would climb on top of or penetrate while standing next to a dresser or table that it was set upon. You're supposed to be able to penetrate it and I did this readily with a few dildos including the Mr. Right packer. I must say though that the dildo I used wasn't more than 4.5" in circumference and it was a really tight fit.

The shape is nice because the missing legs are not in the way and you still have something to grab a hold of. For our purposes which is education of how to touch a vulva with your hands and even tongue, worked great. The dimensions are as follows:
Length 9"
Width 8"
Circumference 21"
Height 3"
Length of vagina
Length of vulva:
Weight 4.5lbs
Length of anus
The length of the inside definitely wasn't much as the average penis is longer.
This is def not the kind of toy you want to travel with, unless you want it o take up half of your suitcase and give the guys in the airport a good laugh. It's one thing for a woman to have a vibratory in her luggage, quite another to have a chunk of woman's crotch amongst your business wear.

The design of the insertion of the bullet looks like this:

Functions / Performance / Controls

This toy probably wouldn't last long as a masturbator. Although the material would last awhile, the chasm just isn't long enough. But for our purposes it's great because they are purely external.
The bullet that comes with the Big Ass Vibrating Pussy is a basic Cal Ex wired egg shaped bullet powered by 2AA batteries. In the past I've known these bullets to be hit and miss. Some last while others do not, the bullet itself is a nice 3 Vrooms but definitely not waterproof. Since you will probably use a lot of lube, if you decide to screw this baby, check to make sure that the wires aren't getting soaked as the bullet slides right into a pocket in the back of the chunk of wannabe flesh. The controller is simple- just a rotary on off dial. You can use the BAVP without the bullet and since I don't own or operate a living phallus I'm not sure how well it works anyway. I did find that I could feel the vibration with my hand and the vibes were mostly in the direction of where the bullet sits- which is at a 45 degree angle to the orifice.
The anus isn't really functional as explained [|

Care and Maintenance

You can use ANY lube with TPR which is why we bought this particular one. I listed the ingredients of the lube that is inlcuded above. C does yoni massage with coconut oil and so for demonstrations of her techniques we wanted to be as authentic as possible and went with the BAVP. Most other toys of this type are made of a silicone blend and cannot handle oil based lubes either.
She will need to be powdered with the 1oz substance that comes with the toy. After this inside and out you can use cornstarch. Wash her well with the included toy cleaner or hot antibacterial soapy water then pat dry really well and apply a shake of powder. This will keep the material from getting tacky. If you take care of it properly and wash after every use it will last much longer.
The bullet can be wiped clean but unless semen comes into contact with it, or you use the bullet anally or in a real female, you probably don't have to worry.
Storing it depends on how important discretion is to you. C will just leave it displayed in her studio, but the box it comes in is great or you could always reserve a place in a drawer. It doesn't matter what solids it comes into contact with.


The packaging screams the phrase "Big Ass Vibrating Pussy" in huge letters on the the front of a thick
cardboard box that also displays a large photograph of the toy. Not very discreet. Inside is a double tray holding the toy, lube, toy cleaner, powder and the bullet. Batteries are sold separately. The pussy itself was in a plastic bag and so were the extras.

You can recycle the cardboard or keep it to store the toy it's a fairly big strong box so is definitely reusable for shipping or gift giving, although it woud need to be for another sex toy enthusiast or to make a friend laugh- not suggested for your mother in laws birthday gift!


As this was the second realistic vagina toy that I bought for C I excitedly opened it up when it arrived from Eden. I must say that I was a little disappointed that it was nowhere as realistic as the [Ayana Angel]. BUT, I must say that I did appreciate the size and the curves of the abdomen and inner thighs.
C was very excited to have a prosthetic vulva to practice on and I don't think was intending to penetrate her but since I had already devirginated the. BAVP with a small rocks off dildo , I was even more excited when C pulled out a packer. Thy looked so neat together so I opened my jeans and slipped the packer inside. I placed the BIVP on her massage table and though I know that packs aren't normally meant for penetration I couldn't help myself. Is this picture not sexy?

I'm not sure if the BAVP can handle someone with serious girth and length but still it was awesome!
Follow-up commentary
well for our purposes the Big Ass just hasn't cut it. Its just that our other toy- The Ayana Angel is soooo much more realistic. I wanted to tell you how the paint and material has been holding up but it hasn't gotten enough use to give good feedback. It is nice that it's made of TPR and not a blend so you can use oils and silicone and basically ANY lube but other than that not so great. It isn't being retired completely though and my friend takes it out from time to time.
I can see how the size of the BAVP is nicer cause you really have something to hang on too but personally I just wouldn't be able to shake the necro-feel-eac issue ya know? It really is like a chunk of flesh has been cut off of a woman so I guess maybe its best if it's a little less realistic!
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • Mr. T.Newbie
    Hello. A very detailed review. Thanks for the pictures as well. Great Job!!!
  • quackbuster
    This was a great review, the pictures were very helpful. Thanks!
  • quackbuster
    This was a great review, the pictures were very helpful. Thanks!
  • Heather Shadrick
    Great review and pics! Nice to see you thought up a new concept for it. Sorry it didn't work out, but think if you didn't have the other one. You could really use it. I would keep it for a back up in case something happens to the other one!
  • MrsandMrbunnysoffun
    Amazing review, I loved the pics.. and yes it was hot
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