Blush extra long stroker - penis stroker by Doc Johnson - review by tim1724

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Would it make you blush?

This masturbation sleeve is designed to handle almost any size penis. It's soft and squishy, with a ribbed texture inside.
Long enough to handle nearly any penis.
Persistent odor, heavy, bulky.
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The Blush extra long stroker is a masturbation sleeve for men. It's designed to provide extra stimulation during masturbation by providing a soft, ribbed cavity. While the name suggests that it's targeted at well endowed men, it actually works well for the average penis, and it is tight enough to work for those with a smaller than average penis, too.

You will want to use lubricant (water-based) to get the most out of this toy.
    • Masturbation

Material / Texture

The toy is made from a combination of Sil-a-gel (PVC-based) and UR3 (a combination of PVC and silicone). I believe the bulk of the toy is Sil-a-gel, which gives the toy a soft and squishy feel, whereas the portion that comes in contact with your penis is UR3, which has a skin-like texture for enhanced sensation.

The plush nature of the material, combined with the extreme thickness of the toy results in a sensation which is very different from using your hand alone for masturbation. The inside of the sleeve is ribbed, but the texture is subtle and due to the squishiness it's not very noticeable.

There's a very noticeable fruit odor (strawberry, perhaps) which permeates the material. Even after repeated washing with warm water the scent has not declined. After using the toy, you may notice that the scent has rubbed off onto your hands, which will smell for a few hours. This was a bit disconcerting to me.
    • Light odor
    • Plush
    • Textured interior

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The toy is seven inches long, with the ribbed inner tube running the entire length. One end has a bright pink vaginal opening, whereas the other end is just a plain circular opening. They could have put a different opening at this end (perhaps and oral or anal design) but for whatever reason they didn't take the opportunity to make it a 2-in-1 toy.

The sleeve is about 3 inches in diameter, but the inside is only about 3/8" wide, so there's over an inch of squishy Sil-a-Gel between your hands and your dick. This helps a lot in maintaining the fantasy that you're not just fucking your own hand, as you can't feel your fingers at all through that much stuff.

The opening has a very realistic vulva, with labia and clitoris, although smaller than the real thing. I found the opening somewhat small (about 1/4") so combined with the squishiness it made insertion somewhat difficult. You'll need to be hard before you can start using this toy. Once you penetrate it successfully there's no problem, as it stretches as needed. It's tight enough for a smaller penis, but should also be able to stretch to accommodate greater girth just fine. I experienced some minor tearing around the opening, but it doesn't affect the use of the toy.

Guys with smaller hands (or women using it on their boyfriends) might find the 3" width of the toy difficult to hold onto. Also, the floppiness of the Sil-a-Gel plus the sheer weight of the toy (about a pound) makes two-handed use a necessity, as using only a single hand near the base results in the top part flopping around, which can impede you from working up a good rhythm. This is less of an issue if you wedge it under a pillow and fuck it from above.
    • Will fit most people

Care and Maintenance

Due to the presence of silicone in the UR3 material, you should avoid silicone-based lubricants and use only water-based lubes with this product. Silicone lubricant could dissolve or otherwise damage the surface.

In order to protect your investment in this toy you will need to take care of it. It's very important to wash and carefully dry this sleeve every time you use it. UR3 is porous and could harbor bacteria. Wash it with warm water and soap, and push your fingers into both ends to clean out the interior. Allow it to dry thoroughly before putting it away. UR3 reacts badly to many materials, so it should be wrapped by itself in a plastic or fabric bag and stored in a cool, dark place to avoid having the material break down.
    • Hard to clean
    • High maintenance


The packaging is not very exciting. It's just a flimsy cardboard box with the sleeve wrapped in a plastic bag inside. The outside of the box has a picture of the sleeve and a small amount of text about the materials used in it.

The package insert is completely generic and aside from some care instructions is fairly useless. It's just a generic insert for any UR3 product, and doesn't even talk about the sleeve at all. Of the four pages, there's a title page, a page about care and maintenance, a page with a big drawing of a dildo, and a page talking about how to glue a suction cup to a dildo. It would have been more useful to have instructions more tailored to the actual product.
    • Minimal

Personal comments

One amusing note about this toy: I found that when using it, the combination of the open end and the ribbed texture inside resulted in a surprisingly loud noise during use. The ribbed interior rubbing against the coronal ridge of my penis makes a washboard sound unless I cover or pinch shut the hole on the far end. It's not super loud, but it's loud enough that the toy wouldn't be very discreet if you had a roommate.


The sleeve works reasonably well, and is a good choice if you want a super soft and squishy toy. Those who need more pronounced texture will want to look elsewhere. My biggest problem with the toy was that I'm used to using only one hand during masturbation, while lying on my back, but this sleeve is so heavy and so floppy that when I tried to use it this way, the top half of it kept bending over flopping around so it became difficult to handle. When my girlfriend assisted, using both of her hands, it worked fine. But I can't see myself using it much on my own. I would prefer a more rigid toy that I could use one-handed.
Follow-up commentary
Since last using this toy I have received a Fleshlight, which is infinitely better. As I suspected, having a hard case to hold onto makes the Fleshlight much easier to use than this floppy toy. With such a soft and heavy toy, it's much easier to use when there's a rigid case to keep it straight. Also, the Fleshlight doesn't have any annoying smell.

I've thrown this toy out, and will be using my new Fleshlight instead.
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