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Informative But Falls Short of My Expectations

"The Anal Sex Position Guide" is an informative, easy to read book that is great for beginners to anal sex. It answers many common questions about anal sex and offers lots of little tips to make penetration more comfortable and stimulating for both partners. It offers information on which lubes to use, how to warm up for anal sex, and tips to make the first-timer less nervous. The chapters on strap-on sex fell a bit short of my expectations, however.
very informative, lots of positions, easy to read, lots of photos
chapters on strap-on sex very short and not as informative, positions do not discuss the P-spot
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review
I recently decided to get back into the swing of reviewing by requesting a bunch of buyout assignments. I’ve had some stuff sitting on my wish list for what seemed like forever, mainly because things I want tend to be out of stock when I have the money to make an order. One item I chose to review was the book The Anal Sex Position Guide by Tristan Taoromino. While I personally don’t have anal sex, I do sometimes use a strap on dildo to penetrate my fiancé.

The book is a large paperback measuring 10 inches tall by 8 inches wide. It’s about the average size of a paperback textbook or other sex guides or books I have purchased. It was published by Quiver Books in 2009. The book contains 175 pages that are made out of a thick, glossy paper. Reading the book with damp or sweaty hands does not smear the text. The cover shows a nude woman being penetrated by a man.

The text itself varies in size and font however all are clear and easy to read. Tips or additional information are often found off to the side of a page or on a page of their own and can easily be identified by their background, which looks like ruffled up satin in blue, pink, or yellow. This additional information often includes small history lessons, common questions about anal sex, and descriptions of additional toys or equipment readers can try to enhance anal sex.

There are many photos throughout the book. Some display things like dildos and harnesses, but most are photos of couples. The photos of couples accompany the description of different positions so as to illustrate the position the author is describing. Most of them are shot during motion and have some sort of motion blur to them. They are tasteful photos however all of them depict nudity. There is no depiction of genitals, either male or female, but most photos show women’s breasts and nipples. The couples displayed are exclusively male-female couples. There is a wide variety of body types used, though, and I enjoyed seeing models with smaller breasts or larger thighs depicted rather than just the “ideal” models.

This book is a guide entirely for anal sex, hence the title The Anal Sex Position Guide. Between the covers, you’ll find positions, tips on which toys to try out, which lubricants are the best for anal sex, tips on how to keep yourself clean, tips for your first time, and tips for warming up. This would be ideal for the first-timer since it goes completely in depth on what to expect and what to avoid doing. I liked that it states that anal sex may not feel very stimulating the first few times and that it may take a few tries to start feeling good. A lot of books I have read about anal sex seem to imply that it feels amazing the first time you try it.

Chapter list:
- Chapter 1: Anatomy and Pleasure
- Chapter 2: Communication
- Chapter 3: Preparing for Anal Sex: Hygiene, Lube, and Safer Sex
- Chapter 4: A Penetration Primer
- Chapter 5: Beginner and Basic Positions
- Chapter 6: Words to Inspire You: “Practice Makes Perfect” (short erotica story)
- Chapter 7: Positions to Spice Up Your Repertoire
- Chapter 8: Toys for Anal Pleasure
- Chapter 9: Words to Inspire You: “Wink”
- Chapter 10: Advanced Positions
- Chapter 11: Anal Pleasure for Men & Strap-on Sex
- Chapter 12: Positions for Strap-on Anal Sex
- Chapter 13: Finding the Right Positions
- Chapter 14: Words to Inspire You: “Win or Lose”
- Chapter 15: Final Thoughts: Changing Your Perspective

All of the chapters in the book are very informative while still remaining very neutral on the author’s opinions regarding anal sex. At one point, the author states that you should only participate in anal sex if you find it enjoyable, and that not everyone does. Chapters containing erotica are only one story long and the story often supports previous chapters in the book.

There is a pretty wide selection of positions in the book. For basic positions (like missionary or doggie style) variations are provided to change the angle of penetration or otherwise make the position a bit more stimulating or exciting. Each position has the pros and cons listed below a brief description of it. Many positions list pros like: G-spot stimulation, good angle for deep insertion, easy for beginners, comfortable, or great for quickies. Cons tend to include things like: doesn’t stimulate the G-spot, partners face away from each other, very demanding on muscles, difficult, limited movement, and no access to the woman’s clitoris.

Unfortunately the positions in this book are meant almost exclusively for a male-female couple where the female will be penetrated. There is no mention of gay couples and only the briefest selection of positions mentioning strap-on play. Positions used in the rest of the book are essentially slapped into the chapters on strap-on play, even with some of the same photos showing a man penetrating a woman. I would have liked to see more exclusive positions for strap-on play as well as more photos depicting it, as this is the whole reason I purchased the book. One chapter describes prostate stimulation and what kinds of toys are best for it, however the positions themselves are very brief and packed onto as few pages as possible, so there isn’t any information on what positions are best for P-spot stimulation. Strap-on positions also do not have the pros and cons listed for each position.

I recommend this book for any male-female or lesbian couples looking to experience first-time anal play. Since the guide is mainly about her pleasure during anal sex, lesbians will find it as useful as hetero couples where the female would be penetrated. This is very informative and a very unbiased read. It answers many common questions beginners may have and provides you with new positions once you get bored of the easier beginner positions.

If you’re a gay couple or looking for a good guide on strap-on play where the female penetrates a male (as I was) you’ll probably want to look elsewhere. Information on male anal stimulation is not nearly as informative as that of female anal stimulation. It actually kind of reads like the sections on strap-on play were more of an afterthought to appeal to more readers.

I would like to note that, at the time of my review, EdenFantasys has this book listed as discontinued. When I ordered the book as an assignment it was still listed as in stock. While Eden is not carrying it currently, it can be found elsewhere or may come back into stock here once again.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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