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Just another sex book

I would have liked to see more things you can do with your hand while using your tongue. Overall for a good anatomy lesson short of "A" and "U" spot this is a good book. Kerner explains the female genitalia in much more detail than another book I've read.
Great Anatomy lesson, Good info on how to spot a real orgasm and when to know she is close to one.
No "A" or "U" spot techniques. I felt there is a lot more on the subject of Hand and Tongue.
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useful review
I read She Comes First, The Thinking Man's Guide to Pleasuring A Woman, and it was only OK. I am a virgin and I wanted to learn as much as I could before I encounter a woman. I felt this book didn't have as much info I was looking for, but it had a fair amount, I still learned a lot. But it left me wanting more info. I've read several other sex instruction books and this one didn't come off as having the same bang for you buck info that another book had. But of course the other book was on a different topic of sex but was much more informative and was cheaper than this one.

Basically the main thing I learned and was clueless about was speed and rhythm. I read that you should take your time and go slow, opposite of what I was viewing in the porno's. This book is mostly about preforming cunnilingus and some hand techniques you can use during cunnilingus. The Author, Ian Kerner, gives some picture drawings to go along with the text, to help explain what he is trying to tell you. I really liked the anatomy pictures he provides it covers most of the hot spots.

He gives a simple easy to follow guide lines in the end of the book, basically step 1, 2, 3 and so on. He covers simple to advanced techniques you can try. He explains when you move to the next step in previous chapters and how to spot a faker. Also how to spot when a woman has had an orgasm, or is closing in on one. All very useful info.

I thought the book was OK, but I think there is quite a bit more on the subject that he left out. If he added some of the other stuff the book might be a little intimidating to read for some. It would be great for beginners with little experience or knowledge in the subject, If I remember correctly I don't believe he talks about "A" or "U" Spot techniques (I read 4 books in 5 days on the sex subject and they kinda blend together on some of the really fine details. Thus why my review is not as detailed as my other).

Out of the books I read this is one of my least favorite.

*Quick Facts*

- Author Ian Kerner
- 223 Pages
- Does include sexy Drawings (Not photographs)
- Step by step approach to learning with beginner and advanced techniques
- Includes positions you can use for cunnilingus
- Only includes info about how to please a woman
*I have not tried any of the techniques but I'm basing my review on a comparison to other sex info books that I have read, on an informative basis.*

By all means I believe the techniques will work and they sound reasonable. Just think Kerner should put in some more info to compete with other books.
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  • tantric
    Yeah porno is usually not the best place to look for first time advice. In fact I think there may have been a recent thread that chronicles some of that very subject matter. good review, sounds like your pretty primed to get to the "real deal". like most things in life, one ounce of practice is equal to a ton of theory.
  • That Weird Guy
    Yeah I read that thread, the one with the things I've learned from porno. LOL it was hilarious.

    I do want the real deal but I want it to be with someone special so it would be special. Read a lot of stuff about people who rushed it and weren't to happy.
  • Juliettia
    Hmm. I was hoping that maybe something useful could be in it for women as well, such as how to "come" first, but from the sounds of your review it's only geared toward men or women who are interested in performing cunnilingus .
  • Gary
    When it comes to sex, I don't know anyone that has tried to educate themselves on the subject before hand. When you find the right person you will undoubtedly have a better grasp as to what is going on, and how to make them feel good.
  • That Weird Guy

    There is another book by the same author called "He comes next". I have not read it but it's for the people wanting to please a man. You could check that out. But I'm sure there is a book for what you are trying to learn you might have to do some research and searching.


    I'm addicted to learning as much info as I can on the subject. There are 2 more books I want to read on the sex subject. Plus I want to get The Art of War.
  • Dragon
    OK. What the heck is then "A" or "U" technique? If I haven't heard about then, then I know that others haven't either.

    Welcome to Eden.
    Speed is definitely something critical to keep in mind. In general it is important that you move slowly in order to pleasure a woman. Their bodies need time to warm up more. Or just relax from the day a bit more. That's not to say always...
  • That Weird Guy
    OK DBD

    The A spot was discovered in 1993 and its like an inch or 2 further back than the G spot so I've read. A spot is short for Anterior Fornix or something.

    The U spot is erectile tissue around the opening of the urethra.

    Both spots I've read about can cause a feeling to urinate which if you do "let go" (of course you should pee before you try this so you know its not pee) you would be basically female ejaculating.

    You can stimulate the A and G spot at the same time with your index on the G spot and your middle on the A spot. Basically when you move your index to tell some one to come here do that with both index and middle finger on the A and G spot. You can put a thumb on the clit or you could use your tongue. You should have another hand free to do what ever you like with it (Anal or massage some other part of the body.).

    Links for you to read more I didn't read all of it but seems like a decent site to learn more.

    I learned about them in a book called "RED HOT TOUCH" good book I wish Eden would carry it.
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    I'm surprised that this isn't a "bang" book considering how freaking famous it is.
  • Dragon
    I've picked it up before and flipped through it. It really does focus on oral sex for the woman. Given that it is a bit limited in scope, I can see why it's not everything he expected.
  • Machina
    I know you wrote this review a long time ago, but I just had to comment.

    I'm not surprised it focuses on teaching men how to give oral sex to women. It should focus on how to give oral sex to women. Oral sex is the quickest, most efficient, and often the ONLY way a man can get woman off.

    I think this book should be mandatory for all boys taking high school sex ed.

    I know a lot of people on here have commented on getting "experience" over "education", but in all reality (and from a female's perspective) I absolutely hate the fact that so many men are uneducated.

    I've got some guy friends who have slept with 30+ women, and are still horrible in bed. I know because I'm friends with a few of their ex's.

    Sometimes girls are too shy to tell you what they want too. Sometimes they don't know what they want because they haven't educated themselves on how to feel good either. Sometimes it's just not fair that most guys have great first sexual experiences, and most girls have shitty ones. All guys would have to do to prevent their ladies from being disappointed in sex is educate themselves a little bit, like you are.

    I think what you're doing is so great. Keep reading!!! I hope when you do lose your virginity, it's with another virgin. She would be such a lucky girl to get to actually experience pleasure her first time!

    However, you should be warned about cling-ons. When a girl finds a guy who knows how to please the hell out of her vagina, she'll most likely have a hard time letting go. She'll cling onto your leg and beg you not to leave. Or at least that's what I did to the guy who gave me my first orgasm when he left to go to boot camp.

  • That Weird Guy
    Thanks for the heads up.

    I try my best to inform my self as much as possible on the subjects concerning sex Smile

  • Mamastoys
    "Basically the main thing I learned and was clueless about was speed and rhythm. I read that you should take your time and go slow"

    If you got this much out of it, it was worth the book!! Most guys, and some gals, still don't understand this aspect!

    I really enjoyed your review.. Keep up the good work!! and keep on learning all you can- it will pay off in the future!!
  • Airen Wolf
    *sigh a young man who has learned the advantages of taking his time...a girl's dream! Your first partner will be one extremely lucky Lady and I hope she will understand what a find she has! Smile
  • Darklyvan
    Great review
  • ShinySuicide
    Good review.
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