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She Comes First review

This is quite possibly the very best book on the topic of women's sexuality, anatomy and sexual experience ever written. Kerner provides a chivalrous and sensual approach to pleasuring a woman. She Comes First ought to be required reading for any present or future lover. A most enjoyable read.
Sex-positive, extremely informative and entertaining.
Poor illustrations, all-but denial of female-ejaculation.
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extremely useful review
What sets She Comes First|She Comes First - Educational and informative books apart from other how-to, instructional sex guides|Sex Guides and Tips, is that it takes the reader step by step through a sexual experience, from start to finish. He instructs not only what to do, but when, where and how in the bigger picture of the sexual session, foreplay and moments of ecstasy included. Read it slowly and carefully, as it was meant to be. If you can slow down and take in all the wonder this book has to offer you are well on your way to being able to enjoy and satisfy a woman in the same considerate, sensual manner in which the book is written.

She Comes First focuses solely on taking a woman to orgasm via oral stimulation. If you're looking for a book that focuses on sexual positions and methods for satisfying a woman through traditional penetrative sex, this book is not what you're looking for. The author explains early on that in his experience, and in that of many women he interviewed, women find oral sex by far the most enjoyable form of lovemaking and tend to orgasm far more frequently and consistently in this manner than from vaginal intercourse. Kerner does describe techniques for manual (fingering) stimulation, it is only to compliment, not replace the job of tongue and mouth.

Even the seasoned sex expert will learn new parts of a woman's sexual anatomy in this sex manual. Even though most books (and, let's be honest - all magazine articles) that promise to reveal "secrets" and "things you never knew" about a woman's sexual response and fail miserably to provide anything but the same regurgitated G-spot, clitoris primer, Kerner comes through with a bountiful and impressive offering of information you really haven't seen anywhere else.

Even though no two women are exactly alike, and neither are two sexual experiences, the incredible specifics and details make for a most entertaining, engaging and fun read. After all, as this book communicates in more ways than one - it's not the details that matter; It's the attitude, method and conscientiousness of a lover that makes the difference.

Only one part of the book's content bothered me and that is how the author skims over the topic of female ejaculation (which would be OK, since this is not a book about female ejaculation|Female Ejaculation & The G-Spot - Educational and informative books), but in addition to neglecting to give it sufficient exploration, his short chapter on the topic conveys a defensive attitude and near disbelief of the issue entirely. He does make an important point that to become obsessed with ejaculation is not necessary for a fulfilling sexual, orgasmic experience; but to take his opinion and run with it, one would never think it worthwhile to explore the wonderful world of female ejaculation and the different sensation squirting orgasms can provide for both partners.

The only other disapointing element I found was that the 2-dimensional diagrams of female anatomy leave a lot to be desired. The black and white scribles seem out of place in an otherwise sophisticated and thorough book. Although they do serve their purpose as a map of female genitalia, they do so just barely, and only with the assistance of a gratuitous number of lines and labels to explain what could never be inferred by the drawings alone.

Despite my few minor criticisms of some aspects of this book, overall it is a masterpiece. It's message, method, unending stream of useful and important information, and contagious, unmistakable sex-positive attitude toward women, lovemaking and women's orgasms is well-worth the read. 
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  • Very good reading - my masculinity and inexperience seem to have come through on my review and I didn't even pick up on the female ejaculation bit. I guess I'll need to try to bring J. to that level (if she's comfortable enough). Good point.

    I certainly prefer line drawings over pictures. I suppose it's my background (I know several people with eating disorders), but I dislike having something (generally white skinned and thin) put up as "the model" or "the ideal". As a man, drawings also seem safer to introduce into my relationship because they're abstract - J's the one that I want, and I don't want her to have the slightest thought that I would prefer anyone else or that I want her to change. Those are just my own oddities, but they are why I chose Kerner's (and Michaels') books over a book such as The Art of Oral Sex. I can see why some more detailed drawings (anatomy text style) could be helpful, though (although I certainly am not above asking for guided tours  from J. ).

    It's nice to see multiple reviewers' takes on products, though - and this was a very good review.  Please keep on writing!
  • Nashville
    Does he offer any scientific fact for why he views female ejaculation as a fairy tale?
  • PurpleBerry
    I'd like to know the same thing Sleeping Dreamer.
  • whatevergirl
    Great review!!
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Awesome review
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  • laceypanties
    Thank you!
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