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SM101: A Realistic Introduction

Book by Greenery Press

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SM101: A Realistic Introduction review

This book provides an amazing amount of information condensed into a clear, comprehensive, and indispensable reference work on SM practice. Whether you’re an experienced participant or merely curious, you will walk away from this book having learned something new and interesting.
A thorough, thoughtful account of everything that falls under the heading of SM practice.
Not a “fun” read, practical advice oriented more towards the dominant partner.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review
Wiseman makes clear from the onset that his book should only be one part of a larger information-gathering project: “Choosing whether or not to participate in SM - and to what extent - is a terribly important decision. You want to make as informed a choice as possible, and your ability to do that is hampered if your information sources are limited.” In other words, do not view this book as the Be All and End All of SM practice. See it instead as one piece of the puzzle.

So what does this one piece of the puzzle provide us?

Although I’m usually inclined to skip over the introductory materials in any handbook, Wiseman’s preface and first two chapters are wonderful for defining what SM practice is and what it isn’t. The common thread in this section is dignity - SM practice is primarily about exploring one’s sexuality in a context that maintains individual dignity. It is decidedly not about abuse and Wiseman includes a checklist that prompts you to think about the boundaries between a healthy sexuality and an abusive situation. There is also quite a bit of general information on negotiating boundaries with partners and setting a scene.

Assuming that you’ve decided SM is for you, the next section is a thorough account on how to go about finding a partner - from online ads to introducing SM into an existing relationship. It’s an overview of the pros and cons of various approaches. While quite a bit of the information here would be nothing new to anyone who has been single in the 21st century, there were a few sections that taught me quite a bit. I’ll never look at a red handkerchief the same way again. (hint: it involves sending a signal about what kind of sexual practice you’re in to)

Are you getting the impression that this book is thorough? I hope so because it certainly is.

The remainder of the book is primarily about technique: knots and more about rope bondage|How To Perform Rope Bondage - DVD than I’ve ever thought to ask; restraining devices; giving and receiving erotic pain; what to do with instruments like whips / floggers and clamps... in other words, more information about SM than you can shake a stick at.

My favorite section has to be the one on erotic “torture” in which Wiseman provides guidance on sensation play|Extra sensation play experiences. It covers everything from candle wax to masturbation. I can’t tell from the technique itself if whoever came up with “a movable fist” read a lot of Hemmingway, but I know I’ll be feeling terribly literary next time my lover pays a visit.

The writing is very matter of fact, bordering on dry. This is not a playful, lighthearted guide introducing the novice to the joys of cock bondage. Instead, it is a thoughtful, excruciatingly thorough account of the variety of practices that fall under the SM heading. Much, but not all, of the practical advice is geared towards the dominant partner, but there’s ample information available to satisfy everyone.
Follow-up commentary
SM101 has become my go-to reference guide not only for all things bdsm, but for sexual techniques in general. When I first received the book, I anticipated reading through it, getting a few ideas, and then setting it on my bookshelf to gather dust. That couldn't be further from the reality of how I've begun to incorporate this book into my sex life. Example 1: I'm planning an out of town trip to see a lover. We've fantasized about bdsm play and I review some suggestions for a first scene that the author provides. Example 2: I've gone out a few times with Mr. Right now and there's a good chance things will get physical. I'm curious as to how to give a bigger and better blowjob. I pull out my copy of SM101 and take another look at the section that provides techniques to increase your partner's desire. Example 3: My partner and I have talked about using cock rings, but neither of us are interested enough in the idea to actually get the rings. Out comes SM101's advice: plastic wrap. My two cents' worth... I really don't recommend plastic wrap as a cock ring substitute. You say toe-may-toe, I say toe-mah-toe. SM101 has become a really convenient resource for ideas and techniques that have very little to do with power exchange or bondage. I've actually found it more useful than more conventional sex books because it is so much less occupied with traditional sex positions and techniques. The book thinks outside the box in a number of different ways and provides a creative spark that is frequently missing from other guides. If I had it to do all over again, I wouldn't think twice about getting this book. It's a basic resource that's proven invaluable in the bedroom.
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  • Nashville
    SO it wasn't written with an intention to turn the reader on?
  • Lara
    Without trying to speak for the author, my sense is that it's all about the information. If you're turned on by the book... well, isn't that a nice added bonus!
  • sbon
    Thanks for the review!
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