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Beaded chain nipple huggers

Nipple jewelry by PHS International

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Adorable Can Only Take You So Far

The Beaded Chain Nipple Huggers have major appeal when it comes to their ability to fit larger sized breasts or those spaced far apart. They also draw attention because of their adorable appearance but unfortunately, they're poorly constructed and not very user friendly.
19.5" length will fit women with wide set breasts.
Low quality, poor craftsmanship.
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The Beaded Chain Nipple Huggers by PHS International may look adorable but as it sometimes goes, looks can be deceiving and adorable can only take you so far.

If you're looking for a nipple chain to wear on breasts that are spaced wide set or are looking for a chain that will dangle low against your abdomen, these are a dream. The 19 1/2" length allows for women of all shapes and sizes to wear these comfortably, particularly those who have had a hard time with chains of shorter lengths as their breasts are large and/or spaced far apart. This is a double edged sword for some people though, because of the length, they're easy to pull or get tangled up in. Some people may not mind the chain getting caught on occasion but when it happens you may worry about whether or not it will stay on or stay in one piece during play.

The huggers are crafted with blue, pink, and white plastic beads. They do not look upscale but instead look like beads used in children's jewelry, because of this fact it's easy to confuse the two if you had this mixed in with a few cheap necklaces so on a positive note, the huggers can be considered discreet. Dangling off the sides of the chain are three large ornamental beads that help to give these a little bit of an exotic flair. They're very pretty and are extremely lightweight.

Unfortunately, there are a few issues with these nipple huggers.

First, they're very difficult to adjust for nipple size. They already come preadjusted to a certain size so trying to make the "nipple hugger" circle larger or smaller can be challenging for some people. When pressing the two ends of the hugger together, the rough metal can cut into your fingers, especially for those with larger finger pads. They also require some force and coordination to adjust which makes it hard for someone wishing to apply the Beaded Chain Nipple Huggers to their own body. Instead, ask for a partner to help you as they may have an easier time putting the jewelry on you and adjusting it to meet your specific sizing needs.

Second, they're not made very well. I have to speak from a personal standpoint when I say that the first time I went to adjust the clamps, one of the beaded ends used solely for ornamentation fell right off. A product breaking before you even have the chance to use it can be chalked up to poor craftsmanship and I say with confidence, this is not the first time I've had an issue with quality concerning PHS International products.

Overall, the Beaded Chain Nipple Huggers are adorable but looks can only take you so far.
Follow-up commentary
I hate to say it, but it's incredibly appropriate here... junk. This is junk.

I realize that's a very strong opinion, but this is the lowest quality nipple product I've ever received. It reminds me of the play jewelry you buy for kids, only this has dangerously sharp metal edges that scratch skin.

I truly, TRULY, dislike the Beaded Chain Nipple Huggers and it's a rarity for me to be so vehemently opposed to a sexual product of any kind.
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  • Sammi
    Drat - these are really cute - too bad they're not made better.
    Great review!
  • Oggins
    Another fantastic review, thanks Sleeping Dreamer! It's too bad they kind of suck though. I had high hopes for these when I first saw them. Oh well.....
  • PurpleReign
    I'd say the appearance in the photos matches your review observations.

    A bit expensive for the quality: Thanks SD!
  • Liz2
    Dam...another nipple clamp that doesn't make it! Thanks for the tip.
  • Nashville
    Sammi, They are cute but unfortunately, they're cheap. :\
  • Nashville
    Oggins, aw thank you! I actually had low expectations as I've experienced the same thing from another Fresh product.
  • Nashville
    Purple, they look cheap because they are. lol. I actually don't think the price point is that bad but for the quality yes, $17 is just too much. Thank you for reading.
  • Nashville
    Liz, no problem, I'll keep my eyes open for a nipple chain that actually works as it should.
  • Claudia Croft
    Too bad they have also tarnished the registered trademarked name of the original "Patented" design of Nipple Huggers(r), ....hand made here in the USA by Sheer Delight Inc.

    Here is where you should go: []
  • Nashville
    The above comment is spam, do not click the link as it takes you to Facebook or a Facebook phishing website. Thank you.
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