Sweet scape desserted island duo - bath and shower gel by Cake Beauty - review by Hot 'N Sexy TexasMama

Aw...the smell of coconut...and chemicals?

It feels funny to only give this Cake product three stars, because I know it is a high quality product. The quality and pricing is along the same lines as the products you would get at a bed & bath store.

However, I found the scent to be so overwhelming that I had headaches and I'm not sure I'd really want to buy this even as a gift for the price it is offered at. I'd buy it on sale but the truth is, I've had other products that were just as nice or nicer for less money.
Heavy scent
Thick product - only need to use a little
Heavy scent
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Why do I do this to myself all the time? Everyone raves about how good Cake products are and of course I want to join the bandwagon. I search anxiously for scents that I might enjoy because I know I like light fruity scents that are soft and subtle. After all, Cake does scents that are fruity and they add in vanilla which I love.

But, I continually forget that Cake does not do "soft and subtle". Cake does strong heavy scents that give me headaches if I'm not careful. I should know enough to stay away. But with the promise of another fruit scent I haven't tried, and knowing vanilla is part of the aroma, I am lured in again.

So, like a true "bath and body-aholic" I return to my vice - again and again. If others love Cake products that much - surely I will too. After all, there are so many fruity scents to choose from - certainly at least one of them will be soft enough for me.

I'm sorry Cake. I think I've finally learned my lesson. My head is pounding from the scent of the hand cream and while your bath and shower froth lather up nicely and leave me feeling clean and moisturized, I had a headache before I was halfway lathered up. It's time for us to part ways because we simply were not meant to be together.

This set is made up of two Cake products. Both the Supremely rich bath and shower foam and the velveteen hand cream have the "Desserted Island"scent.

As you can probably tell based on their names, the bath and shower foam is to be used for cleaning your body in baths or showers and the hand creme is to be used on your hands.

You can find the ingredients list on the main product page and I will not repeat it here since it is so long. I do want to point out that both products contain glycerin. They are also both triclosan-free and paraben-free.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

Both products are very rich and thick when you pour them out of their containers. The bath foam has a bit of a ivory color to it as does the hand creme.

When I put either product on my hand and then turn my hand sideways, both of them stay on my hand and do not fall off. You can tell just to look at them that they are rich and creamy.
    • Smooth
    • Thick

Taste / Aroma

Have you ever walked into a bath and body product store and had to walk out because you were overwhelmed and your head started to pound? Some people, like my husband and myself, can get a headache just from walking by some of those stores or walking through the detergent aisle in the grocery store.

When my husband and my daughter smell these products, they do smell the coconut and a hint of the vanilla. However, when I smell it, I feel like I'm smelling some sort of a chemical and my eyes start to burn after a couple of minutes and then my head starts to throb and spin at the same time.

Usually when I write a bath and body product review, you hear me complaining about how the scent does not last nearly long enough. I may even whine about how much I love it and how I wish the scent was stronger.

That is not the case with these products. Unfortunately, the chemical "after-effects" of the product linger...and linger...and did I mention LINGER? I just made the mistake of sniffing my hand about 45 minutes after applying the hand creme and my head is now spinning...again.

If this is a fruity scent, it is one I do not want to have in my home. I'm sorry, I know others praise it but I cannot.
    • Strong smell


The hand creme only took a moment or two to sink in and the top of my hand felt very soft. The bottom of my hand, which has been very dry lately, felt as if I'd applied an alcohol wipe to it. I wish I could explain it better because it isn't dry but it isn't moist either.

The bath and shower foam did a great job of moisturizing my skin and it did not feel greasy or oily at all.

You can tell that both products are high quality products because it takes very little of them to create the desired effect. My mother, who is 83, used to talk about things like this and say, "a little dab will do ya" and that is very true for this. A pea-size amount of the foam will wash a large portion of your body in the shower and the same amount of the hand creme will cover both hands and possibly a bit of your arms too!
    • Absorbs into skin nicely
    • Long lasting


This set comes packaged in a cute box as shown in the pictures below. I'm also adding pictures of each product next to a 20 ounce bottle of water.

    • Would make a nice gift

Personal comments

I wanted to like this - I really did. Fortunately, I bought this at the same time as Cake's Glow-rious Glistening Body Lotion, which is one product from the Cake line that I can use without headaches. Unfortunately it may be the only product I can use without headaches and I'm not sure I'm willing to risk buying more of the Cake line.

To all those who love it - I'm so happy that you are pleased with it. I wish this didn't give me headaches and that I could smell the coconut that my husband and daughter can smell. However, at least I have my Glow-rious lotion that I can enjoy.
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