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Blackberry Rose?

Very shortly after I began working on this review, I noticed that Eden was getting rid of all of their spanking creams and powders. That being said, this product is still readily available elsewhere, and since there is no product competition with Eden any longer (as Eden isn't carrying a similar product), I believe that this review can still be useful for those who are specifically looking for a product like this.
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Well, I hate to point out the obvious, but with the black rose spank and soothe creams, one cream is meant to be used in conjunction with spanking, and one is used to soothe your gluteus maximus afterwards. On other sites, I noticed a mention of a tingling sensation when the spanking cream is applied. The cream felt a little cold to me, but it didn't necessarily tingle. I even tried to massage it in until I felt a tingle as instructed by other users, but I was just getting nowhere. Maybe I don't have a sensitive butt? Apparently, the sensations of the cream are supposed to make the spanking session more intense, but I'd assume that anytime you add liquid to an area before spanking it, you are amplifying the sensation. Even lotion rubbed in will change the way that being spanked feels. As for the soothing cream, you're advised to massage it into your buttocks after. It is also meant to be used as a skin softener. So, at the very least, these creams will leave your behind silky smooth.

* The spank creme is pink, and the soothe cream is white, so you can easily distinguish between the two if you take both lids off.
*Glycerine is one of the listed ingredients, so keep this in mind if you have a sensitivity to it.
    • Foreplay

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

Black Rose Spank Cream-
This feels very similar to a lot of hair products that I've come into contact with. This includes the Garnier Fructis fiber gum putty and Bed Head manipulator. The texture is smooth, but it is also sticky. If I put it between two fingers and pull them apart, a strand of product is present. It will pour. However, a little goes a long way, and I don't think that you will need to pour it. I also get the whole massage into skin idea, but this really does not soak into the skin. There is a residue over the surface. I would use soap and water to remove this product.

Black Rose Soothe Cream-
The soothe cream isn't sticky like the spank cream, and it's also thinner. It will pour easily, and you may actually need to pour it since it's difficult to just pick up on the hand and apply. It also soaks into the skin rather easily, and it leaves a minimum amount of residue.
    • Smooth

Taste / Aroma

The products are supposed to smell like passion fruit. I think that adequately describes the scent of the spanking cream. However, the soothing cream reminds me of a blackberry scented lotion that I once had. I searched for how to describe the scent of passion fruit. The varying arguments are that passion fruit smells like: a rotten apple, like a mango and a ripe banana put together, fruity, tropical, and that it smells "dark." I find the smell to be pleasant, but it is slightly strong in the spanking cream. Luckily, the cream is placed a distance away from my nose, so as to not be overwhelming.

*This is not an edible cream.


As I wrote a little about before, the spanking cream did not cause a tingling sensation for me, though I see that others felt it in their reviews. I suppose this is going to be a hit or miss. That being said, it did feel a little cold on my behind, and with the air conditioner going, this might just be a better sensation than your behind tingling.

The soothing cream did make my backside smoother, but I'm not sure about whether it was the cream or the massaging that made my butt feel better post-spank. When you have a sore muscle or your foot falls asleep, the natural reaction is to massage the area to make it feel better. That works with or without cream. The real question is whether the cream soothes faster or better, and I couldn't really tell in this case.


The box that holds the two separate jars of cream is purple, black, and white. There is a woman wearing a thong and showing her backside on the front of the box. The box itself is not discreet and even features the word "erotic" rather inconspicuously. There is some information on the back and an ingredient list for both creams.

Upon opening the box, there are two jars of cream. Each jar is wrapped in plastic, which has a small tear strip in order to take the plastic off. Then, the lids screw off. However, even upon unscrewing the lid, there is another layer of packaging which is a plastic cover with a tab to pull it off of the cream. However, I would not suggest pulling the tab, as you will get splattered with this stuff. Instead, run your fingernail underneath the ridge of the plastic layer to pull it up. The triple packaging is really unnecessary and maybe even problematic because it can create a mess. Also, when storing, I don't need the box, or the plastic covers within the containers. The jar does not leak without the covers. Also, the jars themselves hold 2 oz.
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Follow-up commentary
I've since tried different brands of spank and soothe creams and powders. While I originally felt a little blah about this set, I didn't dislike it. However, now that I have seen edible spank and soothe items, the non-edible black rose set just seems a little unexciting.
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