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Contour I

Massager by Jimmyjane

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The Contour I works well for massage without requiring as much energy as the regular massage would. The stone is high-quality, will be lasting a long time, and makes an excellent gift.
Works great for massage, requires little effort, holds temperature, great packaging
Can be a bit hard to hold onto, sometimes not as efficient as your hand
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The Contour I is a Jimmyjane massage stone made from a white, ceramic material. The stone is completely smooth on the outside with no rough or jagged edges. The stone is about five inches in length with a diameter of about an inch and a half. The stone has two bulbs along the outside with a nice, smooth, small round piece connecting the two bulbs. The stone can work in tandem with the Contour M for extra massaging action.

Jimmyjane's packaging looks really nice, basic, and professional. The box is white and just shows pictures of the stones. It also advertises their other massage products. While the box is made from cardboard, Jimmyjane lined the inside of the box with more layers of cardboard, so this box is actually perfect for storing the Contour I. Just perfect.

You see, I'm never really all that impressed with Jimmyjane toys. I tried the Form 3 and was disappointed; same story with the Spin Me game they make. However, I've been using their massage stones lately, and you know what? I'm impressed! I'm actually impressed. I love using their massage stones, and they provide a great massage. We own both this one and the Contour M, and both have been great products for us. We're both extremely disappointed that Jimmyjane decided to stop producing the Contour Q which is another one of their massage stones; I have a feeling we would have liked it.

This stone can be used in a variety of ways. For one, it fits underneath the Contour M nicely to make a neat little massage stone set. For another, you can use your hand and roll the stone up and down your partner's back by using the middle of the stone. For another, the stone can be used for pinpoint massaging by only using one of the bulbs of the stone. The box also shows using it as a touch-and-lift type of motion with just one of the bulbs of the stone.

We rarely ever use it for the rolling motion. While it's neat in theory, it just isn't quite useful. The pressure I need to apply to make it pleasurable for him on the receiving end is enough to make it painful on my fingers when rolling it with my fingers. I rarely use the rolling motion because of that. However, I do enjoy using it for pinpoint massaging with one of the bulbs. Because the stone is harder than my knuckles, I can actually use it to do some deep tissue massaging without having to feel my fingers hurting within five minutes of starting the massage. That's really my biggest use for it - using it for that pinpoint massage. (Of course, the boyfriend isn't complaining either.)

The Contour I also provides an interesting sensation in terms of temperature play. It can be left in some warm water to warm up or left in cool water to cool down. It retains the temperature. Because it's so smooth, it will glide along the skin when massage oil is used (it glides even without the oil because it's so smooth.) The massage oil can end up making the stone a bit difficult to hold onto. A complaint is that it does get painful on any part of the body with near-surface bones. For example, the shoulder blades of my boyfriend; he almost always feels pain if I get the Contour I near his shoulder blades and apply pressure. For this reason, I recommend keeping it near the softer tissues like the lower back, butt, or thighs.

The Contour I doesn't require much in terms of cleaning. It's non-porous, so it can be boiled to be shared with multiple partners (though it shouldn't require boiling since it shouldn't be near bodily fluids). It can be wiped down with warm water and antibacterial soap for regular cleaning. I recommend being careful with cleaning because it can get slippery when wet. (Haha.) It's compatible with all different types of lubricant. It can easily be stored in the original box since Jimmyjane did a great job with "padding" the box with cardboard, so it won't move around.

The Contour I is one of my favorite products off of EdenFantasys. Really. It's something that I can give the boyfriend despite whatever mood I'm in. It's relaxing, it's fun, and it'd actually make a good gift for any couples you know. I prefer the Contour M over this one, but this product has given me a chance to renew my belief in Jimmyjane.
Follow-up commentary
I still like our Contour I. Despite using it often, the Contour is still holding up fantastically. It works great with the Contour M. It's not our favorite over the Contour M, but we still like it in its own right.
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  • Porfiriato
    Nice review! I think we'll have to try this, we love massages. This would go great with our lavender oil from System Jo
  • darthkitt3n
    Great review! I'm gonna have to get this
  • Selective Sensualist
    Oh no! I didn't know JJ discontinued the Q stones. I wanted to try them, too. Boo!
    Great review.
  • KnK
    Lovely review. Looks very relaxing
  • P'Gell
    Good review. I can't decide between the Contour M and this one. Too bad about the Q stones.

    If Eden has any left, it would be nice to be able to buy them all in a set. MMMM!
  • Southern Lady
    I want this one to go w/ the Contour M
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