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The Contour I is made out of double-fired porcelain; it's bio-compatible, hygienic, and retains heat and cold phenomenally well. This massager provides for deep tissue massage and the luxury of a Hot Stone Massage without having to pay a lot.
Inexpensive solution to a costly luxury.
Ceramic can be broken if dropped.
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Native Americans used to warm hot stones by a fire and then use them for massage in order to feel better. In Today's world, we'll spend well over $100 for a hot stone massage, an extravagance that many cannot afford. With the recent economic crisis and for couples on a budget, JimmyJane presents the Contour I, their solution of luxury that doesn't require spending a lot.

The Contour I is made out of double-fired porcelain; it's bio-compatible, hygienic, and retains heat and cold phenomenally well. A pure white, sleek, 5 1/2" long massager, shaped like a dog bone, that's easy to wield and feels sensational.

The smooth, polished surface glides over skin for instant relaxation and the nodes make deep kneading massage a cinch, instantly providing relief for tired fingers, limbs, and backs. The small ballhead nodes also help with hard to reach places and effectually and efficiently release tight knots.

The Contour I, being inspired by Hot Stone Massage, can be heated in a bowl of warm water or run under the tap, alternatively, it can be chilled as well under the tap or if placed inside of a refrigerator. Always check the temperature as ceramic retains heat incredibly well and if placed inside of a stove pot or microwave, could burn the skin when used.

Warm stones help to expand your blood vessels, thus helping the blood to move more quickly around the body and sedate the nervous system. Hot Stone Massage is often pursued to release toxins from the body, improve circulation, alleviate pain and stress from the joints, tissues and muscles. Patients also hope that a Hot Stone Massage will cure their depression, insomnia, anxiety, back pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, or multiple sclerosis.

For those with inflammation or muscle injury, cold stones are sometimes used. Cold stones help to stimulate the nervous system by causing the blood vessels to contract and increase the lymph flow of waste material around the body.

During a Hot Stone Massage, a massage therapist will use traditional strokes of Swedish Massage while holding a heated stone. As the stone cools, the therapist replaces it with another. Be advised that pregnant women and those with hypertension should not pursue a Hot Stone Massage as the heat from the stone can raise your blood pressure temporarily.

Using the Contour I is easy and does not tire hands or fingers quickly. Using lotions or oils (the Contour I is compatible with all types), or having the recipient wear a light piece of clothing, helps the Contour to move swiftly and easily over the body.

Techniques on using the Contour I:

Single Node, Deep. This is great for focused massage pressure and deep stimulation of larger muscle groups such as backs or legs.

*How to: Brace on end in the palm of your hand and support the narrow stem with your thumb and fingers.

Single Node, Shallow. Exceptional for lighter pressure and the combined sensation of using both your fingertips and the Contour at simultaneously.

*How to: Cup one end in palm of your hand with the narrow stem passing through the valley between your thumb and your forefinger.

Dual Node. Good for applying light pressure to two points in tandem (in conjunction). Tip- Try massaging the length of the back, bridging across the spine.

*How to: Lay Contour I on the body and roll it lengthwise along the muscle group.

Center Stem. Adequate for thighs, calves, upper arms, and the forearms. Also good between the neck and the shoulder.

*How to: Hold one end of the Contour I in each hand, then use stem to smooth kinks from narrower muscle groups.

The Contour I can also be used in conjunction with the Contour M for a multi-stone massage.

As the Contour I is ceramic, proper care and storage should be maintained. Be careful not to drop the massager nor store it where it could be broken. If it is chipped, cracked, or damaged in any way, do not use the massager but simply throw it out. To clean the Contour I, wash with a mild dish detergent, rinse with warm water, and hand dry with a soft towel.

Ceramic is nonporous so during massage, the massager is able to be inserted into the vagina but as there is no real flared base, inserting the Contour inside the anus is ill-advised.

The Contour I is a budget-friendly solution to a luxury that you may not otherwise be able to afford. This is a wonderful couples item that helps you feel better and get just a little bit closer to your partner.
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  • Contributor: Naughty Student
    It sounds very functional and if used for vaginal penetration it looks too simple to be used for that purpose and would never be seen as a sex toy
  • Contributor: Nashville
    It definitely does come across as discreet. Smile
  • Contributor: Sammi
    This looks and sounds nice - great review as always!
  • Contributor: Nashville
    Thanks Sammi.
  • Contributor: Femme Mystique
    Does it work well for penetration?
  • Contributor: Oggins
    I seriously need a hot stone massage now! Fantastic review as always SD! Smile
  • Contributor: Nashville
    Play, not very well. It isn't my thing but because it's smooth, slick ceramic, it glides in quickly. The issues are the large nodes and then the thin stems, it just doesn't create a great sex toy.. and while I wondered if the shape would be appropriate for kegels, the nodes are just too large.
  • Contributor: Nashville
    Thanks Oggins!
  • Contributor: deceased
    Its a nice size for holding in and walking around doing Kegels. It's pretty light in weight. From the picture it looks heavy and solid. I was thinking "what a dandy weopon to carry when I get flexed down at work and have to walk through a three mile urban jungle of methheads, batu addicts, sex offenders and robbers and rapists I seem to encounter every few feet on my walk home in Honolulu.
    I was expecting to do bicep curls because of the design....unique looking massager!
  • Contributor: Nashville
    Kuuipogal, it's actually pretty lightweight despite looking quite similiar to one of my 3 lb weights. It's hollow ceramic and my guess, would shatter if dropped on a stone tile floor.

    I can't do kegels with this because the nodes are too large and my muscles don't have to work hard at gripping them.
  • Contributor: Lady Neshamah
    wonderful review
  • Contributor: V.T.T
    I'm curious about this, I love massage with implements and this seems ideal. Then I could try ceramic insertables without spending a lot of dough as well...Thank you for the informative review, you included a lot of wonderful ideas as well

    @Misha's Amusements: A great self-defense & sex toy combo is the Njoy Eleven. You cracked me up!
  • Contributor: SiNn
    sounds great ty forthe review
  • Contributor: married with children
    thanks for the great review
  • Contributor: Southern Lady
    Impressive review! I will be coming back to this after I have my stone, thank you!
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