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The Dona Massage Oil can pack a punch... for your nose. Picking the right scent is paramount to enjoying this oil. If you like strong scents and are aware of the nature of oils, then this can be for you. If not, consider getting a massage cream.
Softens skin,lasts
Cons of oil, strong scent
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If you have read my reviews before, you may know my proclivity for making non sequitur review titles. When I have no idea of what to call a review, I usually resort to animals. Obligatory animal fact: honey badgers are one of the biggest bad asses of the animal kingdom. They are fierce and will fight almost anything. Many animals walk lightly around the bad ass honey badger.

Can we please get to the review?

Certainly! Here is the Dona Massage Oil, yet another of the many products in the Dona bath and beauty line. This beauty lines has thought about everything and then some. If you want a comprehensions set of body products, then look not further. One of them is this massage oil. Massage oils can be used to soften the skin and last long for massage sessions. The oil is also scented, which can add even more to the experience. Oils tend to last longer than other massage products. This is great especially if you like to give or receive long massages. While the bottle is small, the product will last.

So long as you're okay with strong scents and understand what you're getting into when using oils, then this product can work for you. For this product, it's very important you get the right scent. If you don't you won't want to go anywhere near this product.

The ingredients for the massage oil are fairly standard for body products. When in doubt, you can always do a skin test. To do a skin test, rub a small amount of product on an innocuous piece of skin like the forearm or the back of your hand. Then observe the area for one to two days. If you do not see any adverse reactions such as redness or swelling then you should be good to go. Make sure the oil is okay for your partner as well. This massage oil could make a good gift or be a great addition to a romantic get away since the bottle is small. This oil is not designed for any overly sexual purposes. it should not be used as a lubricant or direct sexual aid.
    • Bridal gift
    • Massage
    • Mood enhancer

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

When looking at the oil, you'll see it's clean and look like, well, oil. At first, I expected the oil to be a darker color like red or a burgundy to match the pomegranate. However, it makes sense that the oil is more neutral in color. If Dona made the oil red, they most likely would have used artificial pigments. Even if they could use natural fruit pigments, the color would have easily transferred to the skin. So it makes sense that the oil is not a crazy color.

The oil is thicker than water but thinner than some cooking oils. It will run off your skin if you pour too much. You may want to pour small amount on your hand and then use it on your partner. Additionally, you can place the bottle in warm water for a few minutes prior to using it (warm not hot).

Oil is oily. A small amount can cover a wide area and create a slick glide across the skin. When it dries, you will feel a residue. It will be aggravated if the area becomes wet because then the oil revives. However, this is the nature of the beast for most oils. If you do not like these qualities, then you may want to look at massage creams. They can dry nicer and leave less of a residue behind.
    • Oily
    • Slick

Taste / Aroma

The Massage oil is not edible. If you lick your fingers after using the oil it doesn't taste to offensive, though (still, don't eat it). It does have a super strong smell. If you just open the top to remove the foil seal it will smell up the room. Be prepared to be subdued by the scent. The smell will also stay strong on the skin even hours after use if you don't wash up after. If you like strong scents, then this could be for you. If you want something more subtle, look elsewhere.

Because the scent is so strong, it's very important you find the right scent for you. The pomegranate does not smell like pomegranate. It smells floral and heavy. It smells a bit older to me and less fresh than I would envision the scent. If you like fresh scents then the pomegranate will be too much for you.
    • Strong smell


The oil does perform well during actual massage if the strong smell isn't an issue. A small amount will cover a lot of area. The oil doesn't dry up too fast so you can enjoy a nice, lengthy massage. It does serve to soften skin after using it. It might be best to throw a towel or two down if massaging on a bed. The oil can get onto sheets and make a slightly dark stain. It does seem to come out in the wash.

If you have skin problems, oils are more likely to clog your pores and incite a break out. If you have skin prone to break outs, then look for a different massage medium. Also, you will probably want to shower after use because you will feel the product on you. At the very least, you may need a couple of wet wipes to remove that residue feeling.


All body product come wrapped in plastic to prevent them from spilling and damaging other products you might have in your order. Remove that and you'll see the bottle. Remove the black cap and you'll see the foil seal you'll need to remove. The bottle is easy to use and the product is easy to pour.

If traveling, it is best to keep the massage oil in a sandwich bag or two.


The smell of this oil is too strong for me. I only tested it when i knew I wasn't leaving the house for a while. I didn't like the pomegranate smell. I'm more of a citrus and cucumber kind of girl. However, for science, I used it. It does work well on knees and elbows to soften them up. However, I have refrained from using this extensively on my back. I don't want to cause any unnecessary break outs.

Both my partner and I were not fans of this product. He couldn't even stand the smell; it started to give him a headache. After that, I made sure to only use it when he wasn't around. Now that my testing is done I will probably give it away to someone who may want it.
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  • Melan!e
    I hate heavy scents. I'll steer clear of this. Thanks for the great review!!
  • Lildrummrgurl7
    Thanks for the review.
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