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Gold dust

Powder by Kingman

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It May Not Hide Your B.O., But You'll Still Love Wearing This Yummy Shimmer

This is a great product. Buy it! Buy it to deck out your boobs, your shoulders, your face, everything. It's priced so well for the amount you get. Trust me, you won't have to buy more of this stuff for at least a year, and that's if you use it every day and spill half of it out occasionally.
Beautiful Shimmer
Light Scent
Nourishes the Skin
Cheap for a Lot of Product
A LOT Gets Into The Puff
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I'd say this is for beginner or advanced shimmer-users, just as long as you all know that this is not glitter. Let me repeat - NOT GLITTER. You're not going to get nice big chunks of gold, but what you do get is much more versatile and classy than any glitter could possibly be.

It's great for using to spice up a night with your lover because it looks and smells great all over your body. I also personally love to use it as highlight. I keep it next to my makeup for the morning. I swoosh this stuff in my cleavage and dust the top of my shoulders. Next, I swipe it down my nose, on my cheekbones in a C pattern, and across my forehead. It has honey in it, so it's really calm for most people's skin. It's actually improved mine. My skin's much softer and yummy smelling now.

It looks beautiful under the light and catches any little glint, so I totally recommend wearing this out to the club or to a good house party. You will look stunningly effervescent as all eyes fall on you. Have I convinced you yet? Just buy this stuff and don't look back! You won't regret it!

I've noticed that they've updated their label since the last reviewer, so I decided to re-add all the ingredients, just in case anyone has allergies to any of this stuff:
Talc, Mica/Titanium Dioxide and/or Mica Iron Oxide, Corn Starch, Honey Extracts, and Fragrance
    • Bridal gift
    • Foreplay
    • Mood enhancer

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The texture is delightful! It's like a powdered cloud. It reminds me of a lighter kind of Bare Minerals product. If you've ever tried the Mineral Powder, the super light white powder you're supposed to brush over your face after you're done with everything else, you'll know what this feels and goes on like.

It's not sticky or greasy or goopy. It instantly turns to silken beauty when its smeared over your skin. It goes from cocoa powder to velvet butter. I'm just talking texture-wise here, so don't think that all of a sudden when you apply it, it hardens into salty lard. It is very easy to pour, but that might also lead to its downfall. It's easy to loose a lot of it when you spill it. If you do spill, it tends to smear everywhere else, and not get itself back into the jar. Just a word of warning, so be careful when you're dealing with this stuff.
    • Smooth
    • Thin

Taste / Aroma

The smell was really great, I thought. It smelled like hot chocolate powder. I can't stress that enough. I tried to think of all the things I could explain it with, and it's exactly the same. I got a packet of Swiss Miss and, yup! It's the same. You can try your own inexpensive experiment at home to see if you'll enjoy wearing this around.

I considered trying to mix it in with some heated milk, but I realized that that was stupid. I did go ahead and taste it, though. Okay, I know I'm not supposed to. Yes, I went against my better judgment. The things I do for EF! It tasted talc-y, to be sure. It was like eating bland hot chocolate powder. It was light and airy and I felt like I had a bit of the smell injected into my mouth. Hey, I'm just trying to cover all my bases.

It's not strong at all. You can get a good whiff of it from the little container it comes in and nearly none of it once it's applied to the skin. If you put your nose to your skin, you can get a little bit of it, but it's not overpowering in the least. Don't expect to be getting powdered perfume here, people.

It's light and romantic. It's not disgustingly thick and chocolately or girlishly feminine. It's a perfect balance between these. It really is a yummy light and airy chocolate dust.
    • Light smell
    • Light taste
    • Smells good


This product will last me a LONG, LONG, LONG, LONG, time. You only use a teensy bit of it, and they give you a full 28 grams. I'd be surprised if this didn't last me at least two years with frequent use.

It cleans up great, just wash with soap and water and you're golden. Clothing's a bit harder. You have to wash clothes you get this on. Unfortunately, you can't just brush this stuff off. It's so incredibly fine that it'll work its way in there until the next rinse cycle. This is important because of my next point.

It's really easy to transfer. You touch the powder, whether it be with a finger, a cloth, or something like a book, you will leave that powder behind. At least you can mark your territory, right? I guess this is the part that makes it advantageous for it to not be so super noticeable.

I use this on my face a lot and haven't noticed any kind of breaking out, and I have pretty sensitive skin. It's actually done a great job of moisturizing the places I apply it.

The pad tends to get a lot of shimmer on it, so when you first apply, it'll look like a lot. It looks like a big heap of white-ish powder. Once you spread it around, though, its effect sorta dissipates and you'll get that lovely "How'd she do it?" glow. You'll need to reapply during the night, though, so you may wanna stash it in your bag for later.
    • Absorbs into skin nicely
    • Feels natural
    • Reapply often


The product came in a cute little white container with a gold lid. It's about the size of a tennis ball, but shaped like a soft-edged cylinder. The front of the container reads "Gold Dust" along with their logo and things of that nature. The ingredients are printed on the side in tiny letters and the back contains a description of the item which comments on the moisturizing value of honey.

The gold lid twists off to reveal an animal print applicator that's pretty effective. I use a smaller brush for my face and the bigger applicator to dust my cleavage and shoulders. It picks up the powder really well, so it's like a powder party on the applicator whenever I open it, but hey, the more the merrier, right?

There's no instructions, but I don't think any are needed. It's a discrete little thing that's fine to keep out on the nightstand. It's just shimmer, for god's sake!

One more thing to watch out for -- water. Moisture is powder's mortal enemy. Never let the two mix! I accidentally let one drop of water into the container and I had to scoop out the gross little water-shimmer balls of ickiness. At least it was just one drop. Make sure to keep this high and dry!

It's really travel friendly, but I suggest traveling with it in a plastic bag, and not the same bag as your toothbrush. It's fine shimmer, and it WILL crawl into every crevice of your luggage if you leave it be.
    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Messy dispenser
    • Travel friendly
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • P'Gell
    Isn't this powder fun? I was putting it on this morning and I just sat there and watched the golden dust float and shimmer in the sunlight. (I'm not even going anywhere because it's so fricking cold, I just like to put pretty tings on.) I just {italic|sat] there and watched the shimmering, like I was tripping or something. (I wasn't.)

    I'm easily amused.

    Great review.
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    I want this. Everyone seems to rave about this powder!
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