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The Perfect Glow

This is a nice shimmer powder that should be part of any girl's arsenal. It is great for all occasions and very cheap, so it's worth the price!
Very shiny, smooth, fine powder, gorgeous!
Slightly messy, not much though.
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This is a gorgeous powder that has a light shimmer to it. It has multiple purposes and can be used for almost any occasion. Depending on whether or not you put it on an area that is going to be rubbing clothing will decide whether you need to reapply often or not. You can use this to dust your cleavage before going out to the club, or on a date, etc. It does not act as actual glitter, it just adds a nice shimmery glow that makes you feel sexy. You can see little bits of glitter in it however. You can also mix some of this in with eyeshadow, blush, or use it as a bronzer. All of the aforementioned will give an extra glow, and it does give a bit of definition to where ever you put it. I often dust my neck and cleavage as well as my shoulders if I'm wearing a shirt that shows them off. It can be a bit messy because it's a powder, but really it wipes right off of everything or washes clean off clothes with no extra effort. It also washes off in the shower with just water. So no worries if you make a little mess! It comes with a little puff that looks like a cheetah or giraffe or something. It's black spotted. I don't feel that the puff is very adequate because I think it grabs too much of the powder and it's messier that way.

Ingredients (as listed on the container): Talc, Mica/Titanium Dioxide and/or Mica Iron Oxide, Corn Starch, Honey Extracts, and Fragrance.
    • Mood enhancer

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

This is a very fine and soft powder. It can get a little messy because of how fine the powder is, however, it wipes or washes off everything really easy so I wouldn't worry about creating a mess. It stays in place on skin well, but if you have fabric from your shirt or skirt or where ever you put it rubbing that area of skin where it was applied, it will eventually rub off, so you'll want to reapply it again. Sweating will also make it come off, so you'll need to reapply then too. When I'm clubbing if I sweat a lot I generally need to dab more on. It's nice because it absorbs the grease and oil my skin produces, so it makes my skin feel fresh. It mentions honey being used to moisturize, but this is a powder so I don't really see how it can moisturize, but it makes it smell really nice!
    • Smooth
    • Thin

Taste / Aroma

It smells like honey, it smells so good you feel like you could lick it. Don't. It tastes nasty. I know this from experience. I'm very much a smell and taste oriented person. So if something smells fabulous, I gain this horrible urge to lick it. Talc tastes horrendous. Don't be stupid like me, don't lick this. Now, that means straight from the container. If this is dusted on skin, you're less likely to taste it, because it's spread really thin and it's not going to create enough to make your lover go "ewww!". I actually dipped my finger in it then licked it, because that's just how epic I am. So let's recap, fantastical smell, not so fantastical taste.
    • Bad taste
    • Light smell


This lasted about 6-8 hours. If it was touching my shirt or I sweated it off, it lasted about 3-4 hours. I use a brush to apply it because it spreads more evenly and I don't end up getting more than I want out of it. I use a small blush brush, but I've heard of people using bigger brushes getting a better result. I think it's up to personal preference. I find that it's easier to use a small brush, dip it in, and then tap it on the edge so that the excess powder falls back into the container without mess. That way you don't get "fall out" dust where ever you're trying to apply it. You can't really go wrong with this stuff, it just looks so nice and makes you look so fresh and shiny!
    • Absorbs into skin nicely
    • Reapply often


It came wrapped in a clear plastic bag. The container is shown on the Eden picture for it, but it's a white container with a gold lid and gold writing. It clearly states what it is, the ingredients, and what it is used for. I don't feel that it's particularly over informative or under informative, it's relatively obvious what you do with it. It does not, however, state not to lick the stuff. So I'm here to testify that you shouldn't. Aren't you glad you have a nutcase like me to taste things for you first? Of course you are.
    • Does not leak
    • Easy to use / dispense
    • Would make a nice gift

Special Features

It has honey extract, which is used as an ancient remedy for skin moisturizing according to the packaging. This also give it a light honey scent. So I would say that's a special feature. I also would like to note how nice and sparkly and shiny this stuff is, it remains smooth on your skin and to me that is indeed something worth knowing.

Personal comments

I use this stuff daily, it sits on my vanity beside my bed so that I remember to dust myself before I go out. I mix it with eye shadow, blush, bronzer, and sometimes my lip gloss if I have a lip gloss that is plain with no shimmer to it. I just remind you not to lick your lips because talc tastes nasty. This can be used on pretty much any body part, though I would not recommend genitalia usage. You don't need to sparkle there, that's scary.
Follow-up commentary
I still haven't put a dent in the bottle, and I've been using this every day since I got it, a little goes a long way, and I have a feeling I won't need another bottle soon. You get a great amount for the price, and I recommend this to my friends all the time. It sits on my vanity so when I have friends over it gets noticed and used by them too!
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