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Glitter on the Highway...

This golden body shimmer powder is really wonderful. It's soft, subtle, and can be used in a variety of ways. The sexy little leopard body puff it comes with helps you glide it all over your eyelids, cheeks, decolletage or hair to make you golden and shimmery. Perfect for beach time, clubbing, or every day wear as eyeshadow. To top it off, it's got a great sweet smell, and honey extract for soft skin. I just love this stuff!
Smells good
Subtle, sexy shimmer
Comes with powder puff
Will last a long time
Jar lid paint rubs off
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Glow little glow girl, glimmer, glimmer! I just love this Gold Dust shimmery body powder by Kingman. The sparkly, smelly-good body powder is lovely for the feminine side of you who wants to shimmer and shine. Its smell is delicate and sweet, its shine isn't juvenile or overdone, and the jar will probably last you several lifetimes.

This is perfect for dusting the eyelids in place of eyeshadow, sprinkling in light-colored hair for added shine, doubling as a dry shampoo and adding fragrance to your locks. It also works great as an all-over body shimmer for special nights out on the town. It's super versatile.

The little 2.5" x 2" jar is perfect for traveling too. It's lid stays on securely so you'll never have to worry about glitter on the highway, or all over the inside of your purse.

A sexy little leopard-print powder puff is included in the kit and is pretty well-made. And that's not the only part that's well-made. You can feel good about the ingredients, too!

Ingredients are as follows:
Talc, Titanium Dioxide, Corn Starch, Honey Extract, Fragrance.
{Click each ingredient for more information}

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

Gold Dust is a very light powder that stays loose in the jar. If you get it wet it may clump a bit in the jar - so keep it away from moisture. The powder is soft and feels gentle on the skin - there are no sharp particles contained in it whatsoever.

Taking a pinch of the powder not only gives you way more than you're going to need for an area about the size of your face, for example, but it feels incredibly soft - almost like you're holding nothing at all. The powder is feather-light.

It's best to only open a small corner or poke a hole in the paper covering the jar when this is freshly opened. Otherwise, you can end up getting alot more than you need. The powder pours out easily and stays decently where you put it, but will rub off on any babies you happen to be kissing, or lovers you may have taken. You're going to look like a little fairy princess, so you may pick up a lover or two while wearing this. Don't say I didn't warn ya.
    • Feather-light
    • Soft

Taste / Aroma

I love the way this smells! The honey extract most likely doesn't contribute to the scent, rather the addition of fragrance. Still, it smells sweet, a bit like honey or vanilla. Indeed, vanilla cake powder is a pretty appropriate description.

The scent is light and feminine. It can't be sensed unless your nose is directly on the skin or hair that the powder has been applied to.

Don't lick this! It contains fragrance, which is often a myriad of nondescript, undisclosed ingredients. You may be allergic to it, and it certainly isn't going to taste good.
    • Light taste
    • Smells good


With one light application, you can achieve a gentle golden shine. With a heavier-handed application, or even two or three applications, you can get your skin super shiny, like the above photo. Applying cream or lotion to the skin before application will greatly improve the powder's staying power. Otherwise, the first time you graze up against a sexy friend or your sexy dress, you're going to lose a fair amount of the sparkle, but only the excess. The base of sparkles will stay, and aren't going to rub off completely until you use water and/or soap.

This powder features honey extract for skin that's not only sparkly, but moisturized too. That's something I can appreciate!

The smelly-good feature adds to my sense of sexiness when applying this. I feel like I look and smell good, and my resulting smile really does make me sexier, in actuality. It's not all just in my head!

The powder puff is pretty thin, but I find it's fine for the job. It's best to dab up a bit of the powder, or pour a bit onto the puff from the hole I've made in the lid, then tap the puff on the lid so that the excess falls into the lid. Then I apply, rubbing the powder in with my fingers where subtle streaks may have built up. I reapply using the powder already gathered in the lid, so as to conserve and also create a lighter effect. I'm a bit too old to be using much of this unless it's for cosplay or nights of serious clubbing.

As they say, glitter is the 'herpes' of the art world - and it's the same with the makeup. It doesn't really disappear very well. To a degree, certainly, but unless you roll around quite a bit in some sheets devoid of other sparkly specks, take a shower, or something similar, you're going to carry around at least a slight sheen. Nothing wrong with that though. That's what we're using gold dust powder for. Sheeny shiny gold dusty sparkliness!

    • Feels natural


The little jar this comes in is cute, but the one thing that held this product back from being 5 stars. Designed in 1994 and not changed much since, it appears outdated, but that's not what kills it. Regular use and wear crack and peel the gold lid til the paint wears almost completely away. The result is a pretty ghetto-looking jar lid, with the clear plastic below exposed. It's not a tragedy or anything, but it kept me from letting this be a 5 star product.

The 2.5" x 2" plastic jar features a secure lid for traveling purpose. It's recyclable wherever type '7' plastics are accepted.

The 1 oz. jar will probably last you several years. A little glitter really goes a long way.

Special Features

This product is not tested on animals! Yay!

Personal comments

This was created right here in the USA, so those of you who consciously purchase things made here in the States can rest easy.

I use this almost every time I go out. I dust it on my eyelids and brow bone, cheekbones, blonde hair and my decolletage. I sometimes drag a powder-prepped puff up and down each arm to add shine there, as well as my shoulders and hands. I love the way it makes me feel, and the gentle shine is so sweet and sexy.
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