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12 days of Christmas lip set

Lip balm by Not Soap Radio

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"Merry Kiss-mas!"

The 12 Days of Christmas lip set contains a variety of lip balms and 2 brown sugar scrubs to keep your lips soft and supple. This would make a great gift or split it up into stocking stuffers! It doesn't have to be Christmas time to enjoy this set either. The balms are silky and soft and my lips feel amazing! They all smell wonderful and taste sweet. I can't find a single flaw with this set. I just love everything about it! You get a great deal and a variety of lip balms to choose from.
Variety, Great Price, Smells and Tastes Delicious!, High Quality Ingredients, Cute Packaging, ect.
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The 12 days of Christmas lip set contains 10 pots of yummy delicious lip balms and 2 pots of brown sugar scrub to make your lips luscious and sweet! The Christmas theme makes it great to give as a gift or just to keep for yourself. I purchased this in April so don't think that it has to be Christmas in order to enjoy these wonderful lip products! If Christmas is a long ways away but you're feeling nostalgic this is a great set to bring you a little extra Christmas cheer no matter what time of the year it is.

The brown sugar scrub gently buffs away rough flaky skin on chapped lips and leaves them soft and ready for lip balm. Pick any lip balm you want and smoothe it on your lips and enjoy the sweet scent and taste. Everyone deserves a little pampering now and then and sometimes lips need extra care, especially in the winter if you're purchasing this set closer to Christmas time. Throw out that boring old chapstick and indulge in something yummy and sweet!

I doubt anyone would have any sort of reaction to these products. They mostly contain natural moisturizing ingredients. I read through all the ingredients and didn't see any parabens either although it doesn't actually state, "paraben free" anywhere on the packaging. The lip balms contain glycerin but that really shouldn't be a problem. Some people are sensitive to glycerin in lubes for example but this is strictly for the lips so I don't think you should worry about that. Could this set be for guys too? Absolutely! I think guys should take care of their lips just as much as girls do! Don't you? Soft luscious lips are sexy on everybody.
    • Gift
    • Indulgence
    • Pampering

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

All of the lip balms are very silky and soft and melt slightly when you rub your fingertip over them. The brown sugar scrubs are obviously grainy and slightly abrasive. The matte lip balms are like lip conditioners. They don't leave any shine and the balm just soaks into your lips leaving them soft and moisturized. The shiny lip blams definitely make your lips shiny without feeling too goopy or sticky. I can't stress enough that these lip balms are so soft and makes your lips feel amazing! I think the quality of everything is great and I can't find one thing to complain about!
    • Silky
    • Smooth
    • Thin

Taste / Aroma

Yum yum! Where do I begin? How about starting from the top left and working my way down.

1. Matte Lips - a moisturizing lip balm with no shine. Smells like "pink" and is really sweet and sugary.
2. Cocoa Butter Lips - matte lip balm. Smells like a cup of hot cocoa! It smells delicious!
3. Lip Conditioner - matte lip balm. Smells so yummy but I can't figure out what scent it is! It's hard for me to describe but to me it kind of smells like a sweet powdery marshmallow.
4. Sweet Kisses - shiny lip balm. It smells like a juicy candy similar to a watermelon Jolly Rancher or something. It's fruity, juicy, and sweet.
5. Shiny Lips - shiny lip balm. The scent definitely reminds me of berries like raspberries or cranberries.
6. Vanilla Mint Lip Balm - shiny lip balm. Smells just like like vanilla mint! Yum!

7. Exfoliating Lip Scrub - Smells like brown sugar!
8. Brown Sugar Lip Scrub - Smells and looks the same as above.
9. Lip Conditioner - Works great underneath lipstick or used at night to keeps your lips soft. It smells sweet, sugary, and clean.
10. Super Shiny Lips - shiny lip balm. Smells like watermelon to me!
11. Breath Mint Lip Balm - shiny lip balm. It smells like vanilla mint and tastes yummy too!
12. Matte Lips - matte lip balm. Smells a little tarty and kind of reminds me of sugarplums.

Out of all of them my favorite is the purple one with the angels on it. I don't know what scent it is but it's so yummy! I also really like the vanilla mint. All of the lip balms smell strong to the point where you can smell them after you've applied them to your lips. All the lip balms taste sweet. The mint tastes minty and the brown sugar scrub tastes like brown sugar. There's no yucky bitter aftertastes here! Only yummy sweet flavors.
    • Light smell
    • Light taste
    • Strong smell


The brown sugar scrub should be applied to the lips and then rubbed into the skin in small little circles for about 15 seconds or longer. When you feel like your lips are exfoliated well then it's time to rinse it off and then choose a lip balm.

Some of the lip balms are shiny and some are matte. The matte ones are good lip conditioners and are best used at night before bed, in the morning before putting on makeup, or used right underneath your lipstick. The shiny ones make great lip glosses by themselves or over lipstick. The minty one freshens up your breath the more you lick it off. Each lip balm is different either by color, scent, or use. The colored balms are slightly tinted but none of them were dark enough to show up on my lips at all. I noticed that the matte lip balms absorb quickly and leave my lips feeling soft for hours. All of the lip balms lasted for a long time on me but they eventually wore off because I was licking my lips and drinking/eating. They have to be reapplied just like your typical lip balm.
    • Absorbs into skin nicely
    • Feels natural
    • Reapply often


Closed Set

This set comes inside of a clear plastic bag with white edges. It has a white plastic zipper and zipper pull along the short side top of the bag. It's really cute and definitely something you'll want to keep to store your lip balms in. Or you can take the lip balms out and use the bag for something else like makeup or anything you can think of that could fit. The bag measures 4" across, 5 3/4" tall, and about 1" wide.

Inside is a light cardboard insert with cute Christmas designs on the side facing out and info on the side facing in. The front shows some of the sticker designs and says, "12 days of Christmas lip-stravaganza, get mistletoe ready and say Merry Kiss-Mas with our holiday collection of spa treats for lips." It looks really cute and festive! The side with the info on it has a small black and white pic of each of the stickers on the lip balms/scrubs and describes in detail what that specific lip product is for, how to use it, and the ingredients for each. I love the amount of detail they give you!

The Not Soap Radio logo is written down in the lower left corner in red. It also says down at the bottom in small print, "Made in the USA. Never tested on animals."

Not Soap Radio Website

Top 6

Bottom 6

The lip balms/scrubs come in small white plastic pots with black lids with a round sticker on each. They each contain 1/3 oz. of product. The containers measure 1" tall. That might not sound like much but to me they look like your typical lip gloss pot. I'm not sure yet how far down the product goes but I'll let you know when I do the follow up later. It only takes a tiny bit of product for your lips and they give you such a large selection that I'm sure this will last me a long time.

The packaging looks cute and Christmasy and you could never tell that you purchased it from an adult website. The zippered bag makes it great for traveling with or for gift giving! A cool idea I was thinking of is that you could take all the pots out and use them as stocking stuffers so you could get more than one gift out of the set. You could keep a couple that you like the most and give the rest away if you wanted to. I bought this set in the middle of April so they're all mine for now! But if Eden still carries this product by Christmas time I'd love to purchase some more sets as gifts.
    • Cute packaging
    • Very informative packaging
    • Would make a nice gift!

Personal comments

Christmas is one of my favorite holidays and often in the spring or summer I get awfully nostalgic! It's the middle of April and even though Christmas is a a long ways away I couldn't help but want this super cute set. It's also a really good deal when you think about it! You get 12 products all together in the set. If you purchased any other lip balms or scrubs seperately it costs $4.99 for just one! This set is a really great deal if you really want to try some of the lip products from Not Soap Radio. If you're really not into the Christmas theme you could take the stickers off and put your own stickers on the tops if you wanted to.

I'm really happy about this set! I hope when Christmas gets closer EF adds more Christmas themed or Winter themed items to the site. I would love that!
Follow-up commentary
I use all my lipglosses and balms all the time. Unfortunately, I've found that they don't last very long and wear off easily so I have to reapply it hour by hour. Sticking my finger in the little pots and swirling it around can get old fast after using this set day after day. I also find myself dumping all the little pots out of the zippered pouch to get different ones out all the time. Sometimes it's easier just to have them all out at once but it takes up space. It's a great set and has the potential of being a great Christmas gift or being split up into stocking stuffers. For this reason alone I would definitely repurchase this set in the future. I enjoy this set a lot but I wish they would moisturize better and last longer! The brown sugar scrubs are excellent though and I've pretty much used them up at this point. I still like this set a lot and I think it's a really good value!
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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