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Botanical body mist

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Mother Nature's Perfume

This botanical body mist will not be for everyone. It takes some getting use to and the price may deter some from taking a risk on it.
All natural, multiple uses
Strong smell
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It's labeled as a body mist, but it's more so a multi-purpose scent enhancer. Spray it on your body, your hair, clothes, linens, or merely spritz it in a room or area that needs a bit of refreshing. With this mist you've got plenty of options. Due to the strong scent, the latter may become this body mist's main usage.

The Come Hither fragrance is geared towards women, though some may deem it unisex once they smell it. For the woman that's looking for a light and airy scent, this won't meet that need. Come Hither is more of an everyday, casual scent for those who want an all natural product free of all harmful chemicals.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

There isn't a difference between the consistency of this body mist and other mists on the market. It looks and sprays like water and evaporates in seconds. Once sprayed, there are no visible signs of stains or residue left behind on the skin or fabric. Just note that when sprayed on the skin it may be necessary to rub it in slightly.

Take notice that the solution is not clear. Initially, I blamed its cloudiness on the color of the bottle, but after pouring some of the fragrance in to the top, it does indeed have a color to it. The yellowish tint to the liquid can make one apprehensive on spraying it on certain fabrics, but again the color is represented only in the liquid. It does not transfer on to other items. If you're still unsure feel free to test the mist before freely spraying it on certain items.

Before each use, it's recommended to give the bottle a nice shake, I'm guessing for maximum performance.

Taste / Aroma

It's hard to describe exactly what makes up the Come Hither Scent. The label does not give any specifics, mentioning only the distilled water, brandy, and what can be assumed to be a secret blend of pure essential oils that make up the fragrance. However, a long list of ingredients isn't needed to describe the initial reaction to this scent. It possesses a strong aroma that can easily nauseate those sensitive to smell. Headaches can occur with some people as well. Luckily, after a few moments the intensity fades away and you're left with a earthy/floral scent that you'll either love or hate.

It smells completely different depending on the person that sprays it. Some will get the subtle smell of the outdoors and others it'll smell like a flower pot exploded over their heads. It's not for everyone. If you're not a fan of potpourri you definitely won't like it.


The scent will linger for quite some time. A couple of sprays in to the air of any room is enough to have it smelling like the great outdoors for several hours, if not all day. Nearby areas will not be left untouched by the smell. The strong aroma can initially be smelled a few feet away, even further. You'll almost think its following you if you know for sure that you did not spray the mist on your body. With time the scent does fade.

On linen, the scent is not nearly as strong. You'll smell it the most when you bring your face to where ever you sprayed. It does linger, so do not be surprised when you lay down on your sheets and they smell like a flower garden.

When sprayed on the skin the scent changes the most. On some the scent is overpowering. It almost smells like soil with a hint of flowers added in to it. You won't care what it smells like, you'll just want it off of you as soon as possible. Thank goodness that soap and water easily wash the smell away. Others will achieve a floral scent that almost smells like it came from another bottle. It varies depending on the person and where/what you spray it on.

This mist makes a powerful statement and unfortunately it takes a few minutes to find out whether or not you like what statement it makes. It's like a surprise in a bottle.


What you see is what you get. The body mist comes wrapped in protective plastic inside of a brown glass bottle. What little information you'll need is printed around the label. The glass bottle is actually a nice touch. It makes it stand out from other mists and it will look nice sitting out on any counter top. If you're going to travel with your bottle just be mindful that it is glass and take the necessary precautions to avoid any breakage.

Personal comments

I've had this body mist for a few weeks now and my opinion has changed over the course of time. When I saw the product I instantly got excited because I'm big on using natural ingredients. I had to review it. The day it came in the mail, I immediately ripped in to the package to smell the contents of the bottle. I thought I had carefully chosen the right scent and I was wrong. I hated the way it smelled and wanted to send it back from the disappointment alone. My brother was the first to spray it. He had a similar reaction to mine, but then quickly decided that he liked the earthy tones. Why he appreciated smelling like soil still baffles me. I did, however, appreciate his willingness to try it out. His reaction also made me think that perhaps this scent was better suited for a man. The next day my sister and mom tried out the spray and it smelled completely different on them, making me have to rethink who exactly this mist was for. My mother hated the woodsy smell she got when she sniffed from the bottle and then changed her mind when she sprayed it on her skin. She didn't think the floral scent was that bad at all, though she said it did take some getting use to. My sister found it to be strong. I refused to wear it and stuck to spritzing it around the house. Better that the house smelled like a garden than me.

Recently, the strength of the scent has weakened. It could be that I've just gotten use to it, but now it's not as "in your face" as it use to be. I've even sprayed it on my skin and surprisingly it's not as awful as I thought. It's lighter in smell and does not make me want to wash it off immediately. I still would only recommend one or two sprays. Anything else is going overboard. Had I written this review sooner, I think I would've told everyone not to waste their money. While this still isn't my most favorite scent in the world, I do think that it's worth giving a chance if you've got the money, prefer natural products and don't mind smelling of nature. The best part is if you hate it as a perfume you can always just use it as an air freshener, or spray it on artificial plants perhaps.
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