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Botanical Body Mist smells delightful on skin. Use it for a light scent on hair, clothes or in the air to freshen a room. While it smells similar to patchouli on inanimate objects and in the air, it smells almost floral on skin. As a body mist, it can be used liberally without as much worry about overdoing it.
Smells great on skin, safe, natural ingredients, not tested on animals.
Possibly unfair con: it doesn't smell as good in the air as on the skin.
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Botanical Body Mist can be used to add a subtle fragrance to yourself, your bedding, or your hair, or it can be sprayed into a room to scent parts of your home.

Body mists are the lightest form of fragrance, consisting mostly of water and alcohol, so you won't need to worry as much about overdoing it. While perfumes have 15-40% essential oils, body mists contain only 1-3% extracts.

It can be used as an all over body spray, applied either right after a bath or shower or right before you go out.

It can be sprayed on upholstery, linens, inside cars or in the air in your home to add a fragrant scent or mask odors.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

Botanical body mist has a watery consistency, probably like all body mists. While it looks like a cloudy solution in the bottle, it does not appear to have significant color once sprayed, although this is a bit difficult to tell from a spray product.

Once sprayed onto your skin, it still feels like water, but smells much better. It does not leave a residue of any kind on your skin once it is rubbed in.

Taste / Aroma

The label states that Botanical Body Mist is composed of distilled water, brandy, and our sensuous Enchanted Amber blend of essential oils and resins.

When the Enchanted Amber mix is sprayed onto cloth items or into a room, it smells musky and is reminiscent of patchouli. When sprayed onto skin, it smells entirely different. On skin, it smells almost floral. Fragrances are known to react and smell differently on different people so your experience may vary. It's remarkable, however, how different this product can smell when used for different purposes.


When sprayed on the skin in the morning, the scent will be mostly gone by the end of the day.

After spraying three pumps into a bathroom, the scent lasted for two days. Surprisingly, it seemed almost as strong on the second day as it did the first. On the third day, the scent could no longer be detected. This product could serve as an easy way to add scent to a room that might not otherwise smell as fresh as one would desire.

While the patchouli-like scent the Enchanted Amber scent gives a room is not to everyone's taste, its scent on skin does not resemble patchouli and is absolutely delightful.

When used either on skin or elsewhere, the scent is best right after application. With time, the scent changes. The best part of the scent, the fruity, sweet component, is the first element to fade. The musky, patchouli scent does not take over on skin however, as it does when sprayed on cloth items or in the air.


Botanical Body Mist arrives in just the bottle itself with no exterior box around it. The product is inside an amber glass bottle to preserve the product.

The label recommends using this aromatherapeutic body mist to scent the body, clothes, hair, linens or room. It states that it contains 'delicious concentrations of sweet amber and warm citrus essential oils.'

The instructions say to 'shake well and spritz as desired on anything you wish to smell divine.'

Sensuous Beauty makes their products in small batches using organic ingredients. It contains no parabens or synthetic fragrances. Their products are tested only on people, not animals.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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