Oh Honey...wanna know how to butter me up?

I only have one problem with this product. I love the fresh berry scent and find it addicting. I love the way this performs and I even love the glitter.


If I hide it so she doesn't steal it from me...that means I usually lose it.

So my problem? I need to buy a second jar - one for her - one for me.

Hey...maybe now I'll get a son-in-law...and grandbabies?
Sweet berry/fruity/vanilla scent
Rich creme that lasts
Sweet berry/fruity/vanilla scent
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There are several products in the Flirty Little Secret line by Booty Parlor. This product is the body butter which is designed to be used on the main portions of your body, but not your genitals or your face.

The ingredients in this are: Brazilian Murumuru and Cupuacu butters, with luscious jojoba, coconut and avocado oils, age-defying antioxidants found in Cranberry and Acai oils.

I do suggest testing this on a small portion of your skin if you suspect you may have a reaction to any of those ingredients.

In this review, I will be covering its performance as a body butter/moisturizer and how the scent seems to me. I will not be discussing anything about pheromones because at this point, it is hard to prove that they exist/don't exist and what is a real reaction vs. a placebo. So I will be only covering the scent as a fragrance/aroma and the moisturizing qualities. Thanks for understanding this

This product is paraben-free and lanolin-free.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

When I think of textures, I think of a thin texture as something that you pour out of a bottle or tube. A thick texture is something that you have to work to spread around on your body.

With that in mind, to me this is a medium textured product. It is very creamy, which means it spreads very easily and it only takes a little bit to moisturize your body. Let me show you some pictures.

Do you see that little bit on the spoon? That covered both of my hands and my arms and I did not need any more and was still rubbing it in a bit.

It felt like it absorbed into my skin immediately, except for the excess that I had because I'd used too much. It also stays in my skin and helps it stay soft for hours. I find I can apply this twice a day and use no other moisturizers on my body and it does an excellent job.

I don't find this to be at all greasy or oily - simply a creamy smooth product. Massaging it into my skin is very enjoyable and I almost find myself wishing that I had to use more.

In addition to the product moisturizing your skin though, we found that it added a bit of glitter. My daughter and I tried and tried to get pictures of this glitter and this is the closest we could come and it really doesn't even show it:

The glitter isn't overly noticeable until the light hits it and the glitter is so small that it isn't overwhelming. I could probably wear this out to Walmart and not look so glittery that people in my small town would wonder if I was a "lady of the night" (unless I wore some of the lingerie that I review at the same time)!
    • Creamy
    • Smooth

Taste / Aroma

I keep trying to come up with a way to describe the aroma. The scent description for the product says "blackberry/honey" but I smell vanilla and very very sweet berries. I don't like honey and if I'm smelling it in there, I am not recognizing it at all.

I did some research on what perfumes use blackberry and honey in them and came up with three fragrances. Perhaps if you are familiar with them, it will help you get a feel for what this is like - I don't know.

Bouche Baie by Nez A Nez has both of those ingredients in it - with a lot of flowers - so I suspect that may not be a great comparison since I don't smell flowers in this at all.

FM32 (Classic) by Federico Mahora has blackberry and honey in its topnotes along with mango, mandarin and chocolate. I could not find anything about the middle or base notes.

Royal Desire by Christine Aguilara has blackberry in its top notes along with mandarin and marshmallow.

The first two days that we had this product, my daughter and I kept going over and opening the container and just smelling it. While it was a very strong smell as it came out of the jar, and while the scent fills the air as you rub it into your body, it does dissipate down to a medium strength within about half an hour.

I tried to lick my arm a few minutes after applying this - not to see if it was "edible" to see if it would be "kissable". It was ok. It didn't taste bad - it just didn't taste good either.

There is no chemical "after-smell" to this product.
    • Smells good
    • Strong smell
    • Sweet berry smell


My skin was still smooth 12-18 hours after using this and there was still a very light scent on my arms and hands where I had applied the most. I actually smelled this a bit as I woke up and it brought a smile to my face because it was a light, sweet scent.

Now, I hate to compare products sometimes because I don't want it to seem like I'm putting one product down over another. But I really feel like I should make this comparison.

A lot of folks on Eden Fantasys love the Cake products and the Principessa products. I find them (and others have told me that they find them) to be heavier scents and the products themselves are thicker on the body. They are very rich feeling - and they are a quality product. But it would be like putting a blank right on top of your body when you go to bed.

The other two lines that I know of - Venus and Not Soap Radio have lighter scents - but also products that are not as heavy when you put them on your skin. It would be like covering yourself with a sheet instead of a blanket because the products don't feel as heavy. To some, they might not feel as luxurious.

In scent and texture, Flirty Little Secret is probably closest to the Venus line for really sweet almost realistic scent and closest to Not Soap Radio for being more of a body souffle (a whipped butter) than a body butter.

So if you've used any of those products or all of those products, then that gives you something to compare this to. (I can't yet compare it to DONA).

Oh - this is creamier and richer than the Simply Sensual - almost like there are a bit more fats in the butter - but - it isn't as thick as that product line either.

But as far as performance goes - it out performed the Not Soap Radio, Venus, and Simply Sensual products for how long the fragrance lasts and it performed as well as the others or possibly better for how long the moisturizing effects lasted. (I can't use Cake or Principessa because they give me headaches).
    • Absorbs into skin nicely
    • Long lasting
    • Performance


I love the jar this comes in and the black cover looks just so cute. Here are some pictures of how the product is packaged.

Personal comments

I don't think that Eden Fantasys currently carries all of the products that Booty Parlor makes. You may want to visit their website to see all of the products that are carried and then search here on Eden for any that you might be interested in - or send Eden a support ticket and ask them to start carrying more products.

I know that I am putting some more Booty Parlor products in my next order because I am highly impressed with the quality of this one product and the type of scents and products that they offer.

To learn more about this product and even see a short video about it, please visit the product page on the Booty Parlor website.
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    wow you are a great reviewer!
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    great review! heres to hoping for grandbabies!
  • Contributor: Newmie
    great review! heres to hoping for grandbabies!
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