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Carnal pleasures collection

Sensual kit by Shunga Erotic Art

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Our Wonderful Carnal Collection

Even if you don't like the sensations balm, four out of five of these products will definitely be a hit with you; enticing you into sensual lovemaking with their delicious scents and flavors and the need to rub and touch each other all over with them. A great gift for yourself or a loved one.
4/5 of products are awesome, Smell great, Taste great, and will last a while
Sensations balm does not smell good or taste good, but it will numb you
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This entire kit is the perfect gift to spoil any lover, or even yourself. It comes with a nice variety of some of Shunga's most popular products, that are popular for very good reason. With 5 different products inside, there's going to be at least one thing you and your partner will enjoy, if for no other reason than the fact you get to nibble on each other all night long.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

Since there are 5 different products here, I'll cover them in a list format as best I can.

The massage cream: Has a fairly thin texture to it. It does sink into the skin very nicely, and will stay put on the body pretty well. If you tilt the jar, you will be able to pour some out, but it'll work better if you just use your fingers to remove it. It feels nice and silky between the fingers, but will leave the skin feeling slightly sticky for a short while.

The intimate kisses aphrodisiac oil: This oil shares a consistency with a watered down syrup, or something similar to the way warm syrup pours out on to pancakes. It's thick enough that it won't just pour out everywhere while you're trying to pour some out, but it is thin enough that if you pour some onto your hand and hold it straight up, it will run.

The sweet snow: The closest thing I can think of to the consistency of the sweet snow powder is cornstarch. It's got the same silky texture to it and will leave your skin feeling very smooth.

The massage oil: Definitely on the runnier side of what an oil can be. It comes out of the bottle very easily, just as if you were pouring water. It goes on very smooth and silky and spreads around really well, all while somehow managing to not be overly greasy or oily.

The sensations balm: I have a hard time trying to describe the texture and consistency of the sensations balm. If you tilt the jar, it'll move around, and if you hold it at the right angle, it'll even pour out. That being said, it'll also stay put pretty well too. It's somewhere between a jelly and a cream, behaving more like a watery cream (similar to the massage cream above) but looking a lot like a jelly.

Taste / Aroma

This kit comes in a few different "flavors" depending on where you buy it from. Mine came from a brick and mortar store and came with the fruit, cherry, or strawberries and champagne option of everything.

The massage cream: This one came in blazing cherry, and while similar to the sweet snow, it's not quite a Smartees taste. It does smell and taste distinctly like cherry flavored candy.

The intimate kisses aphrodisiac oil: My one and only strawberries and champagne option, this one is also on par with a candy. Think the strawberry Jolly Ranchers, and that's almost exactly the taste you'll get. Once it's on you, it can easily be smelled from a few feet away, but isn't overwhelming in the least.

The sweet snow: This was one of the blazing cherry options. To my husband and I, it smells a lot like Smartees Candy powder, and tastes almost exactly the same, with just the slightest hint of a diet aftertaste, thanks to the artificial sugar in the powder. The scent is light, and encourages being close.

The massage oil: This was an exotic fruits option. It smells a lot like juicy fruit in a really fantastic way. Less candy-like than some of their other scents, but definitely still candy-esque. I also have the vanilla scented oil, and it smells like a candied vanilla. It's not necessarily edible, but won't hurt you if you manage to ingest some. To me, it didn't really taste like anything. The scent will linger as long as most lotions do, and be able to be smelled if you're pretty close.

The sensations balm: The blazing cherry sensations balm both smells and tastes like cherry cough syrup, almost a dead ringer for the cherry Nyquil, except Nyquil doesn't make your tongue and throat numb. Fortunately the scent isn't all that strong, so if you do end up wearing this at all, it won't be noticeable really unless you're right up on the skin that's wearing it.


All things considered, I'd call everything a "success" in the performance department, even if I wasn't personally all that thrilled with it.

The massage cream: Performs better as a regular lotion than for lengthy massages. Short ones between 5 and 10 minutes or so should be just fine though. Some might end up feeling a little sticky afterwards, and you can either use some of the sweet snow to dust your skin with, or you can wash it off with soap and water.

The intimate kisses aphrodisiac oil: Works really well for longer massages, although will almost definitely leave you feeling like you need a shower. If you have the spare time to sit around and wait for it, your skin will eventually stop feeling sticky, although my hands have had to get washed off every single time I've used it. You can easily remove this with soap and water.

The sweet snow: Leaves you lightly scented as long as you can manage to keep the powder on. In situations with sweat, it doesn't seem to get sticky at all, and you can even use the powder as a sort of talc powder when it's really hot out to keep your thighs from chafing. If you want the powder off of you, you can either have your partner lick it off or take a damp washcloth to it.

The massage oil: Quite easily my personal favorite out of the bunch here. It works great for massages, and as a moisturizer after a bath or shower. It can be added to a bath as well to make you feel more luxurious when you get out of the tub. You can warm it up for nice warm massages, or you can leave it in the fridge and cool it down for nice chilled massages.

The sensations balm: While it tastes like cough medicine, it does actually do what it says it will; numb you. Ideally you would use this orally to numb the back of your throat to reduce the gag reflex while giving oral sex. Because of the sugars, parabens, and general consistency of the gel, I would hesitate to let it anywhere near a vagina, however you could probably apply it to a condom covered penis for some slight numbing effects as well. Orally, I was instructed to gargle some with water so it would evenly coat everything I wanted it to. I've also tried just licking some off my hand. Both resulted in large chunks of my mouth being numb like I was at the dentist for just over 10 minutes or so, although with gargling with water it was more even. If you do apply it to the skin, it'll stop feeling stickyish after 5 or 10 minutes, but you can easily take it off with a wet washcloth.


The packaging is amazing. A very sturdy cardboard cylinder houses everything I just told you about, and in a super classy way. It isn't necessarily discreet, since it does have Shunga's characteristic artwork and says "carnal pleasures collection," but it is classy enough to leave out if you won't be scrutinized too much for it.

Mine came with a few sheets that told you what exactly everything was, and the best way to use it. Each of the containers except for the snow came with an ingredient list, and to save space, I'll point you to my more detailed reviews of the massage cream, intimate kisses oil, sweet snow, and massage oil for those ingredients lists.

The ingredients for the sensations balm desensitizing gel are as follows: active ingredient - benzocaine 7.5%. This is what makes you numb. Inactive ingredients - water, peg 8, glycerin, propylene glycol, flavor, triethanolamine, carbomer, methyl paraben, propyl paraben, sucralose, red #40, and red #33. You should definitely never get this near a vagina, and you should definitely avoid this if you have sensitivities to artificial sugars. The jar itself though, is still really nice at least, giving you a whole 2 ounces with dosage instructions of 1-3 ml. The lid screws on nice and tightly, and there's no spillage worries.


I'm probably going to have to say I'm with everybody else here, that I will probably never use the sensations balm again. I like the theory, but I can't stand the smell or the taste, and my husband quite frequently vomits every time he has cough syrup, so for me to taste like that at all and kiss him? Probably a bad idea.

Everything else I feel was definitely worth it, and have purchased the regular massage oil over again because I use it enough as a moisturizer out of the shower. The powder gets used more in the summer, and in addition to being a tasty treat in general and helping to keep you dry, it can also make balls smell and taste a whole lot better than they might, especially in warmer weather. The massage cream I use occasionally, and it's a toss-up between whether I'm using it for a massage or a lotion, but I enjoy both to be honest. The intimate kisses oil gets used the least frequently out of everything here but the balm, but that's because we both often feel like we want to take a shower after we're done using it, and we just don't manage to get the shower to line up right with right after a massage.

Overall, I would definitely recommend getting this as a gift for yourself or a loved one if you've been thinking about it. Four out of five of these products are pretty awesome, and chances are somebody will like the sensations balm.
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