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Smell Fresh And Clean (Green Tea)

The Simply sensual body lotion can be used everyday to help add hydration to your skin. There are some allergy causing ingredients in this lotion, but I did find it sensitive skin friendly. This lotion is effective in adding moisture to your skin, but does leave behind a greasy feel. There are three scents to pick from and the green tea is wonderful.
Moisturizing, works for sensitive skin, smells good, and affordable price.
Allergy causing ingredients, no pheromone reaction, and greasy feel.
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Simply sensual body lotion is used to help moisturize your skin and add a scent to your skin. There are three different scents for you to pick from. This lotion is specially formulated for all types of skin and even works for those with the most sensitive skin. It is also infused with Pheromones. This is a lotion that can be used on all areas of the body. Prior to use you should spot test with this lotion just in case of an allergic reaction.

This lotion is great for daily use. The bottle is small enough to fit in most average sized purses. The slickness of the lotion makes for a great message lotion. The smell of the green tea itself is addicting.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The lotion bottle has a push top that pops up and there is a cut out to dispense the lotion. You must squeeze the bottle to get the desired amount. The lotion comes out fairly easy. This lotion is thick and watery at the same time. It is not watery to the point of being runny, but it is watery. When you rub in the lotion you will notice it velvety soft texture, but once it is completely rubbed in you will notice the greasy residue that is left behind. This greasy residue reminds me of the greasy feeling that is left on your hands after playing with play dough or cookie dough. Once these greasy feeling is completely absorb your skin is super smooth.

Taste / Aroma

There are three scent options to pick from white lavender, pomegranate ginger, and green tea. This review is for green tea. The bottle explains green tea as "Simply scented with an alluring essence of grren tea aloe... herbal blend balanced with Aloe Vera. This explains this lotion scent pretty well. It smells like any Aloe Vera lotion. It is a fresh and clean smell that is not at all overwhelming. The smell does stay on your skin, but is only detected if you smell your skin.

You should not ingest this lotion; however, if you happen to put your fingers in your mouth after apply this lotion you will taste it. It is not an unpleasant taste, but it is not very tasty. It will taste like plan lotion.


This lotion last along time without needing to reapply. The soft yet greasy residue that is on your skin after applying lingers around for a while afterward, but once it is gone you will feel the need to reapply the lotion.

This lotion is effective on extremely dry and irritated dry skin. I have had eczema my entire life, so I need to regularly apply lotion to my skin. I found this lotion to be effective in areas that had horrible breakouts even. This lotion did not add any extra irritation to my eczema either.

For the best results with this lotion, apply it to your skin after you get out of the shower. You should reapply lotion whenever you feel like you need to, but this lotion stays on your skin well and keeps it well hydrated. Should you want to wash this lotion off, you will need to wash with soap in order to remove it all. There was no pheromone reaction for me, but it does contain pheromones.


This lotion come is a 6oz bottle. There is some useful information on the bottle.

Special Features

Ingredients Breakdown:

Water (Eau)- the most universal compound, it is tasteless, odorless, and colorless, so it is added to many products. It is possible to be allergic to water, but it is rare.

Canola Oil- a low erucic acid from the rapeseed oils. It is used as a skin conditioner.

Glycerin- a natural occurring alcohol compound that is from vegetables or animals. It is used as fragrance ingredient, viscosity controller, and conditioner. This ingredient is known to cause allergies for some.

Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride- a mixture of glycerin, caprylic, and capric acids that are used to add fragrance and condition. This could be allergy causing for some.

Cyclopentasiloxane- a silicon-based cyclic compound that might be associated with environment toxicity. It is used as a skin conditioning agent.

Cyclohexasiloxane- is a cyclic silicon-based polymer that is used to condition the skin.

Dimethicone- is a silicon-based polymer that is used as a anti-foaming agent, skin protectant, and skin conditioner.

Steareth-21- is a synthetic surfactant made of polyethylene glycol polymer and stearyl alcohol that is used a cleansing agent.

Cetyl Lactate- is an ester of cetyl alcohol and lactic acid that is used as a skin conditioner.

Cetyl Alcohol- an organic alcohol from plants and/or animals that is used for viscosity control, foam boosting, and a masking agent.

Copulandrone- Pheromone.

Copuline-alike- Pheromone.

Reconstituted Andronone- Pheromone.

Algin- is an anionic polysaccharide that is found in brown algae that is used for viscosity control and emulsifier.

Propylene Glycol- an organic alcohol used to condition the skin and is known to be allergy causing.

Steareth-2- is a synthetic surfactant made of polyethylene glycol polymer and stearyl alcohol that is used a an emulsifier.

Stearic Acid- a natural occurring fatty acid from animals that is used as a cleansing agent and emulsifier.

Phenoxyethanol- a fragrance and preservative.

Carbomer- is a large polymeric chemical made of acrylic acid monomers used for viscosity control.

Triethanolamine- is a strongly alkaline substance that is used to balance the Ph levels.

Sorbic Acid- is a calcium salt of Sorbic Acid used as a preservative.

Disodium EDTA- is a chelating agent that is used for viscosity control and control the metal ions in the product.

Fragrance- what is added to give scent. This can be allergy causing.

Blue 1 (CI 42090)- colorant.

Yellow 5 (CI 19140)- colorant.
Follow-up commentary
I carry this lotion in my purse. The bottle doesn't leak, so it works good in there. I love the Green Tea scent. It's a nice lotion at a decent price. You really can't go wrong with this lotion.
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    Will have to check out all the ingredients, don't want to be allergic!
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