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And so began my love affair with Liberator…

Want to give your bedroom a makeover in 2 easy steps? Try the Wedge and Ramp Combo – it’ll refresh tried and true positions while offering new ways to give and receive pleasure. If you have a bad back or knees, are pregnant, have height or weight disparities from your partner – this set is a must have. And, trust me, you’ll find yourself using it for more than just sex. Liberator lover for life? Yes!
Well made. Works perfectly. Easy to clean. Use together or separate.
Might seem too expensive (until you try them).
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extremely useful review
I have often joked about how “once I win the lottery” I’d have a Liberator room. This is review is the unfurling of the reason why.

But first, the back story. Like many, I scoffed at what I thought was just foam shapes and what looked like velveteen covers. Sure we have plenty of great reviews on this set, but I held out. I figured the shapes wouldn’t get used that often even if they were sturdy. I’m sure many of you are nodding right now, some knowingly. You thought the same things, didn’t you?

By now, you know that I did cave, and decided – with my husband’s help - to give these two pieces a try. We both agreed that if they worked, it could make sex a whole lot more fun – and comfortable.

So, I get the enormous box – everyone jokes about this too. A big but not very heavy box. Not easy to carry but not impossible for one person to lift and get inside on your own. And it’s well packed. The two shapes are in super thick printed white plastic, that say “Love All Ways” and “Liberator” on it, with red lipstick lips. The plastic should be carefully cut open, as to not nick your shapes. Also in the box in your ‘Positions Book’ – which covers positions for the Wedge and Ramp as well as other shapes…definitely gets you lusting for more of the collection! There is also a product card that tells you how to proceed. Wash the covers first, play later. My very purple set looked great out of the package, but I obeyed – and I’m glad I did. Under the covers is a second covering that is permanent and boasts a Teflon coating – so you can be sure you’ve got double barrier protection during playtime. Don’t ever even try to remove the under cover - it's there for a reason. Less than 2 hours later they were washed, dried (low settings only) and back on the shapes. The fabric looks more lustrous. I noticed a difference in friction right away – the Wedge and Ramp clung to each other much better. Ok, I was convinced.

That’s the thing that surprised me most. I thought when put together that they might slide a bit – but they don’t. At all. The microfiber grips really well. Granted, it also shows bodily fluids and lube really well too – but hey, it’s washable. After every use, both pieces look brand new and the foam shows no signs of denting or softening. Miraculous foam? Maybe!

Oh! Before you read the sexy (sorta) personal details below, you should know that you can use these for lower back pain too, if you like to read or watch TV in bed, the Ramp props you up firmly. Or use the Wedge under your knees or ankles when your feet are sore. Even better - use both, to be cradled in a propped up back and feet position. And I imagine these would be wonderful for a pregnant woman to have for relaxation and more comfortable sex with her partner. As well as any one with disabilities or who has had recent surgery. I have terrible arthritis in my knees and hands, and I can attest that the height and angles made possible are very helpful in lessening discomfort.
Now, I’m gonna be honest with y’all. I am a big girl and my hubs is a big guy. We’re both really tall and just big all over. Edge of the bed stuff has always been a pain, even though we have a high mattress, because my body would always be too low. Missionary and doggy were good but still a low thrust for my husband. If only I were a bit higher…and the same goes oral. Oh my goodness, does this set save you a crick in the neck when going downtown! Fellas and Ladies, no need to lie on your bellies any longer. Your range of motion has just gotten a make over…and it makes a difference. I’m not gonna give too many graphic details here, dears – but you can really get a lot good hand and head movement going.
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  • Sammi
    I, too, would have a Liberator room if I won the lottery Smile. Their sex furniture is awesome!

  • Valyn
    Ooh.. Liberator furniture all sounds so good! I'd totally want a Liberator House! ... I just wouldn't want guests to sit on my Zeppelin or Cocoon, or what have you!

    Great review! You got me drooling again for Liberator products!
  • deceased
    OMG, I think I totally need to seriously consider getting one of these. Building ramps and ducktaping pillows for my partner is starting to get a little weird.
  • Miss Jane
    Hm. I might have to end up investing in one of these.. my partner and I have a height different and sometimes we have to get pretty creative..
  • ~LaUr3n~
    Great review! I still gotta experiment more with mine!
  • Serafina Brightside
    If I could have a room full of sex furniture, toys, and a lava lamp stripper pole, I would believe that I had died and gone to heaven. Great Review!
  • Evoluchun
    wow thanks cause reading through I was thinkin probably not something for plus size women but near the end when you told us both you and your husband won't real petite that changed my mind gonna add this to my wishlist thanks
  • Phoenix713
    Great review, Victoria! I want these so bad!
  • Online
    nice job.
  • cupcake191986
    this product sounds like it would be very fun to try
  • A Good Girl
    Great review! I sure wish a Liberator was in our budget this year!
  • SiNn
    now that ive read ur review yeah i deff want one or a few of these
  • Howells
    I'm pretty looking forward to use the wedge for oral! My neck always hurt the next day when layin on my belly.
  • sweet seduction
    great review!
  • v23
    Nice review! I want this!
  • mistressg
    These do seem so expensive. I know what you mean about being all around big with a big guy. lol Hmmm..maybe this wiiiill have to go on the wishlist. I hadn't really considered it till this review.
  • ParisLove
    Its expensive but it seems like its soo worth it
  • Lolitalia
    Nice review.
  • faust
    nice review
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