Liberator wedge ramp combo - position pillow by Liberator - review by Passionate Pastor

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It's A Game of Angles

If you are looking for something to make sex more exciting, and open up new possibilities for positions, then the Liberator Ramp and Wedge Combo is for you.
Soft, supports weight well, makes many positions more comfortable.
Hard to hide, more expensive then traditional pillows.
Rating by reviewer:
useful review
This is the most expensive sex toy we have ever purchased, and it has been worth every penny. We bought this for two purposes: to increase the enjoyment of sex and to help with conception. First, I will discuss the conception use of Liberator shapes. My wife and I were looking to conceive, and wanted a little help without having to turn to drugs or hormones.

An old tip in helping a woman conceive is to place a pillow under her hips during sex. This elevates her vagina and causes the semen to slide down further, and increase the chance of conception. When we tried to use a pillow it was not firm enough to keep its shape and it kept slipping out of place. These shapes did not lose their shape, nor did the slip out of place, although my wife did have a tendency to slide down if I thrusted too hard. It is also supposed to help with the chances of conceiving a boy, for us it worked!

As for making sex more pleasurable, it also did the job. The beauty of these shapes is that they make different sexual positions possible, and the old stand by positions more comfortable. The ramp and the wedge can be used together or separate. As for the different positions that are possible, this combo comes with a positions guide and one is available from the Liberator website (contains nudity).

The foam has a plastic cover the helps protect the foam from biological fluids and lubes. After that is the soft plush cover that contacts the skin, which can be removed and cleaned in the washing machine. The beauty of this product is that it is extremely soft to the touch, but the foam is firm enough to support two adult bodies in motion.

One downside is that if you want to hide these puppies when they are not in use, it can get kinda tricky. They will not fit under the average sized bed and, unless you have a walk in closet, they also do not hide in a normal size closet. The good thing is that they do not have to be hidden, as they are not as obvious as some other sex toys. Many married couples even leave them out and even let their children use them as an indoor playground. Over all this combo is a great investment for any married couple looking to conceive, and add a little spice to the bedroom.
The imagination is the only limitation to the number of positions possible with this combo.
Follow-up commentary
We still use this some but we have kinda moved beyond them. We found these were great as an introduction into sex toys but our bag of tricks does not include this very often.
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  • Mamastoys
    Way out of my price range! I can't even put this one on my wish list!! But thanks for the review!
  • Passionate Pastor
    They are expensive but they are worth it!!!
  • Sammi
    I love liberator furniture! The one we have the kids use as a "space chair".
    This is one I'd like to try.
    Nice review!
  • DreamyLove
    Great review! This is going on my wishlist. Thanks for the bit about using them to aid in conception.
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    Honestly, the pillow for conception seems like an old wives' tale and I wouldn't give it any weight. However, I'm glad you enjoyed.
  • Pleasureman
    How is this supposed to increase the chances of having a boy?
  • Miss Cinnamon
    Regardless of whether it was the Liberator furniture that helped you conceive a boy or not, congratulations! And thank you for the review Smile
  • Airen Wolf
    Actually there is some truth to the "wives tale" for women that have a cervix that is tilted just so. It allows the ejaculate to pool at the optimum point for the cervical cont4ractions to "scoop" up the fluid allowing more sperm to reach the egg. It doesn't work if you don't know the optimum angle for your body, still it was recommended for us by our fertility specialist and when we tried it with me kneeling and leaning on a stack of pillows...let's just say it felt wonderful and we had our first child without the use of hormones. Win-win I'd say Smile

    Now the wives tale about being able to influence the sex of a child has been proven to be bunk...but it's fun to try! Seems to be if'n you are going to have a boy, you will have a boy regardless of position. There isn't any appreciable difference in strength between the female causing sperm and the male causing ones. Darn it all, anyhow. Sad face
    Thanks for the heads up that the Liberator site contains nudity.

    Great review! Welcome to the community.
  • Passionate Pastor
    Thanks for your info Airen!!! I really like the fact that we can all comment and add our knowledge too each other's! Keep up the good work you all!!!!
  • Howells
    @Airen Wolf:

    I don't think the position has anything to do with the sex of the child either. But I read that spem that hold male chromosomas are faster but die younger, and the girl ones are slower but last longer. So if the couple has sex a few days before the ovulation, by the time the spem can reach the egg only the girl ones will live. If a male one gets there I guess the child will be super stong and all. It's not my theory but I believe in it and I'll use it when I'll want a child and if I want a girl or boy respectivel. But maybe it doesn't matter, let nature decide it.

    On topic: I drew a 1:1 size line picture of the ramp in photoshop to meause angle and dimensions and also calculated with trigonometry how tall it is if you flip over. If I take out the bottom wood sheet of my bed (it has a trunk or how they say that..). Then I position the top of it between 2 wood elements of the part of the bed that hold the mattress it'll just fit fine without touching the bed at all. It's a matter of an inch but it fits. This was very important to me because if it can't fit there, I can't buy it because I can't hide it
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