More than just a pillow, perfect for tons of positions!

The pillow has many possibilities for positioning. It allows for deeper penetration and easy G-spot finding. This pillow is worth the money. It's enabled us to use many positions that aren't otherwise possible. It's great for anyone on the hunt for the G-spot and you can situate yourself for deeper penetration. It's large enough to hold your weight and stay on without flopping off all while giving you a big boost in the air!

I hope to keep this pillow around for a very long time.
Possibilities are nearly endless.
Big, holds well.
Boosts you high in the air.
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The inflatable lover's pillow is like a miracle! It can be used by anyone. I've had the pillow for about 2 months now and haven't had but one 'session' without it. I'll go ahead and say it, this is not an accessory that I was looking forward to or even cared to get, but since the one I originally wanted was out of stock, I went with it and thank God for that! I'll try to contain myself and get to my own experience later.

In my opinion, the pillow is more useful for couple play, but can prove to be promising for someone in search of their G-spot. I would say this pillow should work wonderfully for anyone and it holds quite a bit of weight. I can't think of any reason this wouldn't work out for someone.

There are so many ways this pillow can be used and so many different positions that aren't possible with regular pillows. I decided to try the pillow out because I have all hard wood floors and wanted something comfortable for play in the floor. This is perfect for that. Sitting on your knees on top of the pillow is very comfortable and while on your knees you can place your hands on the floor for "doggy style" and this position slightly lifts your behind in the air for perfect access and much deeper penetration. I'll get into detail about the other positions later.

This can be used for propping the females backside up for easier access during intercourse, oral and locating the G-spot. It can be used on a hard floor as well as a soft bed. You can lie down on the pillow, use it under your knees or for support under the chest for certain positions. It certainly adds a whole new world of sensations during intercourse!
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    • Couples
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    • Bedroom / on a bed

Design / Craftsmanship / Material

As you can see, the pillow is a red heart shaped pillow. I was surprised to see how huge it was when blown up. To be an inflatable pillow, it has highly impressed me. It's very well made and I'm actually surprised at how well it holds up. I truly expected some kind of leak by now, but it seems if it's properly taken care of then it should last at least a few months.

To be completely honest, my partner and I would not touch this pillow for 4 days when it first arrived due to the rancid smell! When I took it from the box the smell surrounded the entire room and I gagged a little. I'm rarely bothered with scents, but this smelled like sardines. I couldn't figure out why. I was really dying to use it, but we kept sniffing it and it was such a turn off we'd put it back down. On the fourth day I walked over and peeked at it hoping it wouldn't stink me out of the room (it's that bad!) I picked it up and realized the scent was much better so I started blowing it up. My partner took over to save my lungs, but it only took a few minutes to completely inflate and we inflate it only minutes before use, it takes no time.

It's soft and velvety to the touch and the velvet feel isn't slippery. I actually had no problem staying on the pillow even with no hands! It's soft and firm when inflated. I never feel as if it'll give out on us, even when we get rough.

There's a valve on the bottom corner to inflate the pillow and it did irritate me once during use, but it's nothing I could complain about. The pillow is vinyl, but has a velvet-y finish. This material has a safety rating of 2 which didn't concern me too much since it's only used as an accessory. There's a rough edge around the heart that scratches me sometimes. That again is not a big deal, but worth noting.

I measured the pillow myself and at the widest part it measures 22 1/2" although I did notice the product page here says 23" so maybe I was off. I measured 25 1/2 in length. That's a good size.

You could leave this lying out and I doubt anyone will think of it as a sex accessory. I left mine out for several days and the only person that even noticed it was the 1 year old baby girl and the cat and dog. I doubt they were suspicious.

Like I keep saying, this is a sturdy pillow and will boost you fairly high up when inflated.
    • Firm
    • Multiple ways to use
    • Well made / sturdy


The usual place for our intimacy time is the bed. The floors are hardwood, but the pillow has given tons of new ways and positions for us. I'm so hooked on the pillow because sex on the bed or in front of my vanity with my knees on my stool doesn't always allow us to be rough. While I'm holding all my weight with my arms on my vanity or bed, it takes my focus from sex and puts pressure on my arms and legs. Using the pillow, even on the bed allowed me to be relaxed and have many added sensations that aren't easy to reach missionary style. I love how easy and simple it is. Inflation takes less than 5 minutes and is easy to blow up which is convenient. With the size, it's accomadates my petite frame perfectly and enables me to focus on the activity at hand, not holding myself in position.

I will list some of the ways we've been able to use the pillow:

- Sitting upright on the pillow at the very edge of the bed is a great position as my legs can go around my standing partner's waist and I can lean back and have fun. This can also be done on the floor with your partner kneeling.

- Lying back on the pillow in the floor. This actually was an amazing position even though it's simple missionary. My body fit on the pillow without slipping or rolling off and with it sitting so high up it feels at first like you may tip over! That hasn't happened and I got used to it, but for extra support you can wrap your arms around the sides of the pillow while you lie on it and let your partner do the work. We both loved this position because the pillow would rock back and forth making deeper and more rough penetration very easy.

- Knees on the pillow, hands on the bed or floor. This is a nice position since it bumps your booty in the air for perfect penetration and new sensations.

- You can position the pillow under the back side for angling upward making G-spot hunting easy. This is also a great position for your partner to use a toy on you or oral sex. It positions you high up so it's easier on their neck.

- My favorite way to use the pillow is under my chest and stomach while bent over on the bed and under my knees while I'm slanted upward rather than in full doggy position. Resting my hands against the wall while my back is arched slightly was perfect. I found that this position made cervical stimulation happen almost immediately. This position is good for those who want to go a bit rough and like deep penetration. This is the position for that!

The pillow comes with a flimsy mask, but it's really not of good quality so it doesn't get used.
    • Comfortable during use


While I really love the pillow, I hated the packaging! It's a cardboard box, a lot like most of PipeDream's products come in. It's a small white box, shown on the product page. Every side of the box including the bottom is covered in what I found as distasteful photos. It was nudity overload! I have kids in the house so I came close to not getting this simply because of so much nudity. I usually destroy the nude photos and the explicit words just to be safe (wouldn't want the kids finding it!) However, this box took me a very long time to destroy and tuck away in the trash.

The box is small, but serves little purpose for storing since you can fold the pillow and it amount to that of a few pieces of paper. The box would only add bulk. Instead you can fold the pillow up and place in a Zip-Loc baggy and then stash away anywhere! You could even leave the pillow out on the bed or something. Mine just happens to be in the floor right now since it was used only hours ago, but I don't suggest leaving it in the floor if you have pets! Kitty claws will poke a hole. I can say that this little thing is worth every penny because of it's wonderful use and because it *really* holds up! I've left mine folded up and stored on a shelf in my closet, a shelf in which the kitten recently made a bed! She's slept on the pillow and it's still holding up.

I personally wouldn't travel with this. While it's unlikely anyone will be suspicious, I think being thrown around in luggage might cause a leak. Besides my worries of that, if you plan to use it while travelling then there's no reason you couldn't fold it up and take it.

It is discrete. Unless someone is familiar with adult products, they probably won't suspect this as being anything more than a decorative pillow. I don't care to use it as decor since it doesn't match anything in my house so it stick out and takes up too much room when blown up.

The packaging is not discrete, but the product is.

Care and Maintenance

The cleaning of this item worries me as there's really no way to get it good and clean. You could use soap and water, but I don't know how easy you'll be able to get the soap off since it's velvet-y. Since I've been worried about it, I simply put a big T-shirt over the pillow to ensure that no fluids get on it. That seems to be the way to go until I take a chance on cleaning it. There are no cleaning instructions anywhere.

Other than my worries with cleaning it, the rest is simple. Deflating the pillow and storing it away after use is a good idea since lying around in the open will give it more of a chance to get a leak. I deflate mine after use, fold it up and sit it on a top shelf in my closet. However, I'm thining a plastic baggy is a good idea for further protection since I found the kitten managed to somehow get on that shelf and sleep on the deflated pillow! Kitty claws + anything inflatable can equal disaster! It hasn't shown any signs of wear so if taken care of I believe it should hold up.

It folds up to a small piece of fabric when deflated so it will fit anywhere. An underwear drawer, vanity, storage box or even a purse will hold it just fine.
    • Easy to store


I'm sure I've made it clear that I absolutely love the pillow. My partner and I liked it so much because we don't have to focus so much on holding ourselves in position and instead are able to focus on the actual deed. I tend to start being uncomfortable in certain positions and end up focusing on the weight on my arms or the like so using the pillow made otherwise uncomfortable positions easy.

In certain positions like some that I mentioned earlier, it seems things are hitting spots that aren't possible with regular positions. This is absolutely great for finding your G-spot or getting to it better. Using it under your behind makes access to the G-spot much easier. That's the main reason I decided this would be good for solo use, the G-spot!

In my personal opinion, I don't think the pillow is pretty, but it serves it's purpose well and looking pretty was not my intentions for the pillow in the first place. Since it doesn't match with my bedroom suit and I don't find it pretty, I don't keep it out for decor purposes. However, if you want the pillow for decor, it will be fine. If it weren't for the terrible packaging, I'd say this is the perfect gift, especially for Valentine's day. But if you're like me and want to give a pillow for a gift, but don't think the nudity would be appropriate for the person recieving it, skip this or take it from the box and package it in something more appropriate.
Follow-up commentary
To say my partner and I are still happy with the Lover's pillow would be an understatement! Months later, it's still in great condition and we still use it about 70% of the time! I wanted to upgrade to a liberator shape, but we wanted to start somewhere cheaper. This was the perfect pillow to start out with and I'm more than satisfied with it's durability! While we do plan to go Liberator sometime in the near future, this pillow has a special place in our hearts. LOL. Seriously, we love it! Now we know for sure we will be putting forth money that's worth it for a liberator.

I highly recommend this pillow to anyone who wants to venture into the world of sex furniture. It's a perfect start.
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