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Riding my adult rockin' horse

Did you ever want a hands free way to use your toys? Do your arms get tired or don't quite reach long enough to really rock out a good solo session with your favorite vibe or dildo? Well the Pulse by Liberator is the perfect solution to all of this, insert your favorite toys and ride your way into pure bliss. The Pulse is the perfect shape for solo use and it can be used with a partner to spice things up in the bedroom.
Super soft cover
Can fit a variety of toys
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Liberator shapes have been helping out couples in the bedroom for a while now, they come in all different shapes and sizes to help you reinvent the way you make love. The Pulse is designed to help reinvent that way you make love to yourself, it is a toy mount, an adult rocking horse.

The Pulse has a hole in it that you insert your favorite vibrator or dildo down into so you can ride your toy cowgirl style on the Pulse. It also has two pockets on either side of the toy mount hole for inserting small external vibes to enjoy external vibrations on either the clit or backdoor region, whatever is to your liking.

The Pulse can be used by anyone; male or female, and it can be used be couples. Women can ride the Pulse and enjoy either vaginal or anal penetration with their toy of choice, men who enjoy anal penetration could even ride the pulse. For couples there are several options for using the pulse together, it can be used as a sex support pillow, or if you wish to experience double penetration without the drama of adding a third person to the bedroom, the Pulse can help with that too.
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Design / Craftsmanship / Material

The Pulse is designed to be straddled by the user and be rocked back and forth to stimulate the natural rocking sensation of sex. It is made from furniture grade polyurethane foam with two different liners, the first being a moisture proof nylon lining and an outer super soft microfiber cover. The foam that the Pulse is made from is very firm yet soft, you can straddle the pulse and it will not crush under your weight. I am not a petite woman, yet the Pulse maintains its shape under my weight. The covers can both be removed and washed for easy maintenance. Liberator really makes a high quality product, the the craftsmanship and superior materials make them a stand out product worth every penny that you would pay for any of their shapes.

Overall the pulse is 11.5 inches high and 12 inches wide. The bottom of the Pulse is curved to assist with the rocking motion in use. The topside of the Pulse is where you will find the toy mount hole and the pockets for vibes. It features a higher ridge on one side and wing on the other. You can ride the Pulse facing either direction. The toy mount is 3.5 inches deep and can accommodate vibes or dildos with or without a circular base. The toy mount is flanked by two pockets 4 inches wide by 2.5 inches deep. You can insert clitoral vibrators in the pockets to provide extra stimulation while riding the Pulse. Since the Pulse can be ridden facing either direction there is a pocket on both sides, but you could always put a toy in each one at the same time and experience stimulation of the anal region and the clitoris.


There are several different ways you can use the Pulse, by yourself or with your partner. First I'll touch on how to insert the toys. Liberator suggest using toys with a base diameter of 1.25 inches or with a flanged base. To insert a toy with a flanged base you would pull up the liner on the inside of the toy mount, then tuck the liner into the side channels, then slide the base of the toy into the channel. Liberator states that you should feel feel foam between base and outer cover. For a vibrator or dildo without a flanged base you would pull up the liner, push the liner into the slit, and then insert the toy into the Pulse adjusting to desired angle. You can insert a small bullet or clitoral stimulator into either one of the pockets that flank the toy mount hole on the Pulse. Just make sure to turn the toys onto the desired vibration setting before inserting into the Pulse since most toys' controls cannot be accessed while inserted into the Pulse.
with Gigi inserted
(The Pulse with Lelo Gigi inserted)

For solo use you sit on the Pulse like you would your lover in the cowgirl position, and rock away. You face either direction on the Pulse, and both has its advantages based on user preference. When the taller end of the Pulse is pointed forward I feel more comfortable in a upright position rocking away, while when the lower end is forward I feel more comfortable leaning forward.

For use with a partner there are a few more options for the Pulse. You could sit on the Pulse with a toy inserted vaginally and lean forward allowing your partner to enter you from behind for the double penetration effect. This will take some practice, figuring out what will work best for the two of you, which toys work best, and which direction to face on the Pulse. The included booklet of positions that Liberator has put together has a picture and directions for using the Pulse for this purpose. You could also sit on the Pulse letting your favorite toy pleasure you while you lean forward and give your partner some oral pleasure. Pulse can also be used as a positioning aid, turn the Pulse upside down and use it to support your hips for doggie style.
upside down

Overall I found the Pulse easy to use and fairly comfortable. It took some getting use to as straddling a firm foam rocking horse feels a lot different than straddling another person. The Pulse is taller that my partners hips and not as soft and squishy so it was a different feel altogether. For me, using the Pulse is not a substitution to cowgirl style sex with my partner, or realistic experience, but rather a fun new way to play with my toys.


The Pulse arrived on my front door in a plain discreet cardboard box. There was no way the UPS man had any idea what was in there. The Pulse itself was wrapped in clear plastic with a single Liberator sticker on it. Inside the plastic wrap along with the Pulse was a poster with directions on how to insert toys into the pockets and toy mount of the pulse. I had ordered a few other things along with the Pulse from Eden Fantasys and those were also in the shipping box with the Pulse. When I was sorting through the rest of my order I discovered a red 100+ page book from Liberator in the box as well. The book goes over all the different pieces in the Liberator line and the has pictures and descriptions showing different ways to use each shape. I must say, after reading the book included with the Pulse I not only learned a few different ways to use the Pulse, but I also added a bunch more Liberator gear to my wishlist.
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Care and Maintenance

Both of the covers that the Pulse is made from are machine washable in cold water and can be placed in the dryer to tumble dry on low. Unless things get really messy you can just wash the outer microfiber cover and spot clean the inner nylon cover with a damp rag or wipe. Do not use bleach and do not iron. The inner cover is moisture resistant, so as long as it is in place during use the foam interior should stay clean and dry. As Liberator pieces tend to be big and bulky, it's up to you as to where you store this one between uses.

Personal comments

Liberator makes a few different toy mounts to spice up a solo masturbation session or to make using toys during intercourse a bit easier. Along with Pulse there is the BonBon, the Axis Hitachi, and the Wing. As each is shaped differently, each will provide a different experience. Some may say the BonBon or Wing is best for using a toy for double penetration during intercourse. Some may prefer to use the Axis for Hitachi clitoral stimulation during sex. When trying to decide which one is best for you ask yourself what your primary use is going to be for the shape, and go from there.


The Pulse is my very first Liberator purchase. I chose this shape because I was looking for something that I could primarily use on my own, but that could also do double duty when my partner was around. I was very intrigued by the rocking ability of the Pulse, and it came in leopard print! Had the BonBon come in leopard I might have given it more thought before choosing the one I did. When I first went to use the Pulse it took some getting used to, while yes it does rock back, finding the rhythm and position that worked best for me took a bit of playing around. I also was on the bed the first time, which was a mistake because it put my head way too close to the ceiling fan for my comfort, its hard to focus on pleasure when you're busy worrying about the ceiling fan giving you a black eye.

I also had to experiment with what toys would work best for the using with the Pulse, and while I have found some favorable combinations, I have several toys that I am contemplating ordering just to use with my Pulse. Mainly I need a broad flat clitoral stimulator to fit into the pocket of the Pulse, one that is not too big but not too small. A bullet vibe does work ok for getting vibes to that area, but the ones I have on hand are lacking a little something, and are too dampened by the microfiber cover. I have a feeling that Mimi will be a perfect Pulse pocket toy after reading her reviews. She is on my next to order list just so I can experience her with the Pulse, she should be strong enough that the microfiber pocket will not dampen the vibration too much, and broad enough to provide the perfect surface area of stimulation while riding the Pulse. Also I plan on getting a flexible silicone dildo with a base on it to test out with the Pulse for dp with my partner. I have a feeling that even though I have found some pleasurable combinations, I am still waiting to experience that perfect combination. Overall I have been very pleased with the performance of the Pulse and wholeheartedly believe that as my toy collection grows the Pulse will just get better and better with time.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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